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29 Things You Need To Know About Lincoln Before You Move There

1. It’s The Home Of The Real Red Sea

Source: Wikipedia user Bobak Ha’Eri

You’ll get to learn the official state motto pretty quick. Every fall, when you’re drowning in a sea of red, all you’ll hear will be “GO BIG RED!” which means you’ve made it to the Husker homeland. Feel free to join in. Or not. It’s okay.

2. Food Is Oozing From Every Doorway

Source: Dempsey’s via Facebook

Good news for foodies: Lincoln is cooking up a restaurant Renaissance. From burgers to Thai, this town is becoming a haven for food lovers of all types. Grab a gourmet burger at Dempsey’s, Thai food at Blue Orchid Restaurant, or a juicy steak at Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill. Whatever you have, you’ll love it.

3. Those Crazy Kids And Their Music

Source: Duffy’s Tavern via Facebook

You’re sure to find a plethora of tasty tunes every night in this college town. Funk, blues, electronic, folk, rock… it’s all here. Enjoy a show at Duffy’s Tavern, the Bourbon Theatre, the Zoo Bar or some awesome classic rock covers at Duggan’s Pub.

4. You Can Live Like A King On A Pauper’s Budget

Source: Flickr user ishane

With one-bedroom apartments for $300 a month and a cost of living lower than the national average, it’s easy to live like royalty in Lincoln. Hey, you can even make a crown of corn.

5. The Nights Actually Have Life

Source: Rule G Nightclub via Facebook

Let’s face it, hitting a bar with your friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And there’s no shortage of pubs, dives, and nightclubs in Lincoln. Just take a walk down O Street, the city’s main drag, and you’ll be presented with more opportunities to imbibe some choice brews (Brother’s and Sandy’s) and shake your groove thang (Club Karma and Rule G) than you can shake a stick at.

6. We’re Healthy And Happy—And Number One

Source: Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center via Facebook

Here’s something to gloat about. Lincoln was ranked at the very top of a 2013 Gallup list of healthiest and happiest cities. You are literally living in a less healthy and happy place at this moment. Get over here.

7. There’s Art Among The Corn

Source: Wikipedia user Michael F. James

Look, Nebraska isn’t all crop fields. We do have art and culture. And no, it’s not just paintings of corn. You’ll be proven wrong by the Sheldon Museum of Art, the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, or simply all the art hanging in bars and coffee shops around town.

8. You Can Get Back To Nature All Over Town

Source: Flickr user Karin Dalziel

Reclaim your inner animal with a trip to one of Lincoln’s 125 parks, like the scenic Wilderness Park. This 1,472-acre public conservancy of woodland and prairie is perfect for embracing your rustic side.

9. The Pinnacle Of Arenas Can Be Found Here

Source: Wikipedia user CrunchySkies

It’s fresh, it’s shiny and it’s state of the art. It’s the Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln’s latest addition. It’s also been nominated as one of the world’s best new major concert venues. From James Taylor to Pink, this arena brings the best to town.

10. Lincolnites Don’t Know What “Out Of Work” Means

Source: Wikipedia user Tomas Castelazo

Unemployment? We don’t understand. With an unemployment rate of 3.6 percent in Lincoln at the end of December, you won’t stress over finding a job. And combined with the low cost of living, that job will easily support your new life here. And no wonder, since…

11. There’s No Excuse For No College Degree

Source: Wikipedia user ensign_beedrill

If you’re moving to Lincoln to further your education, you couldn’t do much better. The University of Nebraska is a leader in education, but if a big state school isn’t your vibe, Nebraska Wesleyan University offers a more personal college experience.

12. You’ll Feel Secure In The Home Of The 911 System

Source: Flickr user scottjwaldron

Okay, okay, so there’s some dispute over the origin of the 911 emergency system, but Lincoln could be it’s home. Doesn’t that make you feel safer?

13. Relive The Past In The Haymarket District

Source: Flickr user Yutaka Tsutano

The Historic Haymarket district is like another time and place. As you (or you and a sweetheart) stroll along the brick buildings over the cobblestone roads, you’ll be reminded of the simpler things in life.

14. A Weird…OK, “One-Of-A-Kind” Legislative System

Source: Flickr user TexasExplorer98

Nebraska is the only state with a unicameral legislative system. Having only one house apparently makes political process more efficient—or so they say. Regardless, it’s an interesting piece of trivia to tell your friends back home.

15. You Can Basically Walk To Omaha

Source: Flickr user Shannon Ramos

Separated by an hour drive, Lincoln and Omaha are basically one and the same city—and if both keep growing, they eventually will be. So take a weekend and check out what Omaha will soon be bringing to your backyard.

16. Everyone Is Single And Ready To Spend

Source: Flickr user 401K 202

Lincoln is in the top 3 percent for single, well-paid men and women, according to So if for some reason you don’t find “the one,” at least you’ll die rich, right?

17. Treat Your Kids To Their Favorite Furry Friends

Source: Lincoln Children’s Zoo Facebook page

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is perfect for giving your children a close-up look at their favorite animals including monkeys, giraffes and even red pandas!

18. It’s Got A History Of Overachieving

Source: Wikipedia user John M. Noble

Lincolnites are known for making their mark on history. One example you might have heard of is none other than Charles Lindbergh, the man who made the first nonstop solo trip across the Atlantic. He started out in flying school right here in Lincoln. Not bad.

19. You Can Chill Out With Mammoth Bones

Source: Flickr user Rough Tough, Real Stuff

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with an Ice Age legend? Well you can in Lincoln. Morrill Hall, part of the University of Nebraska, is home to more than a few fine fossils. You can also kick it with some dinosaurs, too, just to thrill your inner kid.

20. A Whole Museum Dedicated To The Roller Skate

Source: National Museum of Roller Skating Facebook page

If you don’t think roller-skating is exciting, you’ve clearly never been to the National Museum of Roller Skating. Everything you never knew about the sport is right here, along with some awesome old photos and artifacts.

21. Bask In The Glory Of The Sower

Source: Wikipedia user Ammodramus

We have to give a shoutout to the Sower. That dude standing on top of the Capitol building, spreading the seeds of prosperity? He’s got your back. Or something. He’s really graceful-looking up there, and he’s been around forever.

22. We’ll Get You Pedaling In Circles

Source: Great Plains Bicycling Club Facebook page

Nebraska gets a bad rap for being flat, but that’s gold for cyclists. If you’re prone to pedaling, then Lincoln was basically designed for you with the surplus of bike trails and bike lanes.

23. People Here Actually Give A Pho

Source: Vung Tau Facebook page

If you have a thing for Vietnamese food, then welcome to heaven. Home to some of the finest Pho joints around like the Pho Factory and Vung Tau, Lincoln is sure to have you slurping down broth like a pro.

24. You Can Get Zen At The Sunken Gardens

Source: Wikipedia user Babymestizo

Take a trip to the Sunken Gardens and feel yourself get a little lighter. The stress will melt away as you walk along the serene fountains and fauna—and more than 30,000 plants! An affordable (okay, free) way to enjoy a sunny day.

25. The Cowardly Lion Lived Here, Sort Of

Source: The Wizard of Oz Facebook page

“The Wizard of Oz.” One of the finest films of all time, right? Author Frank L. Baum apparently intended his work to be an allegory of early 1900s politics, and Nebraska congressman William Jennings Bryan was lovingly portrayed as the Cowardly Lion.

26. A Museum About Speed (Not The Movie)

Source: Museum of American Speed Facebook page

Like to live on the edge and put the pedal to the metal? Well, the Museum of American Speed—Lincoln’s tribute to the American need for speed—is sure to quench your thirst. Take a trip through time and learn about everything that makes up a racing engine. Vroom vroom.

27. Your Health (And Wallet) Will Love It Here

Source: Bryan Health Facebook page

Lincoln came in eighth on’s list of the most affordable cities for healthcare. You don’t have to sacrifice your financial health for your physical health, just move to Lincoln!

28. Our Weather Is Completely Unpredictable, And Completely Amazing

Source: Flickr user Shawn Rossi

Snowing one minute and sweltering the next, Nebraska can dish out some pretty paradoxical weather. Don’t let that dissuade you, though. A beautiful day in Lincoln is totally unmatched by anything.

29. Never Had A Runza? Then You’ve Never Lived

Source: Wikipedia user rayb777

If you’ve ever met someone from Nebraska, they probably mentioned Runza at some point. That’s because it’s unearthly good. It’s basically a bread pouch filled with fresh beef, cabbage and onions. And it’s incredible. The carbohydrate-loaded goodness may have spread to other states now, but it got its delicious start right here.