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Here’s An Awesome Map Of All The States Ranked By Their State Pride

Are you loud and proud about where you call home? Find out how your home ranked in state pride.

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Most Stressed States Map

We know that here in America we’re a very patriotic bunch of states. We sport the red, white, and blue, we sing our national anthem, and we pretty much love the heck out of America. That’s not all we have pride in, however. People also have a whole lot of state pride on top of all that national love. But who has the most?

That’s what the Movoto Real Estate Blog decided to find out. We checked everyone’s favorite social media site, Facebook, and looked at what percent of the population of each state (based on 2010 U.S. Census data) “Liked” their home state.

From there, we were able to rank the proudest states in the nation. Those very prideful states were:

1. Ohio
2. New Mexico
3. Alaska
4. Maine
5. Utah
6. Montana
7. Vermont
8. Colorado
9. Texas
10. Wyoming

Surprised Texas isn’t No. 1? We were too. But Ohio reigned supreme in the realm of state pride.

Let’s look more in depth at just how well each of these places fared in this Facebook faceoff between the states.

Most Stressed States Map

1. Ohio: They’re Oh So High On State Pride

A truly stunning 55 percent of Ohioans have Liked the Buckeye state on Facebook, and are happy to brag about where they call home.

With awesome places like Columbus to call home, it’s no wonder people in the state are so eager  to show it.

Oh, and remind us never to insult Ohio. Ever.

2. New Mexico: Where Hometown Love Is Nothing New

Who knew that New Mexico was so proud? Well… probably New Mexicans, but that’s besides the point.

More than 48 percent of folks who live in New Mexico has thrown up a Like like for it on Facebook, so don’t be surprised if locals won’t stop talking about how awesome their state is.

3. Alaska: It May Be Cold, But Locals Know They’re Cool

It’s a bit chilly up there, but that doesn’t mean locals aren’t burning with pride for their state.

All that natural beauty has obviously had an impact in making this a proud state. In fact, more than 43 percent of Alaskans are proud to Like their state for all the Internet to see.

4. Maine: For State Pride, It Must Be Maine

If you ever feel like questioning a Maine native’s hometown loyalty, don’t. Seriously, it’s just a bad plan.

The locals here love this place so much that over 36 percent of them have Liked the state on Facebook. Do you really want to question that sort of pride?

5. Utah: Life And Likes Elevated

Utah is beautiful, homey, and the people who live there aren’t afraid to brag about how good they have it.

More than 34 percent of those who call this place home also call it awesome on their favorite social network. Don’t ask a local how great their state is; they’ll likely never stop talking.

6. Montana: Big Pride Country

Sure they have big sky, but there’s also big love to be had out in the great state of Montana.

It’s a smaller place, with not even a million people to call it home, but almost a third of those were happy enough with their state to proclaim it publicly.

7. Vermont: People Love Their State Here, Naturally

The people who live in Vermont definitely have a lot of pride and loyalty for their state.

Don’t believe it? Just check out Facebook sometime, where almost 32 percent of locals have their state Liked. Come on, the place birthed Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, so can you really blame them?

8. Colorado: Enter A Higher “Like” Rate

If you want some serious beauty and some serious loyalty, look no further than Colorado.

Around a third of the over five million people who call the state home have Liked it on Facebook. If you’re wondering why, just take a tour of the state sometime, and be prepared to fall in love.

9. Texas: Yeah, Definitely Don’t Mess With Texas

If you’re surprised to see this state on the list, then you obviously have never been to Texas.

Some are so proud that they think the place should be its own country, and almost a third of the population is at least willing to show their pride in the way of a Facebook Like.

The only surprise here should be that this place wasn’t No. 1.

10. Wyoming: Like No Place On Earth, And Proud Of It

It might be 10th on our list, but Wyoming certainly knows how to bring the pride.

Almost 31 percent of the population here has proclaimed their state loyalty on Facebook, and they’ll probably proclaim it face to face too, if you ask. Or maybe even if you don’t ask.

Face it, Wyoming locals are itching to tell you just how proud they are of their state.

You’ve Got Spirit, C’mon Let’s Hear It

While each of the 50 states definitely has their diehard supporters who will foam at the mouth if you ever even accidentally insult their home, these top 10 are simply prouder than the rest. You can see how all the states ranked below.

We’re sure you’re proud of your state too (we’ll probably find out how much in the comments) and locals of these top states should hold their heads high and be unafraid to say how much they love their state. As you can see, they’re in good—and abundant—company.

States With The Most Pride

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posted on: July 22, 2014
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  1. Jeff

    This is ACTUALLY a ranking of states that have almost nothing better to do than troll Facebook. Why would I say such a thing? Because if you look closely, it’s mostly true. State pride has nothing to do with Facebook “Likes”. That’s just stupid.

  2. John

    Exactly. This is one of the most unscientific things I’ve ever seen, mainly because it assumes that everyone 1) actually has a Facebook account and 2) goes out of their way to find their state’s official page and “Like” it. Seriously, who the hell does that?

  3. Michelle


    Apparently those of us that have pride in our state go trolling on facebook to like the state’s official page.

  4. susan

    Speaking as a former Ohioan, I figured it was because those left behind don’t know any better and don’t know there are other, nicer places out there!

  5. carol

    it’s the old addage the grass always seems greener over the fence until you get there

  6. Rick

    Exactly. Woefully unscientific. And why is there an assumption that all the Likes come from people who live in the state? I assume they include many ex-residents and people who have just visited. Maybe some states even ran campaigns encouraging people to Like; or gave away incentives; or have more active/useful Facebook pages. I’m originally from what you call the “awesome place” of Columbus (I’m now in the Chicago area), and I *do* have pride in it. But I’ve never even visited the Ohio FB page.

  7. John Fonda

    Don’t you hate it when people comment without reading the entire comment to which they’re responding or make baseless assumptions about a person to whom they’re responding. Regardless of their politics, it makes them look stupid. Adam Knapp, if your responding to me about voting laws, you obviously didn’t read my July 26 comment. My priority has been to express pride in my state, not to support voter ID laws.

  8. ashlee c.

    I’m really upset by quite a few of these comments. I can’t believe how many of you put down residents of Ohio for liking their state. Most of us have deep roots here and love it despite some of its shortcomings (weather is not particularly my fav). Even without all the glitz and glam that other states tend to offer (Cali, I know you are great, I hear it all the time) we still find the beauty in what we have around us and love where we live and where we come from. It’s true a lot of us don’t have tons of money but how arrogant and disrespectful do you have to be to say “Well, if they only had the money to move they would know better.” It’s statements like that, that makes me want to stay put right in small town Ohio.

  9. TL

    Most absurd poll ever. People on the coasts have better options that to vote for state pride via FB. Get off your asses and do something more interesting and valuable with your life. Ohio, specific to you.

  10. ashlee c

    TL: well it looks like you had plenty of time to troll the internet and to comment on said poll…


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