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28 Reasons You Need To Move To New Jersey

I'm proud to be from NJ and here's why.

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1. Diners Are the Only Restaurants You Ever Need

The Tick Tock Diner may be the diner that takes all the headlines and fame, but almost without exception, every diner in Jersey is amazing. I spent more time at the Chester Diner during high school than you can imagine.

2. Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Ketchup on a Roll

We win. Every town has a debate over the best #6 around. And just to be clear, it’s not pork roll. WTH is pork roll? Ahh, you must be from South Jersey…

3. You Know in Your Heart North Jersey Is Way Better than South Jersey.

I’m kinda biased. I grew up in Mendham. Near Morristown. The better half of Jersey. 😉 A legitimate point of contest is exactly where South Jersey starts. That’s a debate for someone above my pay grade.

4. The Bagels

New York may think they have the best bagels, but that’s only because they are too stuck up to come across the bridge. O Bagel in Basking Ridge is my current obsession, but I’ve heard good things from friends about bagels at Bagel Pantry in South Plainfield.

5. No Pizza Compares to NJ Pizza

Deep dish pizza isn’t pizza; it’s sauce bread. California Pizza Kitchen is a crime against humanity. Every town has quality pizza, but check out Sam’s Pizza Palace down the shore or Star Tavern in North Jersey.

6. It’s Called the Garden State for a Reason

Fresh NJ corn in the summer at the shore? Yes, please.

7. You Went to the Shore Every Summer as Much as Humanly Possible

Only the shore can get me off my NJ food rant. Whether it be the boardwalk at Point Pleasant, the state beach at Seaside Heights, or LBI, everyone has their own personal shore dream destination.

8. You Know the Cast of Jersey Shore Is from Freakin Staten Island

Get your GTL the hell out of here. K thx bye.

9. You Let People Judge NJ by the Turnpike and Parkway Near New York City & Newark

Their ignorance is our gain. And I actually have pretty good associations with the smell of the area because of a certain nearby attraction…

10. You Know the Giants and Jets Are Actually New Jersey Teams

They should really be called the New Jersey Giants and the New Jersey Jets. It has a much better ring to it. That and New Jersey clearly houses the stadium.

11. Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, and Richard Jefferson Were the Original Big Three

Lebron and company might be better, but New Jersey had the original big three. Brooklyn can never take this from us.

12. The Greatest Team Ever to Win the Little League Series Came from Toms River, NJ

I remember thinking there would never be another little league team like Toms River. And I was right.

13. It’s a Common Fact that Boston SUX

You can get the hat here. There’s nothing to like about Boston. The Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics. Not to mention their god forsaken accent. Speaking of accents…

14. It’s Pronounced Mario Not Maaaario

Why do so many people have such a hard time pronouncing the famous plumper’s name correctly?

15. Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas

State mandated employment helps everyone.

16. The Liberty Science Center = Real Life Magic

Class trips. Life-sized mouse trap games. Touch Tunnel. Over three stories of magic. Take me to the Liberty Science Center, please.

17. The Teachers’ Convention in November Means New Jersey Goes to Florida

The only question is exactly where to go in Florida.

18. Bruce and Bon Jovi Are Gods Among Men

When was the last time you didn’t sing-a-long, word-for-word, to “Livin’ On A Prayer” and “Born to Run”?

19. PNC Bank Arts Center Is a Rite of Passage

If the Meadowlands wasn’t the spot for your first concert, chances are PNC took the honors. I hate concerts and I’ve been here for a concert — three times.

20. WaWa Isn’t Just a Store, It’s a Way of Life

21. You Know What Exit You Lived Off the Parkway

Every true NJ native lived off an exit on the parkway… Except for me… I lived off of 287.

22. NJ Is the Only State that Can Elicit a Cheer at a Bar from Every True Blood

There’s no other state allegiance like it.

23. We All Know, Everyone Actually Wants to Live Here.

It’s the most densely populated state in the country. Rhode Island takes a distant second.

24. Why Would You Want to Live in New York City When You Have this In Hoboken for 1/2 the Price?

Hoboken not your first choice? Then check out Jersey City, Fort Lee, or any other town off NJTransit.

25. We Aren’t All in the Mob

The Sopranos was a TV show…

26. Oh Yea, I Haven’t Even Mentioned Frank Sinatra Yet

The Voice
La Voz
Chairman of the Board
The Sultan of Swoon
Ol’ Blue Eyes

27. We Have Our Own Devil

They teach this in school (4th grade). It must really exist.

28. And, Again, for Emphasis, the Shore Is the Greatest Place, Ever

Check out 22 Maps of New Jersey They Never Showed You In School

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posted on: August 30, 2013
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  1. South Jersey is better

    you missed the part where everyone from north jersey is a scumbag NY wannabe.

    • Devan in response to South Jersey is better

      Just because YOU choose to surround yourself with scumbag NY wannabe’s is no reason to blame half of a state.

      • Danie in response to Devan

        besides being close to the shore, living in East Brunswick was nice because we did NOT have NY accents – praise be to God.

    • Cheryl Donaldson in response to South Jersey is better

      So not true!

      • sandee in response to Cheryl Donaldson

        I agree. Though I live in northern Jersey both north and south rock.

    • Proud to be from Jersey in response to South Jersey is better

      …and everyone in South Jersey is a scumbag philly wanna be….and your eagals SUCK!!!!

      • BP in response to Proud to be from Jersey

        At least we know how to spell eagle, and the Eagles are a PA. team.

        • Maë in response to BP

          In his defense(and as a die hard Giants fan) Eagals is a way of making fun of the eagles…its just like saying the Dallas Cowgirls,…although i usually refer to them as the Eagirls…it lessens the confusion for grammar police.
          Also,its a fact,most south jersey residents are Eagle fans,being they are closer to Filth-a-delphia. Thats why New Yorkers are Giants or Jet fans….even thought the stadium is located in NJ.

      • WraithGD in response to Proud to be from Jersey

        most people who live in south Jersey are really people from Philadelphia. A true Joisean, loves New Jersey and all Sports teams from New Jersey…

      • suz in response to Proud to be from Jersey

        come on at least spell EAGLES correctly????

    • Chris Kolmar in response to South Jersey is better

      Hey Guys,
      I wanted to bring up the North Jersey / South Jersey rivalry without just saying it straight up. Obviously I fall on the North side because I grew up there. But 1/2 the stuff on the list is from South Jersey, so I obviously don’t hate it or think there’s anything wrong with it. North Jersey’s just better. 😉

      • Shannon in response to Chris Kolmar

        Actually the Shore area is considered Central Jersey not South Jersey. We in the “North” part of the state consider and call in South when we cross the Driscoll Bridge, but technically South is farther down than that. Cape May, A/C and Wildwood would be Southern shore areas true, but most of the shore “Keansburg, Seaside, Pt. Pleasant” are not actually South Jersey areas. South Jersey is very rural for the most part, they give us a lot of our farms. My Grandfather lived in South Jersey towards the end of his life (2 exits from Philly) and it was beautiful down there, but very rural, like Warren County in the Northern part of the state.

        • Tim in response to Shannon

          I lived in Tom River and Livingston and Hackettstown.Vacationed in Wildwood.. So been at all North,Central and South. Just to let you know I love them all.But my favorite things to eat come from all three..
          1. Taylor Ham egg and cheese,Ketchup and a cup of coffee Forget the name But in Hackettstown where they make m&ms.
          2. Bagels and cream cheese Livingston.The Bagel Shop..
          3.Salt Water Taffy,Wildwood. Can eat a whole box in the parking lot..
          Just want to say I, love all of New Jersey!

      • m b norman in response to Chris Kolmar

        Let’s clarify. There’s a world of difference between North Jersey & Northwest Jersey (which by the way was totally overlooked). 1. It’s green not concrete. 2. Clean air. 3. Miles of nature trails. 4. Delaware Recreation Area 5. Great wineries. 6. Summer Musicfests (no not polkas). 7. Deer, foxes, coyotes, bears etc. (Bears aren’t dangerous or or a nusance, people are too lazy not to leave garbage/food easily accessable). 8. Trees, fields, rivers, lakes. 9. Winter-skiing, cross country skiing, trails, snow mobiles, sledding. 10.Golf, soccor, baseball, gliders, small airports, great diners, taylor ham, bagels too.

        • betty mon in response to m b norman

          I agree with you, except about the bears. They can be a real nuisance. We are scrupulously careful with our garbage. Our 600 pound “neighbor” has learned to just rip the tops off the cans for the goodies inside. It is not just us but all the homes nearby that he is going to. Many of our human neighbors have been here 30+ years. The bears are getting smarter and more assertive. We live on Lake Hopatcong. Last week out if desperp I sprayed our garbage cans with Lysol. The bear hasn’t been back yet. Maybe I am on to something…?

        • Kate in response to m b norman

          Exactly. I find it upsetting that this author bashes South Jersey in one breath, then admires that NJ is “The Garden State” in the next. South Jersey is what MAKES NJ “The Garden State”! North Jersey on its own would be “The Chemical Plant State” or something.
          All in all, though, I’m from right in the middle (though on the shore, in Brick) and Jersey just wouldn’t be Jersey without both halves contributing their own unique awesomenesses. I love the mountains in High Point and the beaches in Cape May, as well as many places in between. The fact that Jersey’s able to contain it ALL is what makes it so great!

          • Joanne in response to Kate

            I want to correct something here, South Jersey is NOT the only part that makes New Jersey the Garden State, I guess you haven’t been to Northwest Jersey where there are tons of farms producing corn, tomatoes, and other vegetables. The pumpkins are also grown here in abundance, that is why our rural part of the state gets backed up with traffic on the weekends in September and October from the pumpkin pickers, then again in November and December when people come from all over the state to our Christmas Tree Farms to cut down their trees. I love rural Sussex County, where I live, but I also love the rest of New Jersey because as a whole, we have everything here!

        • FireThornDr in response to m b norman

          Agree! As a Hunterdon County Jerseyan, I can testify to the fact that my part of town is constantly overlooked. When most of my non-Jersey friends come to visit, they are surprised to see this part of the state, with all of our bike paths, antique shops, and organic hippie-filled granola specialty stores. (I kind of hope we stayed a well-kept secret…)

      • Gretchen in response to Chris Kolmar

        Hey, I’m from the same area of North Jersey as you…Basking Ridge! But no matter, all of Jeresy Rocks!!!!!

      • Winnnie in response to Chris Kolmar

        Chris, You are too darn cute! You must be from NNJ.

        I was born (First Generation of German Decent) in PATERSON, NJ!!!
        Whoo hoo!

        This river rat bought a home in the sticks of Highland Lakes (I did not cross the border into NY State, even though it was a road away), and now live in Randolph.

        Gotta say’…thinking about the shore doesn’t make me stop thinking about the shore. My birthday is 4/21. Every year since I turned 16 my BF would drive me to Seaside to find…
        The best.
        Sausage Sandwiches.

    • Michelle in response to South Jersey is better

      You are obviously an idiot. People from North Jersey know that New Yorkers are pretentious a-holes. So, why would we want to be like them?

    • John gentile in response to South Jersey is better

      That’s pretty much how you feel about yourself.

    • Laura in response to South Jersey is better

      I grew up in Somerset County and I have lived in Philly for the last 5 years. Since everyone who is not from NJ makes fun of us, let’s stop this N/S Jersey rivalry and go after the people who make fun of our home state!

    • South Jersey is for Hicks in response to South Jersey is better

      We don’t even think about South Jersey up here. I don’t let poor people bother me that much. You can talk all you want but as long as you stay down there with the rest of your trash I don’t mind. Thanks, stay poor.

      • Storms. in response to South Jersey is for Hicks

        thats quite cute actually that anyone thinks south jersey has hicks.. Please, leave the hicks and the rednecks and all the country talk for the true southerns. Have been born and raised in Texas and Kentucky, its a bunch of wannabes here in Jersey.

      • Tempest in response to South Jersey is for Hicks

        um.. have you ever been to South Jersey?

    • jamieandbrian in response to South Jersey is better

      Three time stanley cup champions THE NEW JERSEY DEVILS!!!!!

    • Beverly in response to South Jersey is better


      • pat in response to Beverly

        Actually that’s not wrong… the NJ Devils are 3 time cup champs. Must be from south jersey and worship the flyers

    • Linda Mac in response to South Jersey is better

      Your comment just proved you are not better. You are a disgrace to South Jersey.

    • Joey in response to South Jersey is better

      I’m from Sussex county, and I’m proud to be from Jersey. Here’s two unofficial state birds for you!

    • SJDave in response to South Jersey is better

      TRUTH. Bad list. It should be entitled 28 Reasons You’re Proud to be From North Jersey.

      The greener, cleaner, friendlier, tastier, and nicer part of the state starts below exit 7A.

    • Bob in response to South Jersey is better

      Oh I get it, your Jealous….

    • Net in response to South Jersey is better

      Doesn’t matter where you Live, North or South Jersey….Jersey Rocks, and yes we are Jersey strong.

    • Ted in response to South Jersey is better

      See the problem is, the majority of south Jersey, if they are fans of hockey, root for the fucking Philadelphia Flyers. If you really are from Jersey, and not a New York wannabe who is a fan of the rangers, you live in Jersey and root for the damn Jersey Devils. Its the only official team we have left, and I will die for the red and black.

    • pannella in response to South Jersey is better

      north jersey is a joke

    • George in response to South Jersey is better

      South jersey is close to Philly, and Philly is the scum capital of america, so hence south jersey is also scum

    • joe in response to South Jersey is better

      yeah, everything this guy has said makes me think that he is some kind of new york refuge. Hoboken? I’m dying. Another New yorker trying to steal some Jersey style, he belongs right there in the picture with the Long Islanders from “the jersey shore”

    • george in response to South Jersey is better

      you can’t really say a whole half of a state is a NY wannabe when only a small fraction of it is near there….have you ever been to a majority of the state? obviously not…

    • george in response to South Jersey is better

      I live in North Jersey…Why do South Jersey people have to name call….After all you are not the Governor !!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • I agree with South Jersey is better in response to South Jersey is better

      No funny smells down here.

    • dave in response to South Jersey is better

      i agree south jersey is way better… i wish the benny’s would just stay up there all summer .. and keep them idiot cast of jersey shore freaks up there w ya’s… damn idiots ruined Seaside Hts

    • MSSA in response to South Jersey is better

      I agree with you. This was clearly written by someone from North Jersey. You might as well be from staten island is you live above exit 129 on the parkway. Its the BEACH or the town youre going to not the shore. I HATE the terms “down the shore” or “dts”, Please stay in ny and north jersey.

    • Michelle in response to South Jersey is better

      I live in Hoboken, and reading these comments about New Yorkers being “stupid”,”dirty”‘ etc is completely false! I personally love it up here. The multiple times I’ve stayed in south/central Jersey, weren’t so great. Sure it’s nice for a week or so but all summer is just torture. Up here, there is always a form of entertainment! You go take the path to the city and eat from many restaurants, go to see a show, go showing or stay within the state and go walk around blvd east, edgewater, maybe even visit GSP, catch a concert at the Izod, or maybe a game at Giant Stadium (MetLife). When it comes to farms, a good majority of them are up north. Over all, I think if you enjoy night life, socializing and even meeting a few celebrities around here the ideal place to live. Sure the houses are far more expensive here, and you don’t get the sq you would down south but when you’re up here you never want to leave. You just want to work harder and get settle down in a amazing condo/house with real value.

    • Alan in response to South Jersey is better


    • Ms. Danie Huizenga in response to South Jersey is better

      not classy to knock any part of NJ…or any of the people, ………..the only real difference between the north, central, east, south or west jersey are the dialects/accents. Tell each other the nice things we may not know about?
      Danie – Gulfport beach Fla….. (NJ born til 1943 – back in 1946 – left again in 1969 at the age of 30. l am 73 now, single, lonely and have cancer. Hoping to fine a last mate age 60-70 TALL and honest. Must move here (no pets) l am in a 5-star mobile home park show drive to Bays or Gulf of Mexico….. home is 1250 sq. feet.

    • jeff in response to South Jersey is better

      Yeah…sure all that except for f***n taxes….

  2. Rollo Tomasi

    You were doing fine until you lumped Bon Jovi in with Bruce. That’s like comparing a McDonald’s hamburger with a Filet Mignon steak.

    • Jim in response to Rollo Tomasi

      You hit it right on the head not even close !!

    • Bobby in response to Rollo Tomasi

      Which one of them is the McDonalds? Sorry, I can’t tell the difference.

    • Edmund Exley in response to Rollo Tomasi

      I’ve been haunted by you all my professional life, Rollo.

  3. T

    You left out the rest of the area that can see the Manhattan skyline. Hoboken, the most expensive and least appealing, was the only one mentioned.

    • Eggebee in response to T

      Why bring up a town named after a hobo named ken?? Hobo Ken.

  4. This list blows

    Screw you and you North Jersey elitist additude.

    • Devan in response to This list blows

      Clearly he should have mentioned that half of the people from south jersey are ignorant uneducated rednecks who can’t spell simple words like attitude, the other half are people from North Jersey and New York who have summer homes down the shore.

      • thomas earle in response to Devan

        I live in south jersey and have a shore house u snot stop being jealous that u don’t live near philly so u can get a pat and genos cheesesteak

        • Larry in response to thomas earle

          “Pat’s or Geno’s?” I asked my darling.
          “Jim’s,” she said.

          • bryan in response to Larry

            Your darling knows what they’re talking about! Jim’s all the way.

        • Bob in response to thomas earle

          I think YOU helped him prove his point, people from south Jersey can’t spell

      • Erock in response to Devan

        Haha so true! I’m originally from North Jersey and now unfortunately living in Toms River…blah.

        This list is missing WEIRD NJ!!!!

        • Carly in response to Erock

          So true! Weird NJ is the best thing ever and now ALL the states have their own “Weird generic State.” We started it!!!!!!

      • Jamie in response to Devan

        Ummm you’re missing Central Jersey such as Monmouth County where we aren’t north jersey guidos or Philly loving rednecks from south Jersey aka BEACH PEOPLE.

        • Molly in response to Jamie

          Monmouth county area really isn’t all that great. too close to perth amboy and scummy asbury park. you real gems of the shore are Island Beach State Park and Cape May

      • P in response to Devan

        I’m from Central Jersey at the beginning of the shore we hate when you scumbag bennys come from north jersey and crowd our beaches

  5. RG

    Ive lived in both north and central NJ. Im in central right now. Pork Roll is from Trenton, and its called PORK ROLL. I love North Jersey and I’m proud of my upbringing, but North Jersey is too congested (unless youre out in the sticks like Mendham). I’d say Trenton is the line between north and south.

    • Billy in response to RG

      Couldn’t agree more its pork roll and every true jerseyan lives off an exit on the turnpike. The parkway exit is where our shore house is.

    • Cheryl in response to RG

      Mendeham is in the sticks??? I don’t agree with that one!

      • Tori in response to Cheryl

        Mendham is nothing close to the sticks… lol. it’s a lot of upperclass there. Try going out to hunterdon county and sussex and you’ll find more rural areas.

        • AmethystAnne in response to Tori

          I enjoyed your post about how rural Hunterdon is. My mother was born on the family farm not far from Flemington. Both sides of her family had been farmers going back to the late 1600’s when they came over from Holland (now called The Netherlands)

    • Steve in response to RG

      Well look at that “pork roll” and on the label you will see the name “Taylor”, which is the best. If you don’t see “Taylor” then in fact you have sucky pork roll.

    • Beverly in response to RG

      It’s actually called TAYLOR HAM!

      • Christopher in response to Beverly

        The product is in fact called Pork Roll.
        Taylor Ham is a brand of Pork Roll.
        So calling it Pork Roll is ALWAYS correct, but calling it Taylor Ham is only correct if Taylor Ham brand Pork Roll is being used.

        • Johnny in response to Christopher

          When you going to order the sandwich ask for Taylor ham egg and cheese your dont ask for a pork roll and cheese

          • Net in response to Johnny

            you know it Johnny, and if it wasn’t for us Northern Jerseyeans going down the shore and supporting your lazy a$$es, you would all live in trailers (oops was told most of you do SS)

          • Its definitely Pork Roll in response to Johnny

            Nope, any rational person says “pork roll egg and cheese on a egg bagel, please”. Taylor Ham is one specific brand, and inferior to Case’s. But, after all we are talking about the same thing. Leave it to New Jerseyians to divide themselves

  6. LP

    Wawa is from PA.

    • J.A.H.311 in response to LP

      WaWa is from Central & South Jersey…..Quick Chek is the North & Northwest Jersey store that’s everywhere
      Pennsylvania has Sheetz & Turkey Hill or whatever lose is over there

      • Peakclover in response to J.A.H.311

        PA has WAWA’s too……just saying

      • Wawa is from PA in response to J.A.H.311

        Wawa was founded in Delaware County, PA and it’s corporate HQ is in Philadelphia, PA. Aside from where the dairy farm was founded, the first store was in Folsom, PA. Do a little freaking research. Same with your comment about the overpriced and over-sauced NJ pizzas and the bagels that actually come from NY.

        The best things in NJ come from each of the surrounding states. Don’t feel too bad, though, you do have that official state smell.

      • You're foolish in response to J.A.H.311

        Wawa is from PA. Everyone knows that.

      • J.A.H.311 in response to J.A.H.311

        I am a Benny and not really from NJ. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      • NJ/Pa Paul. in response to J.A.H.311


      • Bill in response to J.A.H.311

        I see as many if not more Wawa’s in DE and MD then in NJ. Wawa takes its name from an unincorporated section of Delaware County PA near Chester. Its not NJ. Quick check is a NJ company I’ve never seen one outside NJ , there may be but not many.

      • K D in response to J.A.H.311

        Actually, I work for Wawa and it was founded in Wawa, Pennsylvania. I think for the purpose of this article, the author was just saying that there is a Wawa on every corner. It is indeed, from Pennsylvania, though. It then moved to New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and just recently, Florida. And P.S. South Jersey all the way!


    28 reasons you’re a Benny

  8. Lo

    it’s called pork roll. and it’s not ‘the shore’ unless you’re visiting. if you live here it’s just called the beach.

    • Sof_ckingcliche in response to Lo

      So true! No one who is actually from (or lived near) a beach town EVER called it “the shore.”
      I live in Jersey City now and to hear people say that they’re “heading down the shore” is like nails on a chalkboard.

    • Robin in response to Lo

      What? I never heard this. I was born in Avon, grew up in Belmar and have lived at the “shore” my whole life (except my college yrs). I always say I live at the shore, everyone I know does. Maybe it’s a generational thing, I’m 51. I have heard that you can tell the locals by the way they pronounce Avon. Short “A” for us, Long “A” for the rest. Anyway, there are things to love about both halves. May the restoration continue and may we all appreciate the diversity and variety of this great state! Peace

      • kathy in response to Robin

        You are right, Robin, I say I live at the shore (or Jersey Shore if I am out of state), but what we don’t say is that we “go down the shore” when we head to the beach. People in North Jersey say it, but we just say we go to the beach.

  9. Chris

    I’m off a parkway exit so I agree with the list. I have immense Jersey pride. I almost feel like it’s my duty to defend the state against non NJ residents, even the people from the south and shore who hate us northerners.

  10. VAL

    Spell check next time!

  11. Jesiphoto

    New Jersey has at least 4 malls in every square mile! You forgot Atlantic City!!!!! The Stone Pony!!!!

  12. Dave

    South Jersey sucks. Once you stop getting ny tv affiliates its over. Wawas though are awesome and mostly in the south of the state…so i guess theres that.

  13. Really??

    Good Lord, people! Lighten up!!
    It’s an entertaining’re all taking this wayyyy to seriously.
    I guess one thing is for sure..Jerseyans will argue about anything..

  14. Lyn

    Idiots…it’s TAYLOR HAM!

  15. Me

    Whole lotta reasons why I’m kinda glad I don’t live there anymore. As a native, I can say it’s a beautiful state in parts, but it truly sucks trying to survive it.
    Did they change the name to the GREED state yet ??

    • Dot in response to Me

      Such a run-down state that has seen better days. All major cities are rife with urban decay: Paterson, Newark, Trenton, and of course Camden. The state university is more concerned with sports than actual academics. Everywhere is an industrial toxic waste dump site. Really makes you wonder where high property taxes are going to.

      • J.A.H.311 in response to Dot

        @dot….you obviously don’t live here and if you do than you are just a complete idiot!! First of all no matter what state you go to there will be a share of rundown cities. Secondly, how do you figure most the state is an industrial dump??? There is only small areas that are truly industrial,for the most part this state has a lot of farmland. After all we are called the ” GARDEN STATE”! I happen to live on the biggest lake in this state and there’s nothing industrial up here. In fact most of the counties in NJ don’t have city settings at all. Northwest Jersey is beautiful and most of central Jersey is the shore area except for the Trenton area and a lot of south Jersey is farmland or beaches except for the Camden areas so just because there are some industrial areas within this state does NOT make it a toxic dump!!!! No matter where you go there will always be good & some bad & we definitely have more good then bad here!!

    • Bob in response to Me

      I lived in NORTH JERSEY for over 35 years and spent ever single summer on the Jersey Shore Lavalette to be exact and I now live in Florida about 40 miles from the beach and I like it here alot and it is not expensive to live here. The reason I left Jersey was because the cost to own a home is way to much… I live in a 2200 sq ft home on 1/4 acre of land and my taxes are $900.00 per year, thats less than 1/4 of what I was paying for my home in Jersey. That made a whole lot of sense to me, I have 4 cars in my household and our car insurance is only $1800.00 per year for all 4 cars with full coverage. Jersey was almost $6000.00 do the math. Jersey is out of hand. 4 of my neighbors are from Jersey and more are coming down here because it cost less to live here. It was a no brainer

      • Bob in response to Bob

        Oh and guess what, I can buy TAYLOR HAM at our local Publix SuperMarket

  16. Ricardo

    You forgot Rutgers!!

  17. Isis

    You left out North West Jersey! No exits here. No high ways, unless u count route 80 and 206… Hell, I live 20 miles north off exit 4 on rt 80…

    Other then that, everything else is prime!

  18. Nancy Ross

    Not everybody lives off the Parkway, some of us live off of Rt. 23 in Sussex Co. Remember us, farm land, where the corn & tomatoes really grow:)

    • Beverly in response to Nancy Ross

      YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so miss Jersey corn and tomatoes and apples and….!

    • JMFriedman in response to Nancy Ross

      Nancy, you are so right! I’ve lived in a lot of places out of Jersey–Massachusetts, Connecticut, Italy–and in–Toms River, Middletown/Redbank, Metuchen, Edison. Sussex County, where I’ve been for nearly 30 years, is the best-kept secret, and I hope it stays that way. Want to know what you pay for in NJ, haters? You pay for having everything you need within easy reach. Cities? Got ’em! Farmland? Plenty! Theater, Cultural activities, Music, Beaches, Mountains? Yepper! Great Hospitals, fabulous Universities (heard of Princeton?), and the nicest, toughest, kindest people. NJ has it all.

  19. Bill

    Why did a post about Jersey Pride have to include a dig directed at one region of the state over the other?
    And since Wawa is mostly a south Jersey chain and was included on the list, it makes even less sense to pit north and south against each other.

    Plus, where did the Boston thing come from? Save that one for the Red Sox specifically and only if you’re a Yankee fan. And finally, the exit jokes have always referred to the Turnpike but ok, the Parkway also if you want. An exit off any highway works in this state.

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Bill

      Hey Bill,
      I don’t actually dislike South Jersey, but I think there’s definitely a rivalry between the two. Just a fun way to get at that. Half the stuff I mention is from South Jersey.

  20. Justin

    UM…its most definitely PORK ROLL, south Jersey is 100x better than north Jersey. That’s why that half of the state comes here in the summer. Its not the ‘shore’ its the BEACH. The stone pony is a right of passage not the arts center. I may like Jon and Bruce as people but both bands honk. You can most definitely tell whoever made this list is a northern NJ resident.

    • Joey in response to Justin

      The beach? LOL!!! It’s always been, and always will be, “the Shore.” If you’re from Jersey and you don’t know that, I feel bad for you.

      Pork Roll is the type of meat product it is, but the brand name, the name most people call it, is Taylor Ham. Just like when you cut yourself, odds are you’re reaching for a Band-Aid, not a bandage. Same thing.

      North Jersey is also a lot better. People from South Jersey seem to think who they are, and let me tell you, they’re not.

      Heheh… the beach.. hahahAHAHA!

      • Mandy in response to Joey

        And that’s why you’re a Benny! Locals never have and never will call it “the shore”. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

        • Bob in response to Mandy

          Mandy get it straight….Benny’s are from NY and any other out of state location, No one from the state is a Benny. I lived down the shore for over 30 years and it has always been called the Jersey Shore and it has always been Taylor Ham, no one orders a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich. Learn your terms Mandy that is unless your a benny in disguise….lol

          • Frankinnj in response to Bob

            Bob – you need to get it straight. Bennys are anyone from North Jersey and New York (it’s an acronym for Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York). What drives us locals crazy is all the traffic you cause (especially on the parkway Thursday and Fridays during rush hour) and having to deal with sooo many more people at the supermarkets and restaurants. The only bennys we’re usually are ok with are our north Jersey relatives.
            But in reality, we know you bring money into the area and we can deal with it during the summer months. But even though we love the summer, we love fall when we have the boardwalks and shore area attractions to ourselves once again.

          • Frankinnj in response to Bob

            Bob – Having reread your post, you say you live here at the shore, and you don’t know Bennys include anyone from over the bridge?? Like I said, anyone not from the area and mainly people from North Jersey and NY are considered a nuisance we have to deal with.

            I don’t think either Pork Roll or Taylor Ham is wrong. Living in Ocean my whole life, I’ve heard it both ways, but it’s all the same.

          • Mandy in response to Bob

            By the way, Bob, I read some of your other comments and you said you “lived in North Jersey for 35 yrs and spent every single summer at the Jersey Shore”. I hate to break it to you, but that does not make you a local, sweetie! You are, in fact, a Benny by definition!!! Locals are year long residents!! I was born and raised at the beach…Lavallette, in particular! I also read that is where you summered. This is all hilarious! If North Jersey is so great, why are you posing as a local?? Stop trying to be us…we can spot you a mile away!

          • Mandy in response to Bob

            Bob, why don’t YOU get it straight! Benny is an acronym for Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York. Three of those areas are in NJ, buddy!! There is no way you’re a local if you don’t know that, you poser! And there are no restaurants on the island that have Taylor Ham on the menu. They do, however, have pork roll. I can put up menus from Bayside, Sunny Hunny, Meg’s or any other breakfast joint this side of the bridge if you’d like to verify. By the way, I saw your other posts where you said “you lived in North Jersey for 35 yrs and spent every single summer at the shore”. I hate to beak it to you, but that does not make you a local, sweetie. You are, in fact, the epitome of a Benny! Locals a YEAR ROUND residents, not tourists. Stop pretending to be us, if North Jersey is so great!

          • Mandy in response to Bob

            Oops. Didn’t mean to repeat my comment…thought they were deleted. Sorry :) Frank- I agree with everything you said. I am usually pretty tolerant of Bennys, because I know they bring money into our community and we depend on it. However, sometimes the rude, obnoxious attitude gets the best of me :)

  21. fff

    rutgers sucks you only go there if youre poor and in state..penn state is whats good

  22. Tony

    Bruce and Bon Jovi are an EMBARASSMENT. Especially when New Jersey is responsible for 91.1 and 103.3. You won’t find music so diverse and unique anywhere

  23. BM

    I would add the best hole in the wall
    Chinese food places on the planet.

  24. Travis Ramsey

    I stopped paying attention to your blatherings when I read “right” of passage, which should be “rite” of passage.

    Sincerely, a Bostonian.

    • dtc in response to Travis Ramsey

      You win ‘best comment’ award that’s hilarious!

  25. Jerzy vs.....

    287 is our Mason Dixon line. It’s “Taylor Ham.” Do you ask for a suture or a “Band-Aid?”

    • alysch50 in response to Jerzy vs.....

      Sutures and Band-aids are two completely different things, therefore your argument is invalid.

  26. Sham Shimpshon

    Ey, you fahgot abowt AY-SHEE! BAWDWAWK EMPIYAH, BAY-BEE!!!!

  27. Dana

    Bagel Pantry bagels are the best bagels around. You’ve heard good things for a reason! Do yourself a favor and buy some.

  28. Nabil Hamdan

    BENZE,AND HUMMER RICH BRATS ! Preppie Snots. Rte-1, what the-? And that fake “Joyzee ” accent.
    THE 60’s were beautiful ; Farms everywhere ,now Corp’s & Malls. It was a GARDEN STATE then,but hey was Hay !
    Yes I’m too old to Rock and if I stay HERE ! Much longer ill be joining T”, R.I.P.

    • Averil Harriman in response to Nabil Hamdan

      Yes, I agree. Growing up in NJ in the 1960’s was great! Lots of farms, less people, no resource draining illegals, no malls, no tubby, air sucking governors. So sad.

  29. Dick Vitale

    Ey, you fahgot abowt AY-SHEE!! BAWDWAWK EMPIYAH, BAY-BEE!!!!

  30. Jeremy

    You’re telling NJ has better bagels and pizza than NY? Something reeks of jealously.

    O and Medham is definitely not the sticks. Lived in Bernardsville for 15 years. and let’s be honest that whole area is awesome.

    To bad Jersey still sucks. Yes I live in NY now.

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Jeremy

      Not jealously, simple fact of life that NJ bagels > NY Bagels. I’ve had both.

    • Joey in response to Jeremy

      NJ bagels and pizza are FAR superior to any of that drek you’ll find in NY.


    VERY MISAKEN ABOUT THE TICK TOCK !!! 1 WORD GROSS!!! Another thing Jersey shore is just a JERSEY add-on….Everything that really matters begins from exit 16W then so on and so forth !!! JUST SAYIN!!!

  32. Taylor

    PORK ROLL. It’s real.

  33. jessica

  34. Michelle

    You forgot our golf courses and our horses.

  35. Cat

    Hey, what about Central Jersey? We exist, you know!

    • Tam in response to Cat

      They never listen. I’m from central NJ, and we know it exists and is awesome, but I’ve given up trying to tell north or south Jerseyans that…I love the whole state though!

      • philosopherott in response to Tam

        F’em, let the bennys and the pineys take each other out. no more guidos or red necks f’ing up the beach.

  36. Anonymous

    Sorry- You don’t get to insult south jersey and then call Wawa a “way of life” like you have some kind of claim to them. Stick to Quickchecks and leave the Wawa goodness for the south jersey natives and anyone from north jersey who is not a jerk. PS- Yes, they technically are from PA, but the NYC skyline belongs to New York, so we’re even.

    • Joey in response to Anonymous

      Wawa “goodness?” Errr, no. Wawa is ok, but QuickChek is better.

    • Rusty Pro in response to Anonymous

      Check that, Wawa is now in Parsippany, and Kearny.

      • Bob in response to Rusty Pro

        And lucky for me, WAWA is now in central Florida, Finally a piece of home is close by….Yum think i’ll go for a pretzel and meatball sub

  37. Pat

    Dick Vitale REAL Jersey people don’t speak that way. That is NY speak, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island etc.,that have moved into NJ. If your born and raised here the worst thing you do is drop an “r”.

    No matter where you live in NJ it’s off an exit, off 287, off 23, off 80. When I’m asked I tell them the exit & highway it’s all part of the joke.
    Just Saying.

  38. JSG

    I’m in North Jersey….have a NYC view off our balcony….also the BEST bagels, chinese and pizza all less than a mile away…..pte

  39. Patty

    Just have a bagel from bagel pantry in south Plainfield and it taste amazing.

  40. C. Christie

    Anything south of the Driscoll is a complete mess, mainly white trash and year round shore poor folk who complain that those of us who visit are Benny’s. It’s because of those visits that you are able to work at Home Depot or Walmart and afford your pathetic life. Let’s put a fence up and not let that trash north; BENNY STAY HOME!

    • Rusty Pro in response to C. Christie

      Do you realize that BENNY STAY HOME is what people who live in shore towns say to complain about the summer tourists? Because it seems like you just called the people from South Jersey BENNYS.

  41. Terri

    The mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, farmland. The diverse food and people. We know New Jersey is not just what you see when you fly into Newark and we love when others finally ‘get it’. We have wonderful colleges and universities (and Rutgers is Not just for poor in state people). We are close to NYC for ball games and Broadway shows. We are close to Philly for ball games and history. We have a lot of history right too! BTW, I’m from Central Jersey and have been all over this state. It has something for everyone’s taste. So everyone, quit your bitching.

  42. Chrissy

    I find it amusing how North Jersey is so quick to insult South. We’re not that big of a state guys and gals. I live in Central (and yes, you ask anyone who actually grew up in Ocean or Monmouth, we consider ourselves central/shore) and having friends both north and south, having hung out north and south.. there is not a rivalry in South Jersey minds. Its only in North, usually you can trace this back to a NY parent/grandparent. I prefer south because its less congested, but I wouldn’t go insulting north for it. Maybe those who live in the north half should stop and consider that we get enough insults as a state from the entire country and stop with the “better than” attitude?
    Now for the list..
    #2-Its called pork roll in north jersey too. I know, I’ve ordered it.
    #3-Should be on a list saying “how you know you’re from north jersey” not proud to be from NJ. Its insulting to our state.
    #4-Come down to central jersey, Lakewood.. then we’ll talk bagels.
    #6-Yes.. and that reason is South Jersey :)
    #7-not North Jersey
    #12-not North Jersey (and I thought you were so much better then the rest of the state *gasp*)
    #13-Must be a NY thing.. lived in Jersey my entire life, north and central.. and no idea what you’re talking about.
    Please know more about our state before making these types of lists.

    • Rusty Pro in response to Chrissy

      I’m sorry but did I miss something. The first comment on this article is someone from South Jersey calling “everyone from north jersey is a scumbag NY wannabe.” Yet somehow, people from the North are quick to attack the South? Aside from the small dig about what to call a processed meat product, I found nothing insulting towards South Jersey in this article.

      • Rusty Pro in response to Rusty Pro

        I’m sorry, I forgot about #3 which is clearly a joke.

    • JMR in response to Chrissy

      Spare me, Chrissy. Come to NW NJ and you’ll find farms with fresh produce. It’s not from South Jersey. And the North is attacking South Jersey? Read the first comment from your neighbor.

  43. Joey

    Best part of this list are the comments. Southern Cali girl now for 20 yrs, by way of N. jersey. Jersey beaches suck. Pay to get on a public beach? Be yelled at by 16 year old lifeguards all day? No thanks.

  44. anon

    i’m very defensive about wawa because it’s clearly a central/south jersey thing. i go to school at ramapo college in bergen county and i have to drive 30 minutes to get to the nearest wawa, so please don’t push smoke up north jersey’s butt when it doesn’t have half of these things on the list.

    bottom line, central jersey is the best. south jersey is pretty great too because you’re near philly and you can get pat’s steaks in 15 minutes.


  45. garyr

    Forgot the highest taxes!

  46. Frank

    Benny Go Home! The phrase, “Down the shore” is an obscenity. It’s called a beach and some of us grew up a few blocks away from it. The Asbury Park area is neither neither north nor south, it’s central. (we’re the ones without the accents but with the surfers and the rock and roll…it’s where Bruce and Bon Jovi choose to call home and where Count Basie, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito are from) And please for the love of all that is good and right, it’s called PORK ROLL, EGG, AND CHEESE! Taylor Ham is a product, not a sandwich.

    • Mick in response to Frank

      BLESS YOU! :)
      Wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I don’t really like pork roll, but it’s still pork roll.

    • Rusty Pro in response to Frank

      Ok so let me explain this whole Shore vs Beach thing to you. Since you live there you never go to the Shore. The Shore is a region of Jersey, from Sandy Hook to Cape May. It runs along the barrier islands, and about 10 miles inland. The Beach is the part where the ocean meets the land, usually covered in sand. Again since you live in the Shore region you don’t go to the Shore, you’re already there, you simply go to the Beach. If you lived anywhere else, you’d go to the Shore and while there spend time on the Beach.

      As far as the BENNY comments, the whole idea of BENNYS GO HOME is idiotic at best. The economy of the SHORE REGION, is so tied to the tourism season that most towns would curl up and die with out the BENNYS coming every summer. We’ve seen that in the efforts to rebuild after Sandy. Or look at the decline Asbury Park had a few decades ago when their tourism dried up. Granted some towns are not big tourist spots with large boardwalks and piers with rides, but many of those towns have a good helping of rental properties that BENNYS pay to stay in for weeks at a time, or houses that are owned by BENNYS where they stay for the summer. Even things like how much a town makes on Parking Meters and Tickets over a summer can have a huge impact on a town. The truth is BENNYS keep your taxes lower, and residents employed. So I’m sorry if they cause more congestion for a few months a year. But if you want to live at a beach where tourists don’t come bother you in the summer move somewhere else because BENNYS have been around longer then you have and you should hope they stay for a while longer.

  47. Mark

    Good list.

    My one gripe…. It’s Pork-roll not taylor ham.

  48. Nick From New Jersey

    I love NJ. Actually want to live here when I’m older, but this is the worst list of all time. Honestly. What kind of list is this….This doesn’t make NJ look good at all. This list would probably lose to 28 Reasons you’re proud to be from Iowa….Who the hell came up with this list, and it doesn’t represent us at all….LIke I should be proud that know that the Jersey Shore cast is from long island??…any other state can just be proud that nobody even affiliates them……I’ve never in my life once, commented on one of these lists, but jeez this makes us all look bad.

  49. Tara

    You tout the superiority of North over South (I wholeheartedly agree), but then you throw in Wawa? Everyone know Wawa is a SOUTH Jersey thing… North Jersey worships at the church of Quick Chek, which is far superior to Wawa, in my personal opinion.

  50. J

    Hoboken isn’t half the price of NYC anymore, because everyone tries to move there thinking it is.

  51. Barrbara Scully Liston

    When you get off the turnpikes there is a beautiful world of hills, rocks, and gorgeous old homes off RT. 46 and Rts. 206 and 287. The lakes are numerous. Morris County, Mountain Lakes was like living in a wonderland…and still is. Yes, Jersey is where its at!

  52. Ochiltree

    How about –

    1. Action Park – the amusement park so dangerous and infamous, there’s a documentary on it:

    2. Kevin Smith movies – not a huge fan of Smith past Chasing Amy, but his filmography is a love letter to Jersey.

    3. Sparta – Sparta, NJ is the best and the rest of you can suck it. I’m looking at you, Newton, NJ.

    • JMR in response to Ochiltree

      hahaha @ “I’m looking at you Newton”. Hell yes. Sparta is the jewel of Sussex County !!

  53. Glen

    You picture the ever loved Pizza Town and mention other places…. WTF???!!!???!!! You did not mention that at Pizza Town they also have the greatest calzone in the country.. deep fried ….ohhhhhhhhhh ROAD TRIP!

  54. Name *

    You forgot Six flags we have the biggest six flags in the world Italian hotdogs comes from Nj, Chicken shacks and come from Nj and Italian cheesesteaks come from NJ

  55. brian

    north jersey doesn’t have any wawas, those sewage loving, exhaust breathing, troglodites. north jersey blows

  56. cindy laduca

    Yea, You Should Have Included Weird New Jersey And How Could You Forget To Mention The ONE Sports Team We Do Have???? My Beloved New Jersey Devils!!!! Just Sayn…….

  57. Rob

    OP, you go on about how Jersey is awesome, but then you go on about how one half is better than the other. I’ll say this to you *puts up middle finger*

  58. Carol

    Born & raised in Jersey, my Dad told me years ago.””if you live in New Jersey you could live anywhere in the world. We have all the seasons,country, city,diverse population, the mountains, the beach!!!!! GOD BLESS NEW JERSY!!!!!!

  59. John Morlock

    I miss New Jersey, yes. But you failed to mention that it has the most corrupted Municipal Courts in the country.

  60. Devils fan

    Why are we fighting over the better half of nj? I am from north jersey and love it and also love to think hey this great state offers a whole new experience and not far away (hence the shore and south jersey). I think a more appropriate question/concern should be where is the cutoff because all of us know that only geographically is there a central jersey sooooo where does it stop? I think the Driscoll bridge

  61. Liz

    You know your from New Jersey when you don’t say it with the New part. It’s just Jersey!

    • JMR in response to Liz

      Uh. I HATE that. “Jersey” so ridiculous. It’s like calling San Francisco “Frisco”. It’s NEW JERSEY.

  62. Joe C

    this is to the b@#$% who is wearing the Boston Sux hat…i dare you to wear that hat in Boston…

  63. John Wright

    The most bogus list on the net. Another way too young wannabe Jerseyan who thinks his part of the state is the best. North Jersey is full of NY rejects with their city accent and baggage. South Jersey likes to disassociate itself from North Jersey, as if rooting for the Eagles makes them special. The Giants are Jersey….The Jets are NY. Period. And only NY rejects like the Mets. True NJ fans are Yankee Fans. The Shore…is the Ocean. The Bayshore is the BAYSHORE! Can’t believe even some central NJ folks still get that one wrong. And you can choke on Taylor Ham…wtf is that anyway? It Porkroll, egg & cheese with salt, pepper & ketchup on a hard roll. Period. NJ is Atlantic City, Indian Town Watergap, Cape May, Wildwood, Newark, jersey City, Sinatra, Connie Francis, The Four Seasons. Not the two anti-American idiots named Bon Jovi & Springsteen. Their music is righteous, but their politics suck, like most liberal freeloaders in NJ. Highest taxes and insurance in the nation is nothing to be proud of. And it’s NJ Sweet Corn, dummy…and NJ Tomatos, Cranberries and Blueberries…or are you uneducated? And don’t forget the Jersey Knight Asparagus or the Dairy products that make Wisconsin green with envy. Princeton, Rutgers, The Pine Barrens, Sandy Hook, The Highlands (highest costal point on the east coast), Garden State Arts Center (it will always be that to me), and the Raritan Bay. Now THAT’s a place to brag about! ALL of NJ, fool. Parkway & Turnpike…hate paying tolls…but love those roads. You need to get a clue, son. ALL of NJ belongs to ALL of us. New Yorkers and Philiadelphians…we love for you to visit…. but can’t wait for you to leave. Trenton, Morristown, Monmouth…your history helped make NJ the 3rd State….and give a Nation it’s freedom. More to follow…

    • John Morlock in response to John Wright

      You’ve got the right idea, JOHN. I wish a few of us straight thinking people could get together in just one county and get things back to the way it was when my family moved to new jersey in 1847. The corruption is vomitous. Newark STILL has my drivers license after 13 years, and I have paid it TWICE.

  64. Mick

    You can’t claim Wawa and the jersey shore and then bash south jersey… Especially since neither of those things are north of monmouth/middlesex, so this is awkward.
    And, of course, it’s no surprise there was zero mention of the existence of CENTRAL jersey, which has the best of both sides. -______-

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Mick

      Yea, pretty sure central Jersey doesn’t exist. At some point, North Jersey turns into South Jersey. Sorry.

  65. Sammy

    Mendham pride!!

  66. Alicia

    last photo-since when is the water that blue at the shore?

  67. Pudgsicle

    ***Just a few of my thoughts.I’m from Sussex County – born and raised. Graduated from Monmouth Univ. When you mention Jersey diners I challenge you to show a picture of a good one. Tick Tock isn’t great as far as I’m concerned. I challenge you to visit more if that ranks in your Top 10. I didn’t live anywhere near the Turnpike or the Parkway. Two of the Jersey Shore cast were raised in Monmouth County. Two of the originals were from Staten Island but one did not last very long – – so yeah, the whole cast isn’t from Staten Island. North Jersey is not better than South Jersey. For the record, it’s North, Central, and South Jersey. You can’t describe the state in a mere north & south. Even just adding central is doing an injustice to the state.

  68. oknuckles

    You don’t go “down the shore” you go to the beach…. and btw… it’s friggin pork roll

  69. usercommentsprovepoint

    The user comments on this article prove to me exactly why NJ was so awful to live in:

    You all are so. angry. At yourselves, at others, at everyone.

    THIS is why people don’t like NJ. And no, the rudeness is not cute. It shortens your life span (from stress), the stress causes you to treat yourself in unhealthy ways and ultimately, you live an unhappy life.

    The above statements do not include the fact that above reasons stated in the article for being “proud of being from NJ” mostly revolve around fried food, angry defensiveness, and “at least we’re not them.”

    Reading this article reminded me why I am glad to no longer be in NJ.

    • gil in response to usercommentsprovepoint

      I’m so glad I moved from the foul state of NJ… Its is crowded, nasty people, dirty cities and the highest property taxes in the country… Try getting down the shore in the summer… lets see a 4 hours ride to go 80 miles. Tell me again why you are happy living there. I lived there for 59 years and am so sorry I didn’t move sooner… You can have your Pizza and bagels its not worth the aggravation to go get them…there are more rules and agencies that hurt small business and for gods sake you have to fill out a ton of paper work just to get a hand gun…The state sucks. Problem with people from NJ is that they never lived anywhere else so they don’t know any better… I was one of them for 59 years…Spread your wings people try another state you will be surprised how nice the cities and people are in this country.

  70. Lori

    I’m a Jersey girl, born and raised and I’m very proud of it. New Jersey is so unique and diverse and both north and south each have their own awesome qualities. It’s not about who’s better, it’s about being proud of where you live and representing your state in the best possible light. The stuff being written in these replies is sad and embarrassing.

  71. greg

    Here are a few NJ facts. everyone from Jersey is from Jersey. Evryone from Jersey knows that it’s that state where you can do anything. You may be able to do it better elsewhere, but, damnit, you can do it in Jersey.
    Everything here is it. We don’t need frivolous adjectives. You go to The City, The Shore, The Bridge, The Parkway, etc. No need to get into details, we all know what you mean. Two thirds of the most densely populated state in the US grows the most ridiculously good produce n the world. Go somewhere else and ask for Silver Queen corn. Good luck. The problem is that we all think it should be easy. It’s not. Jersey got great by Jersians working hard to be great. Exit what? Just be something great. Damn, go ask Uncle Floyd if you don’t get it!

  72. Urbano Alvarez-Diaz

    Damn, stop the N/S hate people… I’m originally from Hillside/Elizabeth area and now live in Scotch Plains with my family… I love Central/North Jersey and grew up gong to Hoe’s broken and the city but also loved seaside/Belmar/LBI and Xape May except for Philly fans.. Just kidding.. I’m an annoying Yankee fan and hate the Sawx and Mets more… After Sandy, all of NJ is in my heart for eternity and I take pride in protecting and serving in my home state

  73. I

    Only one person mentioned Six Flags, but a true New Jerseyan calls it Great Adventure.
    I’m from Central Jersey, specifically Edison; looking at a map we call it the armpit of NJ for the way it bends in, not for any offensive smell. The smell is reserved for the NJ Turnpike around Elizabeth, Linden, or Carteret
    It’s pork roll, and it’s delicious.
    “The shore” refers to the whole area. Once you get there, you hit the beach.

  74. Patty Sweet

    I am a JERSEY GIRL living in the Adirondacks.OMG-Twilight Zone! No Taylor Ham, no REAL diners!

  75. Bill

    If you get Philly News your from south Jersey If you get NY News your in the North its that simple. and people from the south they do have a weird accent. Go Jersey Giants…..

    • AmethystAnne in response to Bill

      Not true about the NY/Philly TV stations. I lived in Hunterdon County (northwest NJ) until I was 34. In High Bridge, we could only see Philly TV stations. In Three Bridges, we could only see NY stations.

  76. john

    No mention of Jersey’s team. The New Jersey Devils. The only professional franchise in the state that doesn’t use NY as it’s name. Why would you use a picture of Pizza Town and not mention them?

    • Chris Kolmar in response to john

      I meant to include the Devils. Had em in a draft of this, but I couldn’t think of a good title for them. They were great growing up, but now they are all Russian. Scott Stevens was the man.

      • keith in response to Chris Kolmar

        couldn’t think of a title? how about 3-time Stanley Cup Champs. or Greatest Goaltender of ALL TIME! I mean, come on. You can’t mention sports teams, including the one that LEFT NJ (up yours Nets) and not mention one of the best teams in the NHL over the last 20 years. Are you really a Rangers fan?

        And wtf does this mean “now they’re all russian” – they have TWO Russians on their roster for this season. And in recent years have had only a handful. Many of the other players are Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Candian and American.

        • Chris Kolmar in response to keith

          Nah, I’m a Devils fan. I meant to include them, like I said, but left them out of the final draft by accident.

  77. John C. Lewis

    In New Jersey, Taylor ham is called pork roll.

  78. Dano

    Only a BENNY would refer to Pork Roll as “Taylor Ham”…

  79. Diana

    You forgot that we had Action Park, the most dangerous water park in the world!!!! lol

  80. Mike

    Everyone wants to live there eh ?? Name the person who left some other state and said “that’s it, I’m outta here,, I’m moving to New Jersey” !!! LOL

  81. Patti

    I have lived in central Jersey all my life and it IS called pork roll.

    • JMR` in response to Patti

      Well, Patti, I’VE lived in NJ all my life and it’s TAYLOR HAM.

      See? We both can play!

  82. Kathleen

    We have America’s Governor – Gov. Chris Christie- the best Gov in the nation

  83. Kait

    I’m from North Jersey (in the town next to Mendham, which is beautiful by the way) and I ended up going to college in South Jersey. It’s WAY different and I obviously prefer the North (I’m just not a fan of how flat South Jersey is, I don’t think it’s very pretty and I feel like a tornado can touch down at any time), but it’s obvious that people prefer where they’re from because that’s what they’re used to. I don’t know one person from North Jersey that moved to South Jersey and said they liked it better, and vice versa. It’s just a friendly rivalry people, don’t get your panties in a knot.

    NJ beaches are alright. I think the beaches in the Outer Banks are nicer. Just my humble opinion. And you don’t have to pay, which is how it should be.

    Also, our one professional sports team! GO DEVILS! (boo Flyers)

  84. Coco

    “Taylor originally called his product “Taylor’s Prepared Ham”,[2] but was forced to change the name after the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was passed, since the product did not meet the new legal definition of “ham”. The new name was “Pork Roll” and it was marketed as both “Taylor’s Pork Roll” and “Trenton Pork Roll”. Competitors marketed products with similar names like “Rolled Pork” and “Trenton style Pork Roll” and were sued by Taylor. A 1910 legal case ruled that the words “Pork Roll” could not be trademarked.”

    It’s been pork roll since 1906. Pork. Roll.

    And the only people who call it “the shore” are the people who didn’t live there. OCNJ born and raised, and always proud, but you all sound like whiney babies.

  85. Jamie

    #2 It’s Pork Roll, no ketchup for me (and no, I’m not from South Jersey). #15 The best reason to live here. #16 Class trip rite of passage. #17 It’s actually known as Jersey Week in WDW. #19 and 20 Absolutely. #27 Yeah…nuff said!

  86. Dee

    Rutts Hut hot dogs and relish…it’s in the book1000 Things to See Before You Die……..and I love all of NJ.


  87. Christa from NYC

    Thank you for reminding me why I got the heck out of NJ, the day after I graduated High School, 25 years ago. With the exception of the fresh veggies and the Jersey Shore, I hate everything on your list!!! And it’s not Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. It’s decaying pig carcass. Enjoy!!

  88. Maria

    Jersey: home of the No Left Turn

  89. Carol

    I miss the food up in Jersey here in FL it is not the same the diners up in Jersey are great we don’t have any Diners just go to fast food places when we want something but you covered everything

  90. amanda

    Ugh. O’Bagel in Stirling down the road is FAR superior to the O’Bagel in Basking Ridge. I live within walking distance of the BR one and deliberately drive out of my way to go back to my childhood STIRLING Obagel location. They are the most efficient dudes ever. BR takes forever, and let’s be honest, its just not as good.

  91. tk

    this is dumb. i love being from new jersey but almost none of these things are why. and this article makes us all look like jerks because its a generalization. stereotyping stuff never helps anyone. this article is a failure.

  92. lauri

    not only does new jersey have great corn, but who can resist the jersey tomatoes! can’t forget about those!

  93. kami

    Lets all just make up and play nice. North… central… South… Who Cates, I’m proud of my state period!

  94. Rob N. Jersey now C. Jersey

    Idk if anyone mentioned these but Monmouth Race Track is awesome and fun time for family or friends and New Jersey also gets to experience all the seasons to their fullest. Downfall property tax and the scum who arent from NJ that come to the NJ shores.

  95. Carly

    So interesting you mentioned learning about the Jersey Devil in fourth grade, specifically, because I did as well but I grew up in Rockaway. Great list!

  96. Rob N. Jersey now C. Jersey

    Bagels 4 U in East Hanover is pretty delecious, If anyone has any bagel places around Edison NJ, or other parts of central Jersey that are worth the trip please inform me. I love searching for the best everything bagel, toasted with cream cheese!

    • Alyssa in response to Rob N. Jersey now C. Jersey

      Sonny’s Bagels in South Orange. Best bagel in NJ.

  97. JrsyGrlWest

    I truly can’t believe people from South Jersey are arguing with people from North Jersey. Get a life we’re all from the same place we’re all Jersey girls and boys. No one half of the state is better than the other it’s all home! Jesus Christ people, get over yourselves!!!!

  98. Michele

    Salt pepper ketchup?!? OH GOD NO!!!

  99. DJL

    This article should not have been titled “why you’re proud to be from New Jersey” it should be titled “why I, and I alone are proud to be from New Jersey”. These things are so specific to just the author it annoyed me. I came here expecting a well written post that I could identify with. Yet, I arrived at a selfish blog post masquerading as a buzzfeed list.

    • donna in response to DJL

      i agree. I moved to North Jersey when i got married 30 yrs ago but i still consider myself a South Jersey girl (Burlington County). It’s too bad whoever wrote this list had to put such a divisive item on a list that should have had Jerseyans feeling united over all things Jersey (#3): “North Jersey is way better than South Jersey”. Instead this thread has turned into a battle between South Jersey and North Jersey. Not to mention that it was heavily influenced by things relative to North Jersey anyway. What a shame!

  100. Jenn

    Extremely fun and entertaining read (which I’m pretty sure was how it was meant). Live up in Maine now but ALWAYS missing NJ and the colorful comments on this page reminded me why. I’d gladly trade you a lobster for a Jersey bagel anytime!! Don’t ever change Jersey!!

  101. erm

    #19 – It will always be “The Garden State Arts Center” to me…

  102. Rusty Pro

    Jersey actually grows two thirds of the worlds eggplant. I also would have added the Water Gap, Action Park, Atlantic City, Weird NJ, how you can find everything from Mountains to Flatlands to Beaches to Pine Forests, the diversity, the LIGHT BULB, the World’s first movie studio, how everyone pulled together after 2 devastating storms in 2 years, and the history like Washington’s headquarters, the battle of Trenton, the real life setting behind JAWS, America’s first steam powered engine, and the World’s first Submarine.

    Speaking of Subs, what do you call a sandwich on an Italian Roll?

    • AmethystAnne in response to Rusty Pro

      There was a children’s book called “I Survived The Shark Attack Of 1916”. I ran across a copy of it in the library of the elementary school that I work in. Since I now live in southcentral Kentucky, I thought it was an interesting reminder of my home state of NJ.

  103. Elaine Torgersen McManus

    I was born and raised in Scotch Plains, NJ. My father was from Norway, a merchant marine captain and always came into port in NYC. I am grateful they picked Scotch Plains to live and bring my brother and me into the world and raise us. I remember going in to NYC to pick him up, only a 40-50 minute drive, quick; we always went to Howard Johnson’s on Rt. 22 on Sunday for an ice cream cone; Snuffy’s for dinner and a day at Bowcraft. The Watchung Mountains and parks were always a good time. The shore, a place to take off to when you cut school! Senior Day at the shore, Oh yeah! Looking back, a great place! Today? I am so surprised to see how expensive real estate is! Things have changed. But, things have changed everywhere else also, not just there. Still miss the good ole times I had there as a child!@

  104. Jimbo Slick

    People from Philly go to Wildwood and people from New York go to Seaside Heights.It can’t be the other way around !!

  105. Jersey_Shore_Jim

    You’ve know the way to Seaside Heights ever since you were 5 years old !

  106. Nj girl for life

    You forgot to mention tomatoes and strawberries in reference to the garden state! And what about Jersey Mike’s subs! We don’t eat “grinders” and we don’t drink “pop”.

  107. Ben

    Half of these are more like “You know you’re from jersey when…” rather than reasons you’re proud of Jersey, simply based on the wording. Also, you’re comment about Mario makes no sense because the “Pronunciations” you spelled are pretty ambiguous. In addition, learn to spell man, this is pretty pathetic. “On yeah, I haven’t even mentioned Frank Sinatra yet.”

  108. Paul

    North Jersey is a cesspool! I’m proud to say I’m from South Jersey. We all Know the punch lines are about the northern part of the state above Trenton!

  109. Sunand sand

    Growing up in Bergen county everyone flocked to the south! Now I live in south Jersey and never going back! Nothing is better then the Jersey Shore.

  110. Ryan Gibbs

    Rutts Hut!

  111. dd

    Where did u get a pix of the ocean water looking so clean clear n a nice volor. Musta been photo shopped cuz nj ocean doesn’t look like that. And you forgot to add…property taxes are so high lotsa people starting to get outta nj!

  112. RogerRabbit

    You forgot Tasty Cakes!(:

  113. Henry

    North Jersey or South Jersey, we’re ALL from NEW JERSEY! Lets stick together.

  114. Alex Romanelli

    Who cares if south jersey is better than north jersey or north jersey is better than south jersey. Im from north jersey. However, we can all make arguments where we are from and why its better.. To be honest I just think jersey’s the best in general. Im surprised the fact we have the best goaltender to ever play hockey did not make the list. Or anything about the devils for that matter. IN OTHER WORDS: JERSEY > a

  115. Jem Ross

    I’m from NJ but you got some stuff wrong IMO-
    #4 & 5 -Best bagels and Pizza are NY, not NJ
    #6 The best corn is from bumf*ck PA, try it sometime
    and #20, Wawa (not WaWa)originated in and got majorly popular in PA before it ever even came to NJ

    • Adrianne in response to Jem Ross

      You’re right about the Wawa. I never saw one till I was in PA or south Jersey. They’re pretty new in North Jersey.

      But the best corn is still from Sussex and Warren county NJ.

  116. Taylor

    FYI…It’s not Taylor Ham. Look at the box in the store, the product is called “Taylor Pork Roll” Even the roll has the words “PORK ROLL” written on it very clearly.

  117. Jim

    Are you SURE you are from NJ?? I’m not sure because in #7 you mention going “to the shore”. Every self-respecting New Jerseyan knows we go DOWN THE SHORE

  118. Grame

    Toms River did win the LL World Series and that was great, but so did Lakewood in 1975 and that was great too.

  119. Adrianne

    The writer asked if there was anything he forgot on his list – not for insulting North & South Jersians.

    Forgot; Hot Grill in Passaic, Jimmy Jims in Garfield, Jo Jo’s and Clydes Italian Ices, both in Garfield, frozen custard from the boardwalk, the best pizza and burgers were from Fred’s Evergreen Bar in Wallington – unfortunately its no longer there.

  120. Renee

    OK folks…let’s keep it focused on light, interesting, and healthy rivalry. Who’s with me to give a shout-out to Rutt’s Hut for the BEST hot dogs, sauerkraut, and onion rings on Earth?? Another shout-out for two places that are both GREAT for pizza: Town Pub, Bloomfield, and The Landmark, Livingston. And for bagels, Bagelwich Bagel Bakery in Verona. We moved to NH over seven years ago and these are the places (amongst many) that I miss soooo much! (I know…I was from Northern NJ, so probably a northern bias in my comment…still love those places!)

  121. Thomas

    How can you honestly enjoy the Chester Diner. It’s awful just drive to your local dump instead

    • ella in response to Thomas

      why do u say that? chester diner is pretty nice inside for a diner. way more appealing looking inside than other area diners such as the ones in hackettstown bud lake and washington

  122. Jason White

    Hmmmm, I can’t really say I live directly off a Parkway exit as it is further east than where I am in Morris County. I have lived here all my life and I can’t ask for better. The city is only a stone’s throw away and if you go to the Tourne Park in Boonton, you can see the skyline of Lower Manhattan from the top of the mountain. Not to mention this area is incredibly historic with the abandoned Iron Ore mines in Rockaway Township.

  123. Keith

    You forgot to mention that The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are actually located in New Jersey and Italian Hot Dogs were created in Newark (Jimmy Buff’s).

  124. Jay

    1. The Windmill
    2. to add onto the person that added the NJ Devils, how about just mentioning our phenomenal goalie, Martin Brodeur? MAAAAARTYYYY!!

  125. Carol Block

    GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE is a must see in New Jersey!

  126. Tiffany

    This whole argument over south vs north Jersey is ridiculous. I grew up in south Jersey (no exit off either the parkway or the turnpike). I went to college in Bergen county (over 150 miles from my hometown). I’m a school teacher and have worked in the central/north area for the past two years along with previous work in industry around the Morristown area. Northern is beautiful. Southern is beautiful. Central is not my cup of tea but it’s still beautiful. I recently relocated to south Jersey because I missed the area. The undeveloped land. I missed all the fresh produce stands. I missed WaWa. I am an intelligent person. I know how to spell. I am not a “redneck”. You can find these types of people anywhere you look in the state. The bottom line is, New Jersey is amazing, regardless of where you are. Whether you call it pork roll or Taylor ham. Hoagie or Sub. Sprinkles or Jimmies. We need to stand-up for the state, not start a war.

    By the way, I was born and raised in southern Jersey and I LOVE the Giants and the Yankees. Its all personal preference.

  127. Mark

    Yeah – the only coastal beaches where you have to pay a fee to use them AND then they make you swim in a 50 yard cordoned off area, separated by a 1/4 mile expanse of perfectly good ocean you can’t use. Even the Deleware beaches are nicer.

  128. Nick

    O’bagel in Basking Ridge but the original one in Stirling is much better!

  129. Jim

    After reading the replies, I understand why they didn’t mention our education! 8)

  130. Kev Jersey Shore

    “Taylor” is a company from Trenton NJ, that created Pork Roll, which is the REAL name of pork roll. You north jersey Benny types can pretend its called Taylor ham, but it’s not. Ps, the shore is where’s it’s at, born and raised. Everyone else can simply stay home :)

    • ty in response to Kev Jersey Shore

      yeah technically its pork roll even though i call it taylor ham cuz thats what i always ate. the taylor ham brand pork roll but whatever ill always call it taylor ham


    1. The first baseball game was played in Hoboken. and Jersey City not Brooklyn is where Jackie Robinson played his first game. .
    2. New Jersey has the highest population density in the U.S. An average 1,030 people per sq. mi., which is 13 times the national average.
    3. New Jersey is the only state where all its counties are classified as metropolitan areas.
    4. New Jersey has the densest system of highways and railroads in the U.S.
    5. New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the diner capital of the world.
    6. North Jersey has the most shopping malls in one area in the world with seven major shopping malls in a 25 sq. mile radius.
    7. Passaic River was the site to the first submarine ride by inventor John P. Holland.
    8. New Jersey is a major seaport state with the largest seaport in the U.S. located in Elizabeth.
    9. Famous NJ natives include William “Bud” Abbot, Alan Alda, Jason Alexander, Robert Blake, David Copperfield, Lou Costello, Tom Cruise, Sandra Dee, Brian DePalma, Danny DeVito, Michael Douglas, Kirsten Dunst, John Forsythe, James Gandolfini, Janeane Garafolo, Savion Glover, Ethan Hawke, Frank Langella, Jerry Lewis, Ray Liotta, Bette Midler, Frankie Muniz, Ozzie Nelson, Bebe Neuwirth, Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, Christopher Reeve, Paul Robeson, Susan Sarandon, Roy Schneider, Kevin Spacey, Meryl Streep, Loretta Swit, John Travolta, Lee Van Cleef, “Uncle” Floyd Vivino, Bruce Willis, Clerow “Flip” Wilson, Scott Wolfe, William “Count” Basie, Jon Bon Jovi, Connie Francis, Deborah Harry, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Ice-T, Queen Latifah, Les Paul, Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Frankie Vallie, Sarah Vaughn, Dionne Warwick, Yogi Berra, Franco Harris, Derek Jeter, Vince Lombardi, Shaquille O’Neal, Joe Theismann, Buzz Aldrin, Aaron Burr, Clara Barton, Thomas Paine, Molly Pitcher, Betsy Ross, Harriet Tubman, President Woodrow Wilson, President Grover Cleveland, Judy Blume, James Fenimore Cooper, Stephen Crane, Allen Gingsburg, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Toni Morrison, Norman Mailer, Dorothy Parker, Philip Roth, Albert Payson Terhune, William Carlos Williams, Walt Whitman, Malcolm Forbes, Robert Wood Johnson II, “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf, Samuel Colt, Thomas Edison, John P. Holland, Joe Piscopo, Marilynn McCoo, Eddie Money, Joyce Kilmer, Caesar Romero, Nathan Lane, Eva Marie Saint, Elisabeth Shue, Dave Thomas (Wendy’s), Robert Wuhl, Ernie Kovacs and Kelly Ripa, YES,all New Jersey natives.
    10. The light bulb, phonograph (record player), motion picture projector were invented by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park laboratory.
    11. New Jersey is home to the Miss America pageant held in Atlantic City.
    12. Atlantic City is where the street names came from for the game monopoly
    13. Atlantic City has the longest boardwalk in the world.
    14. New Jersey has the largest petroleum containment area outside of the Middle East countries.
    15. The first Indian reservation was in New Jersey.
    16. New Jersey has the tallest water tower in the world.
    17. The first tin-foil phonograph developed by Thomas Edison was crude, but it proved his point– that sound could be recorded and played back. Thomas Edison had phonograph demonstrations and became world-renowned as the “Wizard of Menlo Park” for this invention.
    18. New Jersey is the only state in the nation which offers child abuse prevention workshops to every public school.
    19. The first intercollegiate football game was played in New Brunswick, in 1869. Rutgers College played Princeton. Rutgers won. On November 6, 1869, Rutgers met Princeton in what is considered the first intercollegiate game of American football, although it bore no resemblance to today’s sport. The game was played with 25 players on a side and under Rutgers’ rules, meaning that the ball could only be advanced by kicking or batting it with the feet, hands, heads or body. Catching, carrying, and throwing the ball were all illegal. Rutgers won the game six goals to four. A week later, a rematch was held using Princeton rules, one of which was the rewarding of a “free kick” to a player who caught the ball. Princeton won this game eight to zero.

    20. The first Drive-In Movie theatre was opened in Camden.
    21. New Jersey has a spoon museum featuring over 5,400 spoons from every state and almost every country.
    22. Origin of name: From the Channel Isle of Jersey.
    23. Tourism is the second-largest industry in New Jersey.
    24. In 1977, New Jersey voters approved legislation allowing legalized casino gambling in Atlantic City.
    25. New Jersey has 21 counties.
    26. Although the Borough of Ship Bottom was incorporated in 1925, the name dates back to a shipwreck that occurred in March 1817, when Captain Stephen Willets of Tuckerton rescued a young woman from the hull of a ship overturned in the shoals. The rescue became known as “Ship Bottom.”
    27. State motto is liberty and prosperity.
    28. The honeybee, apis mellifera, is the New Jersey state bug.
    29. The state seashell is the knobbed whelk, busycon carica gmelin, it is found on all beaches and bays of New Jersey.
    30. Modern paleontology, the science of studying dinosaur fossils, began in 1858 with the discovery of the first nearly complete skeleton of a dinosaur in Haddonfield, New Jersey. The Hadrosaurus is the official New Jersey state dinosaur.
    31. Atlantic City’s original summer visitors were the Absegami Indians of the Lenni Lenape tribe.
    32. Fair Haven is believed to have been seasonally inhabited by native Indians prior to the coming of European settlers in the 1660’s
    33. Parsippany has been named Tree City USA for 24 consecutive years.
    34. New Jersey’s state seal was designed by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere and presented in May 1777.
    35. Software and software related companies account for nearly 2,700 companies in New Jersey.
    36. The Statue, “Soldier At Rest” was dedicated to New Jersey Civil War veterans on June 28, 1875. It was purchased by the New Jersey State Legislature for $10,000.
    37. General Philip Kearny had a New Jersey town and 2 military decorations named after him.
    38. The Borough of Roosevelt is the only municipality in New Jersey that is, in its entirety, a registered National Historic Site
    39. Whitesbog Village, Browns Mills (Between Lakehurst & Ft Dix) Whitesbog is an important part of New Jersey history and the history of the blueberry and cranberry culture in the United States. It is listed on both the National and State Registers of Historic Sites. Whitesbog includes the village and the surrounding 3,000 acres of cranberry bogs, blueberry fields, reservoirs, sugar sand roads and Pine Barren’s forests.
    40. No, not everyone from Jersey has the “Jersey” accent.
    41. New Jersey was named after the Isle of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, France.
    42. New Jersey is a peninsula.
    43. The first set of twins to have both flown space are Mark and Scott Kelly, identical twins born in West Orange, NJ. In March 2011, the Kelly brothers will be the first set of blood relatives to meet in space. In October 2010, Scott Kelly started his 5 1/2 month mission to the International Space Station, and Mark Kelly will blast off in February and reach the Space Station on March 1, 2011.
    44. The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, spanning NJ from Bay Head to Atlantic City, is the largest shoreline nature preserve on the East Coast. It covers 47,000 acres, and 80% of it is salt marsh, which rivals only tropical rainforests as one of the most biologically productive habitats on earth.
    45. New Jersey has more race horses than Kentucky. The official state animal is the horse.
    46. On November 11, 2010, 671 students and staff members of The Lawrenceville School in central New Jersey set the new Guinness World Record for the biggest custard pie fight. The record is based on the number of participants. The school needed at least 435 people to break the previous record.
    47. New Jersey is home to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
    New Jersey has the most stringent testing along our coastline for water quality control than any other seaboard state in the entire country.
    48. Check your plumbing The first copper mine in America was opened by enterprising Dutch settlers in the Kittatinny Mountains, circa 1640.
    49. The famous Les Paul invented the first solid body electric guitar in Mahwah, in 1940.
    50. The first balloon flight in America was made by Jean-Pierre Blanchard. On January 9,1793, he landed a balloon at Deptford carrying a letter from George Washington.
    51. The first condensed soup in America was cooked and canned in Camden County in 1897.
    52. NJ built the first tunnel under a river, the Holland Tunnel under the Hudson River.
    53. The official state fish is the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis).
    54. The beaches in NJ are all located “down the shore”. You don’t go “to the shore”, you go “down the shore”. When you are on a beach in NJ, you are not “at the shore”, you are “down the shore”. When you leave a beach in NJ, you are not “leaving the shore”, you are “coming from down the shore.
    55. The first FM radio broadcast was made from Alpine, by Maj. Thomas Armstrong.
    56. Rutgers University hosts a Cockroach Derby each year in mid-August.
    57. Leo the MGM Lion, Cheetah the chimp and Elsie the Borden Cow are buried in New Jersey.

  132. kittywink

    NJ really is the greatest state. We have it all. All seasons, all types of areas like country, city, beaches, suburbs, peace and quiet, noisy fun, safe and dangerous! And no it doesn’t smell bad, but maybe we should let others think that so everyone doesn’t move here! We are populated enough we don’t need any more. It isn’t until you go somewhere else that you really realize we have the best bagels, pizza, tomatoes, fashion and the ease of going to NY whenever we want!

  133. Colin Martin

    WaWa is a way of life… no it’s really not. And secondly, we living in the still nice rural area of New Jersey call ourselves central jersey, because we don’t want to be associated with the monkeys who live in north jersey cities and then spread their particular brand of blown-out-hair-orange-tan-tough-guy-guido-clapp-having charm all over the boardwalk. Keep your fruity t-shirt’s, fist pumping, and shitty club music as far from my part of town as possible.

    • Susie Q in response to Colin Martin

      It sounds like the only part of the north you’ve experienced, or maybe not even experienced, maybe you just heard about it, is the seaside area and the area outside of new york. if you’d ever been to sussex county or hunterdon and the western parts of morris county you’d be seeing more farms, hills and green valleys than you seem to realize are there.

  134. Lois

    I moved out to Oklahoma and they dont have Taylor Ham, they dont know what they are missing. Best pizza in North Jersey is Columbos in Lincoln Park.

  135. l

    do not forget the tomatoes

  136. Betty

    There is also central jersey! and it is most definitely pork roll.



    • AmethystAnne in response to JO-ANN PISACANE

      I totally understand your comments about others being fortunate to be able to afford to stay in NJ. DearHusband and I were born and raised there and had hoped to raise our children there. But it was too expensive even to rent, so we moved our family to southcentral Kentucky.

      It reminds us of Hunterdon County during our growing-up years – rural, farms, small-community atmosphere, mostly everyone knows everyone else (in a good way)

      And…..a big thing is that our current annual real estate taxes($400) are less than half of what 1-month’s rent was ($850) when we moved from Kingwood Township 25 years ago.

  138. Nick

    Dennysan, do you want a job?

  139. rich

    i live 3000 miles west, and still NJ is absolutely terrible! all of you! fall into the sea!

    • Johnny in response to rich

      Hey Rich 3000 miles away isn’t far enough away for us………we can still smell ya !

  140. Bill

    I lived in NJ for 48 years and I find it funny that people think that Wawa stores a company from Wawa, PA are so NJ. Wawa is not any more NJ then its Delaware or Maryland Wawa is PA through and through. I guess the idea that its a NJ thing came from some guy that thinks South Jersey is part of Philly.

  141. Gavin

    I think that Time For A Bagel in Morris Plains takes the cake for bagels.

  142. jimmy tierney

    its PORKROLL

  143. Ira A.

    I now live in Arizona for 10 years; but miss many things from New Jersey. I lived in both 201 & 609 area codes. You need to add Newark or Italian Style Hot Dogs.

  144. CS

    Any chance you went to Assumption school in Morristown? (directed at the author)

  145. Brian V.

    A few things: It IS called pork roll actually, and everyone knows North jersey is a shit hole.

    • Ashley in response to Brian V.

      lol why do you say that? the nothern part of the state is only bad in the small percentage of the state that is across the river from new york. and not even all of that is bad. some really rich area there. have u ever actually spent any time in the north aside from the NYC area, because if you did you’d most certainly be eating your words :)

  146. Dave

    Ive lived in NJ for about half my life… and I’ve gotta say that the only people who actually think Jersey is the best state are those who have never lived anywhere else.

    New Jersey actually sucks. Sorry.

    • Em in response to Dave

      not as bad as CT. i live there now after growing up in jersey and i think i’d rather be anywhere but this boring, not attractive, tax ridden state.

  147. Tim

    The package in the store says Taylor Pork Roll!!! Maybe you should tell the company that they’re wrong!!!

  148. Emily

    This is awesome! I love how Chester diner is mentioned right off the bat! My favorite one! I grew up going there wih my grandma brother and cousins because I grew up right there in long valley. Living in ct now which is crap compared to those beautiful areas of Morris county. Miss it.

  149. Emily

    This is awesome. I don’t agree with all of it but I grew up going to Chester diner too. And Chester bagel is the best bagel I figured you’d have gone there from living in mendham. I grew up in long valley. I live in ct now and I miss living in nj. Nothing will beat schooleys mountain and the farms and valley of Morris and hunters on county where my family all is. North jersey is not even close to being ny. That’s only a small percentage of the northeast state. Central and western north are gorgeous and rural.

  150. Emily

    Oh and don’t forget long valleys valley pizza. My favorite by far. As well as the pizza place that used to be in the old hackettstown mall before they knocked it down and built that lowes. Which is useless because the one in mt olive that I used to work in has so much more business.

  151. Phil

    The ship with 100 tons of Garbage left new jersey shore many years ago to unload somewhere, circled the whole world since nobody wanted it came back to New Jersy and was unloaded that proves what you have in Jersey stays in jersey.

  152. Jim

    You forgot the smell of Garbage that fills the air, the congested turnpike with terrible drivers and the undeserved smug arrogance.

  153. Brian

    You missed the New Jersey Devils… Hellooo Martin Brodeur… the greatest goaltender in hockey history.

  154. nj sucks monkey balls

    Lets be serious…New Jersey is probably the worst place on the east coast. Yes you guys have a wonderful amount of skanks that will pleasure us even though we wont work for(I’m telling you they are really easy), bt New Jersey just sucks lol, The armpit of the east coast. jesus

    • Emily in response to nj sucks monkey balls

      lies. I grew up in nothwest jersey and i always appreciated it for what it was, which isn’t anything bad. But now I’ve been in New Haven area CT (aka ACTUAL sh**hole of the east coast) and now am realizing what i had and would rather be back.

  155. scott

    I have a love/hate relationship with this state. The corruption, politics expense is all ridiculous. You cant get a government job without “knowing” someone. With that said, Theres a north, central and south Jersey. North is very populated and busy. Newark Elizabeth Patterson Orange etc are very populated areas where as little egg harbor and Barnegat are not. I feel north jersey makes up for south jerseys lack of population. Central, I feel is the best of both worlds. Central being Woodbridge to Toms River. You have the shore and its populated but not overly populated. South Jersey has beautiful scenery but its boring. With the exception of AC there is nothing to do down there. And every true New Jersian knows what local summer is.

  156. Nick

    I don’t know about you but it is called pork roll on the package, so you are wrong there. Didn’t want to bother getting a good source so wikipedia will suffice:

    also like to say if you search taylor ham it redirects you to Pork Roll because it can’t be considered ham, not enough ham in it according to the Food and Drug Association, the name changed in 1910 so unless you’re one of the oldest people in the world it was always named Pork Roll to you.

    Wawa is also predominantly in south jersey, north jersey is more 7 eleven and quick chek franchises, just saying,

  157. Amanda E

    Chris the Chester dinner is the best place on Earth! We go there every christmas eve for onion rings and just plain old dinner food!

  158. matt

    parkway sgn is that getting on near pier village?

  159. centraljerseyrocks

    1. Concerts at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park.
    2. Roller Derby and Professional Wrestling at the Casino in Asbury Park.
    3. NJ legends: Abbott & Costello, Danny Devito, Jack Nicholson, Melanie, Count Basie, Whitney Houston, Geraldo Rivera, et. al.
    4. Monmouth County: about an hour to NYC, AC, Philly, Delaware Water Gap
    5. Monmouth County: beaches, horse racing, midget car racing, parks, ice boating, fishing,

  160. Stephen Scebelo

    Forgot the best part of NJ, the Devils, way to go!

  161. pat

    Alfa bagels in Randolph, NJ (northern NJ) are bar none the best bagels in the entire world. I’ll bet money on that

  162. Oliver Hakizimana

    Parkway doesn’t even pass by my house. Gotta get off in Edison, then drive down Route 27/Route 1/Turnpike to New Brunswick then hop on over to Franklin Township

  163. Bryan

    Good list. If you were from South Jersey, you would have included “amazing cheesesteaks in ANY pizza place you should stumble upon.” The joints north of Trenton (or thereabouts) just can’t seem to get it right.

  164. J

    South Jersey is actually small town life. I personally live right between AC and Philly, which means I get the best of the shore/Casino plus I have Philly (which is actually quite a clean and nice city to visit vs the many odd and gross smells in North Jersey and NY). I love it here, and feel at home (which is the lost argument of the article). If we are actually going to talk about serious reasons people want to live somewhere, sports teams aren’t making the cut… That being said, South Jersey is actually a calm clean place with excellent schools and towns and is conveniently placed between the shore and city life. (And if you lived with the air here you’d agree)

  165. ncrb

    All I can say from jersey is eww, and jersey shore is the best, move to fl and you would learned what is good. Smh

  166. State Divided

    Your state is so cool that the North and South bicker like it is the Civil War..

  167. Misty

    #19- Used to be the Garden State Arts Center. Even saw The Fixx, and Moody Blues there… the whole state is awesome! Live in FL now, but growing up in Mendham was great!

  168. A

    conflict averted: central jersey – close to everything.
    and yes the parkway sign is in eatontown

  169. Its definitely Pork Roll

    Taylor ham is for people who don’t know what pork roll is. Best pork roll, by the way, is Case’s Mild.

  170. Bryan

    You forgot Central Jersey. People from central Jersey dislike people from south and north jersey.

  171. joe

    Not One mention of starland ballroom!? Six flags?? COME ON!

  172. MC

    You left out what might be the MOST IMPORTANT food: Real, genuine, honest-to-God, unadulterated SUBMARINE SANDWICHES. Not heroes, hoagies, Blimpies, Poor Boys, Subways, Zeppelins or any other pathetic stepped-on imitations. REAL SUBS. With QUALITY provolone cheese and meats– and oil and vinegar and salt and pepper and oregano and lettuce, onion and tomato– on the CORRECT SUB BREAD and NO OTHER…… REAL SUBS.

  173. Amanda

    Central Jersey only exists to those who live there (aka: Ocean and Monmouth County). We don’t associate with North or South. Your competition is petty.

  174. Bryan

    Ugh, the north/south debate is a little passé. Jersey is a great place but it is not without it’s problems. Taxes are insane, traffic is worsening and the infrastructure is poor. Say what you want though, but more and more people are moving here and that reveals it is still an attractive state to many. The schools are amongst the best in the nation and that is a huge benefit. And that is not a sweeping assumption- our college bound rates are amongst the highest in the nation. The only thing we should agree on is a mutual disdain for everyone on TV and elsewhere who like to ridicule the state for NO reason. There are lots of dumpy parts of the country (Los Angeles, Miami… I’m looking at you) that think they are better merely because they have warmer weather and palm trees. And for the ignorant person who moved to southern CA above, Jersey beaches are not crap. Sure we have to pay for badges, but LA beaches usually require parking fees etc. I’ll pay the few dollars if it means we maintain the integrity of our shoreline.

    I do however take issue with the way shore folks beat on northerners for coming to the shore every summer. While I agree it is a little out of control on weekends, there is little industry present other than tourism so maybe ease up on the hate. Oh and sure we all know Taylor Ham is a brand of pork roll but I’ll be damned if I have seen any other brand other than Taylor. So calm down with all that.

  175. Doris Bohnenberger

    Wow its amazing how everyone goes off on everyone else here. First off it is taylor ham. Second anyone that lives in SOUTH jersey or close to Philly are Philly fans. Not all of us are beenies. I am proud to live in the most densly populated state in the country. With the highest car insurance rates. Traffic and circles to navigate. And no job. Its wonderful to pay high rent and taxes and deal with out of state drivers that don’t know the rules of our highways. And finally it is The Jersey Jets and the Jersey Giants because they practice and play in our great state.

  176. Gina

    I just love NJ… its just that simple.I was born and raised in South NJ then moved here to Florida going on 35 yrs ago. I still miss my home state. By and far thee best place to raise a family!

  177. Brandon

    Dont forget we have the first Iron Company in the US where cannon’s and ammo were made for the continental army. The chain that stretched across the Delaware River was created at Long Pond also along with Iron for the US Capital Buildings dome.
    And that NJ was the most vital state in the founding of our country.
    Not to mention we got the inventor of Jello living here and Eisenstein/ Tesla

  178. Joe

    As you guys argue who is better, the Shore people sit her and laugh at you all, knowing that the best place is the Shore. From the Hook to the Wildwoods, we tolerate your 3 month invasion and then go back to peace and quiet. As they say in Maine, if you cant handle the winters, you dont deserve the summers.

    A full time Belmar Resident

  179. jbit

    yeah, there’s definitely more to north jersey than the surrounding area of NYC. like literally everything west of new brunswick.
    also, wawa? don’t you mean quick chek, you know, the better convenience store thats 100% BASED IN NEW JERSEY AND DOESN’T HAVE STORES ANYWHERE ELSE.

  180. Greg Tomaszewski

    I’m from North Jersey, but both rock. No rivalry here. By the way, ‘Mario’ is a name from Italy/Spain, and it is indeed pronounced ‘Maahrio’

  181. GoonHater

    Sad thing is, anyone who believes half of this list has NEVER left the state.

  182. ladus

    I like nj because I like fudge and stuff.

  183. felice

    I was really missing New Jersey already, but your list made it 93 times worse.
    I would give my eye teeth, if I still have eye teeth, for:
    Jersey Bagels
    The Paramus Diner
    Pizza, even Chicken Delight pizza would do, if there still is chicken delight?
    A real kosher style corned beef sandwich
    Tices Farm apple cider and cinnamon bread
    And When you grow up in Bergen County almost all ofvf the rest of NJ is South Jersey!
    As for where to go in Florida, check out Ocala, we are in the best kept secret part of the state. Not far from either coast, not far from Disney and Universal or Bush

  184. Hunter

    two words: millburn deli. the best sandwiches anywhere (even though millburn itself suuuucks)
    pork roll/ taylor ham WHATEVER its all nasty stuff and probably what singlehandedly made chris christie so fat.
    also, the great swamp? jockey hollow? stone pony? wegmans? GREAT ADVENTURE??!?! you forgot sooo many classics!
    the only part of nj that truly sucks is camden and its toxic waste surroundings. i don’t think anyone could argue with me on that one…
    p.s. anyone remember the touch tunnel at the liberty science center? ohhh yeah!!

  185. maipe

    #3 the North Jersey / South Jersey border tends to fluctuate, I usually place it a the point where I start to see too many Eagles jerseys.

  186. Sam

    Read these things. Isn’t this so real. I’m sure you will like #7 the best. LOVE LG

  187. lynn

    you guys are all so pathetic. i cant believe i just wasted my time reading all of these lame fights. i am from monmouth county, the nicest county in nj.. look it up its the second most expensive county to live in. ive lived here all my life and i know that “the shore” is ONLY called that by people who do not live near it year long. its called the beach to us. and its called porkroll. AND taylor ham.. we know what both mean.. but while ordering it you say porkroll. and north jersey is so much worse.. newark, paterson, plainfield? its where people go to get drugs.. with the exception of camden. so idk what the hell you are all talking about it being sooo nice. its so boring up there, you all come down here to do shit. so stop hating. and jersey is small as it is. north, central or south. ITS ALL JERSEY. i was interested to read this when seeing the name, but was disappointed after doing so considering you missed like 30 things. its obvious the author is from north jersey. anyways i love jersey always will, but theres alot nicer places to live if you ask me.

  188. Allan

    Hunter, why does Millburn suck? I do agree with you about Millburn Deli, the best

  189. Steven g

    I live in Jackson and consider it Central Jersey

  190. brian

    I grew up in NJ… Lived there for 25 years. I moved to San Diego 3.5 years ago. You can keep your flooding, excessive rain, sweltering summers, mosquitoes, guido wannabes, pretentious attitudes, slow indians / idiot high school kids scratching your car while pumping gas, and frigid winters. North Jersey vs. South Jersey? It’s like trying to determine who is king of the retards. And diner food isn’t really that good. BOOM I SAID IT. I’ll be back next week for a wedding and i’ll be counting down the seconds until I can get back to the beach. The real beach. Where people surf and there are songs written about the women.

  191. Kunckles Guido


  192. brian

    I grew up in Randolph, so I was no more than 10 minutes from you. I moved to nyc a few years ago. I completely agree with the list, except the one about pizza. Star Tavern is great for NJ, but there are at least a couple places here in nyc that top it

  193. petrone

    South Jersey is anything below 195.

  194. MCD

    Now I understand these opinions & comments under the pictures are the opinions of the blogger but I really feel that the Boston one needs to come off the list. Its very disrespectful with all that has happened in the past 5 months. Now before I get some slack for this I am from Jersey (proud of it) & now lives in Boston & have seen first hand the heartache & strength Bostonians have shown.

  195. Pamela

    Jersey girl here forever and true. Great write up and great pics. Now if everyone from Jersey would reply we’d be rockin the surf!

    Thanks for the memories of My Jersey!


  196. Thomas Combs

    I can name many more to be ‘from’ NJ. A song line says ‘and there but for fortune may go you or I, you or I’. Sure, Frank Sinatra is from Hoboken, and NJ tries to claim him, but he does not claim NJ, and never comes back. There is a list of ‘from’s’. Kirk Douglas’s son was born in New Brunswick. While not denying it, he doesn’t talk about it. Personally I can give many reasons to get out, but I won’t deny it is nice to visit, as are many other states. “It didn’t happen to me” is a poor excuse to allow injustice and immorality. Another song says “We didn’t know said the Burgameister about the camps at the edge of town, we didn’t know…what brought the German nation down”. Sorry, but I know many reasons “to move out of NJ”.

  197. Jamie

    Central Jersey is a real place! We are neither North or South, just happy in between =)

  198. Judy

    Some really good facts — and to those who think “taylor ham” is just a name brand for pork roll – have missed the “real thing”– North Jersey is so much better than South Jersey (except for Bruce & Jon – I’ll give you that) – when outsiders think of south jersey they think of farmers -when outsiders hear north jersey, they think of “soprano’s — who would you want to be know as….

  199. Me

    North Jersey. South Jersey. Central Jersey. Taylor ham. Pork roll. Who cares? I live in freaking Oklahoma and I’d take any of them over this place!

  200. Cindy

    Hohum……It’s PORKROLL… made by a family named – TAYLOR… can’t we all just get along… LOL

  201. Janie

    Why is everyone debating North and South Jersey. Just enjoy what the state has to offer – ocean, mountain and great food!
    We’ve got enough out of state J…O..’s and comedians that bad mouth the state and who have never even stepped foot here.

  202. Josh Barilar

    New Jersey stinks theres a reason why I left. But if had to go back I would stay as far away from North Jersey as possible. Medford-Indian Mills-Tabernacle area is the safest, cleanest part of the state and you can still make a living thats not completely in the middle of nowhere. North Jersey should join New York state and South Jersey should be adopted by Pennsylvania. Therefore, there will be no more New Jersey making the world a better place.

  203. Katey

    Agree with Josh, cut the state in half and above Trenton becomes part of NY below Trenton becomes part of PA. I live in NJ and it’s horrible!

  204. teri

    You couldn’t pay me enough money to move back to North Jersey. The only place worth living in N.J. is in Cape May County. Clean air, less congestion and nicer people.
    Not to even bring in the beauty of the seashore. And they’re free as God made them.

  205. AW

    okay…so I’m from Toms River and I’m considered “south”, but I am not a philly wannabe or a philly fan. I’m a NY Giants, NY Yankees, and a NY Rangers fan. so whoever said ALL south jersey people are philly fans are stereotypical dumbasses. Another thing, it’s a PORK ROLL :) but who cares where we live or what we call things or who we are fans of…..we all have something big in common…..WE LIVE IN JERSEY! :)

  206. maxine

    born and raised jersey girl here, now living in n.c. when people hear me talk they think i’m from new york, i say no new jersey, they say ‘same thing’ i say ‘NO IT’S NOT!’ dang rednecks!

  207. Mark

    This is the worst representation of New Jersey ever! We don’t give a about your experiences growing up here, there was a lot of stuff you missed out on and a lot of stuff you misrepresented.

  208. Gerri Towns

    I’m an old Jersey girl born in Newark in 1938. No the city is’t nice now but it wasn’t alwaysl that bad.I was raised in very nice neighborhoods after we left Newark and the schools were good. Unfortunately, had to move to Bayridge, Brooklyn when I married. Pace was too fast, hated taking the”cattle cars” to work in NY and the crowds. Moved back to NJ to raise my 2 children. Married in 1966 and left NJ for good. Moved to Texas.Of all the places I lived, NJ was my favorite.
    Nothing beats a NJ pork roll sandwich with cheese and onions on a kaiser roll.
    Nothing beats a NJ subsand
    Nothing beats NJ beaches
    Nothing compares to my family living in NJ & PA (except my daughters and their families in Texas and WA.)

  209. Princess Meg

    Who cares if you’re from North, Central or South Jersey? Come on, people. We are all from this great little, funky state that so many people are jealous of. The benny thing is getting old and has been for the last 30 years or so. Shore towns depend on the influx of people from the northern communities that come and spend their money there. HOw do you think that businesses stay open without the revenue that tourism brings in? Embrace the people that come and stay at your shore towns, get to know your fellow Jerseyans and live and let live. We are a proud and united state that loves Bruce, Taylor ham, our miles of beach, the beautiful miles of Delaware Bay coastline, the highlands, the Giants/Jets/Devils and all the other awesome things our state has to offer. New Jersey rocks…from High Point to the Cape May Lighthouse.

  210. K

    This stupid article just made me hate jersey even more. Other than the food, all the other reasons are reasons NOT to live in jersey. P.s. Boston is way better than any city jersey has to offer.

  211. JerseyFilm

    This article was written by what we call a “Benny.” Yes, Chris Kolmar, you are a BENNY, the scourge of NJ… the polluters of our beaches… the slime that infiltrates our wonderful local beach-side communities every summer. You are the NJ version of those people from the MTV reality show that are from Staten Island, as you mentioned. Here is how I know. 1. It’s pork roll. Only a Benny calls it Taylor Ham. 2. You call the beach “The Shore” which is, again, only called that by a Benny.

    And the argument whether it’s pork roll or Taylor Ham is like me saying, “It’s called cola” and then someone arguing, “No, it’s called Pepsi.” Taylor Ham is a specific brand name of pork roll and it’s also the most generic brand you can find… like the Walmart of pork roll brands.

    Benny Go Home

  212. Jon

    On the Monopoly board, they’re not all Atlantic City streets. Marvin Gardens is a section of Margate which is two towns away.

  213. edie

    79years old and lived in JERSEY FOR 50 OF THEM and proud of it til I saw the Jersey Wives. Still love Jersey

  214. jayr

    NJ is the worst! Sure maybe south jersey has its beauty, but north jersey is a nightmare! I can not wait to move! The cost of living is insane, rents are crazy high, there’s sales tax on everything, you have to constantly pay tolls that cost way too much to begin with, the traffic at ALL times of the day is atrocious, we are the only state that you actually have to PAY to get onto these disgusting bodies of water we call beaches (probably just to end up stepping on a hypodermic anyway) the people are NASTY! The property taxes are the highest in the nation, we’re the armpit of America, then there’s the no fault car insurance, so let me get this straight…you hit me, yet my insurance still goes up cause you suck at driving? I never can find any of this wonderful jersey fresh produce I hear of…everything is mediocre at best.Boy…. the list goes on! I agree…keep your bagels and pizza and pork rolls and a million useless diners, ill take the beautiful country any day. To each their own, but I can not for the life of me fathom why any one would ever want to move here. Compare a place such as New Hampshire to NJ…I’m sure we can guess which blows the other out of the water. There is NO comparison. Power to you and your jersey pride…but is there anything really to be proud of?

  215. john

    North Jersey makes fun of South Jersey. South Jersey makes fun North Jersey. But if anyone from outside the state makes fun of any part of Jersey, we all defend it to the fullest.

  216. Danie Huizenga

    Taxes are a good reason to leave Jersey, and the cold, the traffic, the snow and slush – but if you are rich you can afford to stay. ME, l left in 1969 and now l have a 1200 sq ft Old remodeled mobile home, heated pool, jacouzzi, a mile to Bay and 3 mi. to WARM Gulf of Mexico waters….it is in a Resident Owned 5-star park and maintenance feeis $140 a month includes water and gas and lawn care etc. My property tax is $23.00 a YEAR, wind and liability insurance is about $800 a year. l can sell it for about $75,000 but l am leaving it to my daughter.

  217. MA

    Being a South NJ native, I often tell people about the ruralness, lakes, farms, trees, and such and do forget about Northwestern NJ. I will include that area in my discussions from now on. But truth be told, most of the world considers the entire state of NJ to be the only part that is around NYC. So they need to be enlightened that the state of NJ is all things and several different ares, all of which have great things in them.

  218. ever

    very nice editing

  219. crystals

    North Jersey ,North Bergen,NJ
    Born and raise..I’m proud to be a Jersey girl..
    Let’s all have a drink and call it a night…
    But you gotta come to hoboken ,NJ 😉

  220. Jen

    It seems all fun and games but honestly I find NJ is no longer the state I knew growing up. It is run by corrupt politicians and over run by the Gestapo aka NJEA and a bunch if double pension dipping pigs (especially the Pork Authority). Toll increases and property taxes are killing the middle class in this state while the rich walk around oblivious to the extortion and rape that is occurring in everyone’s pocket books. Btw, when the GSP was proposed, the tolls were supposed to be ripped down once the project was paid for. That was over 20 years ago. Meanwhile the illegals are flocking in droves and it will get even worse with this illegal “dream act”. NJ also refuses to allow its citizens their second amendment rights and even though home burglaries and car jackings are in the news constantly it is impossible to obtain a gun permit in this state. NJ state troopers completely ignore the law where your app is to be processed within 30 days. If you do own a gun don’t use it. NJ has no castle law. So if someone breaks in and tries to rob you or rape your wife and children you have try and escape before firing otherwise you’ll be the one on trial. Now let’s talk about where those property taxes go, to the schools. Each town has their own Superintendent an their salaries are around $200,000 a year. Meanwhile look up the stats on how many NJ kids find themselves in non-matriculated remidial courses in college freshman year. Thank God our roads are in good repair NOT! You’d think with property taxes being on average between $8,000-$20,000 that our roads would be in excellent repair, think again! Our roads are horrible, they pot holes are so bad that people are known to have broken tie rods. Jersey shore is amazing. I grew up going to Seaside and PT. Pleasant but don’t forget it will run you around $8.00 PER PERSON to get on many if our beaches. Wanna rent a shore house? Count on around $2000 per week and that’s not ocean view. But at least the people are really nice, NOT! If you can find the ones who speak English try looking them in the eye and saying hi on the street they’ll look at you like your crazy. Yup gotta love NJ, property taxes and potholes! As for me, I ran and ran as fast I could, jumped the border to DE and try to avoid Jersey like the plague. It was nice in the 70’s and 80’s when I was a kid and young adult but we turned this horrific corner making it a nanny state full of socialist progressives, corruption and illegals.

  221. Gregg

    If you are really from Jersey you said dees,does and dem. You eat a slice, a dog,Taylor Ham,egg and cheese or a Sub. You went down the shore and to drive in movies.You drove to Staten Island to buy beer.In the summer you went to Seaside Heights,played arcade games and ate a sausage sandwich with peppers and sauce.You drove on the Garden State Parkway and had quarters for the tolls.Grew up NJ,and yes I miss it! Gregg.

  222. southjerseyguy


  223. Uncle Sam

    Northern New Jerseyians really suck since Christi is from there…

  224. leslie

    45 minutes to the beach 30 minutes to nyc.1 hour or less to new hope 45 minutes to the great swamp 1 hour and 1/2 to brigantine 20 minutes to a stable 1 1/2 hours to high point to tube 10 minutes to the board in elizabeth where i lived real ethnic food birding great birding all over elizabeth nj thrift shops not to mention the scenes in asbury park the sopranos nude beach @ sandy hook neighborhoods with no supermarkets a bakery a butcher produce stands stores that cater to ethic fresh produce i think you get the point

  225. Joe Gaglione

    Mae, your comments were refreshing, I’m in CA for many years, however my mind & heart are still in NJ (North). NJ is good with the North ,South mix, I would take ether one over CA any day

  226. Yojan Popek

    Arguing North & South Jersey is like saying “My shit is less stinky than your shit”.

    Have you ever heard anyone who never lived in NJ say “I’ve always wanted to live in New Jersey. I hope I can move there someday”?

  227. Nj shithole

    NJ is the worst place to live in the US. Too many sleazy lawyers, politicians, taxes, tolls, police, pollution, and white trash. It lives in the shadow of New York City. Everyone drives around with a chip on their shoulder because they resent living there. The Garden State, what a joke. Obviously a tribute to the New Jersey ignorance about telling people things enough times so they believe them. The best offense is a good defense. NJ is the Asphalt State, so tell everyone they live in a Utopia. Just like that shyster Chris Christie. He gets the job done alright….spending $7 million of taxpayer money to fund his own presidential campaign…withholding funding for schools and bridges so that he doesn’t have to raise taxes, which would kill his presidential bid. Go ahead you moronic NJ Neanderthals, believe he is working for you. It’s that kind of intelligence that caused you to get trapped in NJ in the first place.

  228. PaulieG

    Haha. Most intelligent response in this thread! Love the subtle bitch slap. The Jersey Shore is the best place in Jersey to be. The other regions are nice too, but there isn’t any other region that has it all like Monmouth County! (I think our taxes say it all)

  229. Kyle marchese

    In response to ‘storms’ from Texas and Kentucky. Just so ya know, the mason/Dixon line does go through New Jesey. Look it so your ignorance doesn’t make ya look stoopid. (I spelled that last word like that on purpose) I also like to say dis, dat, and da other ting too.


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