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15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

You may need to find some stretchy pants.

Kris Norton

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1. Go Hog Wild At The Pig And The Pint

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: The Pig & The Pint Facebook

The Pig & The Pint
3139 N State St
Jackson, MS 39216
(769) 208-4227
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 67 reviews

At The Pig And The Pint, they do away with the frills and focus on what’s important–darn good barbecue. The patio gives the feel of a family cookout, and you can sit at one of the picnic tables and pig out with friends or friendly strangers.

There’s nothing fancy here. You place your order at the counter, pay in cash, take a number, and pick up your food. But the ability to come as you are to dine out some truly outstanding barbecue makes this place a cut above the rest.

2. Tacos And Tapas And Cocktails, Oh My

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: Babalu Tacos & Tapas Facebook

Babalu Tacos & Tapas
622 Duling Ave
Jackson, MS 39216
(601) 366-5757
Yelp: 4 stars, 121 reviews

This Mexican small plates restaurant will impress you so much, you’ll avoid those popular chains you used to frequent at all costs. Although the tacos are definitely a varsity menu item here, the tapas are delicious and make for an awesome way to sample a little bit of everything.

Whatever you order, though, make sure that it includes the grilled chicken satte topped with smoked corn pico de gallo.

3. Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen Is A Good Thing At Two Sisters Kitchen

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: Two Sister’s Kitchen Facebook

Two Sister’s Kitchen
07 N Congress St
Jackson, MS 39205
(601) 353-1180
Yelp: 4 stars, 99 reviews

Southern cooking with lots of soul is what you’ll find from Two Sister’s Kitchen. The regular staples all apply – fried chicken, black eyed peas, greens, creamed corn, fried okra are all done expertly, almost like they invented southern cooking.

The ambiance exudes just as much southern charm as the food does. The desserts will have you melting in your seat, with options like peach cobbler, apple crisp, and banana and bread puddings.

4. Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too, At Darwell’s

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: Darwell’s Facebook

127 E 1st St
Long Beach, MS 39560
(228) 868-8946
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 120 reviews

When it comes to seafood, there are few places that are comparable to South Mississippi. Darwell’s in Long Beach is one of the restaurants which showcases exactly what makes it so good.

But even though the seafood is the reason that you go to Darwell’s, the dessert is the reason that you’ll be daydreaming to come back. With some of the most decadent and indulgent desserts you’ll find anywhere, these unique concoctions take the term sweet tooth to a whole new level.

5. Brunch It Up Like A Boss At The Strawberry Café

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: The Strawberry Café Facebook

The Strawberry Café
107 Depot Dr
Madison, MS 39110
(601) 856-3822
Yelp: 4 stars, 24 reviews

Located in the historic railroad depot in the old strawberry city of Madison, The Strawberry Café started as the first restaurant in the city back in 1987. Nearly 30 years later, it’s still standing.

The food is excellent any time of the day, with crab claws and sweet potato fries and po boys waiting for you. But it’s the brunch that will make you a loyal fan, with a variety of hearty options with generous portions.

6. The Big Bad Breakfast Won’t Eat Your Grandma

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: Big Bad Breakfast Facebook

Big Bad Breakfast
719 N Lamar Blvd
Oxford, MS 38655
(662) 236-2666
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 68 reviews

When you have a name like The Big Bad Breakfast, it better live up to the hype. They mastered their potatoes perfectly, but save all those starches for the real goodies like red velvet pancakes, pancakes, chocolate covered pretzels, fresh macaroons, cake bites, and more. Some stiff mimosas and bloody Mary mixers will help you wash it all down, reminding you why brunch is a way more important meal than breakfast.

7. Gyros Galore Krilakis

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: Krilakis Greek Gyros, Salads & Burgers Facebook

207 W Jackson St
Ridgeland, MS 39157
(601) 790-9463
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 18 reviews

When you’re craving Greek food, making the trip to Ridgeland might just be worth it for you. With some of the best gyros around, Krilakis never disappoints. But beyond the gyros, the options just keep getting better. Awesomely fresh hummus, sweet buns, Greek salads and even some surprisingly great burgers. And the baklava is worth the trip alone.

8. Get Pho Real At Little Saigon

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: Urban Spoon

Little Saigon Sandwiches and Sushi
115 Village Square Dr
Brandon, MS 39047
(601) 919-0275
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 22 reviews

This Vietnamese gem is tucked away in Brandon but is much more than other overly Americanized-Asian restaurants. The grilled pork vermicelli is one of the most standout menu options that will pique your curiosity to what else this place has in store for you.

Grilled teriyaki sandwiches, spring rolls, and some seriously good pho is the just the tip of the iceberg. And the best part is that even though each dish is packed with flavor, everything here is MSG-free.

9. A Cajun Lovers’ Dram At 303 Jefferson

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: 303 Jefferson Facebook

303 Jefferson
303 Jefferson St
Clinton, MS 39056
(601) 924-1303
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 10 reviews

Downtown Clinton isn’t exactly overflowing with places to eat but 303 Jefferson more than makes up for it. This Cajun-Creole spot brings a lot of flavor to a small area. And with creations like their Back Bay Smoked Tuna Dip, it could rival the biggest names in Jackson.

Order the shrimp with grits, and come for lunch to enjoy one of their various hot plate specials and wash it down with a good, old fashioned sweet tea.

10. Grab A Bite And A Jolt At The Grind

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

The Grind Coffee & Nosh Facebook

The Grind Coffee & Nosh
934 Cedar Lake Rd
Biloxi, MS 39532
(228) 392-3305
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 55 reviews

There are two types of people in the world: those who enjoy a quality cup of coffee and those who nobody understands. The Grind Coffee & Nosh has the best coffee to be found for miles but they also have some great food to nosh on, too.

Breakfast will fill your stomach with amazing cinnamon rolls and breakfast sandwiches. And lunch time is a delight with panini sandwiches pressed to a perfect sear, making the bread crisp only where it should be. Come here for the perfect pick-me-up no matter what the time of day while you’re in Biloxi.

11. The Manship Has The Handcrafted Pies

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: The Manship Facebook

The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen
1200 N State St
Jackson, MS 39202
(601) 398-4562
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 60 reviews

Prepare to fall in love with pizza all over again when you come to The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen. Located in the historic Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson, this Mediterranean restaurant emphasizes authentic dishes with just enough southern flare.

The vibe here is heavier on the chic than it is the shabby, creating a modern environment that you won’t want to leave. Once you take a bite into their handcrafted, wood-fired pies, you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting so much time on all those delivery places.

12. Discover Where The Best Burger In Mississippi Has Been All Along

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: The Parlor Market Facebook

The Parlor Market
115 W Capitol St
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 360-0090
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 100 reviews
There are burgers, and then there are burgers from The Parlor Market. They’re kind that you get in a drive-thru and the kind that would make Ron Swanson weep tears of joy.

Seasonal Southern cuisine is The Parlor’s specialty, with an outstanding menu featuring locally sourced and super fresh ingredients filled with creativity. But when you can load a burger up with everything but the kitchen sink, don’t be surprised when that’s all anyone can talk about.

13. Come For More Than Just The Keg & Barrel

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: Keg and Barrel Facebook

Keg and Barrel
1315 Hardy St
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 582-7148
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 38 reviews

Keg and Barrel might sound like just another bar if you were to judge it based on the name alone. Yes, there is plenty to drink here (with over 120 selections, that’s even a bit of an understatement). But it’s the food that really stands out, Try the oysters or come for Southern staple of chicken and waffles, which Keg and Barrel has managed to knock out of the ballpark.

14. A Taste Of The Big Easy

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: La Fleur Café Facebook

La Fleur Café
313 N Magnolia St
Laurel, MS 39440
(601) 426-2100
Yelp: 4 stars, 14 reviews

Café La Fleur isn’t exactly what one could call New Orleans. But when you’re in Mississippi, this can be just about as close as you can get. Located in Laurel, this café is sure to set your taste buds on fire with options like the grilled kabob with parmesan green beans. With an extensive wine menu to pair your meals with, you’ll be happy you found one of Mississippi’ best kept secrets.

15. Sandwiches With A Side Of Vinyl

15 Mississippi Restaurants That Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Source: T-Bones Records And Café Facebook

T-Bones Records And Café
2101 Hardy St
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 583-0099
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 41 reviews

One of the coolest places to grab lunch in Mississippi can be found in Hattiesburg at T-Bones Records And Café. Put together equal parts vinyl collection, bookstore, coffee shop, and awesome sandwiches and you have the place where anyone who is cool wants to be. Order the Evil Twin sandwich with a cup of coffee, grab a book and browse the vinyls for the afternoon.

What’s your go-to for great grub in Mississippi? Tell us in the comments below!

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posted on: March 16, 2015
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  1. Cindy Borkowski

    AC’s Steakhouse Pub in Hernando…voted Best Restaurant in DeSoto County for 2014

  2. frances Williamson

    Crècheles on Hwy 80 in Jackson and Two Rivers in Canton for steaks and seafood

  3. Kevin Lomax

    If you really want to experience the BEST Burger in Mississippi as well as one of the best steaks as well, you must try Sully’s Grill and Bar in Hattiesburg, MS.

  4. Nicole

    It is nice to know some restaurants are MSG free. My family has to be very aware of foods that contain this because my mother is severely allergic and gets anaphylaxis if she consumes MSG expecially in large quantities. Plus some doctors say for children with ADD OR ADHD should also avoid this additive.

  5. Carl

    For a great chef prepared meal you simply MUST try Heart and Soul Diner in Brandon!! No glitz and glam, just great food!!!

  6. Barbara

    Well, you completely blew it….Crescent City Grill in Hattiesburg should be at the top of the list….seriously….

  7. Jeremy

    Anthony’s in West Point has 2 Sisters beat with both hands tied behind it’s back. No offense.

  8. Julian Brunt

    It is almost impossible for one person to come up with a good list of best restaurants. I have 12 travel assignments in Mississippi every year, and that is just from one magazine I work for, and would agree only on a few of these choices, but would never undertake a project like this one myself. This sort of list needs to be a collaborative effort. My guess is that the writer did not visit these places, but relied on social media.

  9. valri crosby

    You definitely need to check out the awesome food experience at Vestige in Ocean Springs. You won’t be disappointed with anything on the menu!

  10. Murray

    market cafe, Louisville, ms

  11. Lisa Cochran

    Where is Donnanellies?

  12. Hotty Toddy

    The writer obviously doesn’t have an expense account to stray too far from home. Typical Jackson press …. other areas of out great state don’t matter!

  13. Leslie

    I am very surprised Market Cafe in Louisville didn’t make the list! Awesome place to visit!

  14. J on Hill

    Nothing beats the pizzas at The Pizza Shack. Loaded with great, fresh toppings,,closes thing to Chicago Pizza you can get in the South.

  15. Demarcus Scott

    Max and Erma’s Greenville Mississippi

  16. vickie lewis

    You should go to Orleans Bistro in Grenada, MS. The atmosphere, drinks and dining are all excellent. Their seafood and cajun dishes are some of the best in MS.

  17. LishaG

    The Pizza Grocery in Corinth, MS is excellent! My favorite restaurant by far! They make everything from scratch with fresh ingredients. Their pasta and pizza is amazing! They definitely deserve to be in this list!

  18. Erica smith

    No seafood revolution? No Livingston mercantile? The blue rooster in flora is the best hamburger you’ll have. The ravine in Oxford BLOWS others out of the water. Are we considering hospitality quotient? Just food? Cleanliness ? Just curious…

  19. Stephina Fowlkes

    Happen to think the Friendship House in Aberdeen Ms has the best catfish and fried shrimp there is. Family operated since 1983. Have served the likes of Dolly Parton and many more. Check article in Tupelo Journal 2002 and Southern living mag same year! It’s GGGGOOOOOOD!!!!!

  20. Colleen

    Darwell’s is just terrible if you ask me.

  21. Kappi Allen

    The restaurants chosen are GREAT!!! I think the title should be The Best of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Central Mississippi. I am waiting patiently on The Best of the Delta and East Mississippi!!! Come taste what we have!!!

  22. Amanda

    If you’re in the mood for a taste of Irish cuisine, then Bonny Blair’s Irish Pub in Brandon is the place to go!

  23. Jacob

    Don’t understand the issue, this is not a ‘best of’ or ‘top’ list, it is simply 15 restaurants in MS, but they sould have left out Big Bad breakfast and retitled 14 restaurants if you’re in Jackson, Hattiesburg, or headed to the coast. As for whoever claims the Neon Pig and Lost Pizza Co. best of anything, well I can think of over a dozen places that do burgers better than the neon pig, and I’ve thrown better pizzas than LPC. Not that those aren’t good, but you can find better without leaving Lee county. I haven’t tried Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen. Neon Pig is a slightly more than half hearted attempt at what is really good idea, a restaraunt featuring local product and and expert preparation. The pig doesn’t quite fulfill those notions, and I simply decided it wasn’t worth paying for, especially since the pig always exudes pretention. Want a decent burger in Tupelo, just stop at Christy’s, at least you get your money’s worth. The Original Christy’s in Starkville was awesome, but has been gone for some time, though the last time I was in starkville they had a place like the one in Tupelo. To be honest, I can’t think of anything in Tupelo I would put on a ‘top’ or ‘best of’ list. I’m always disappointed in Tupelo. Though there are a lot of places I still want to try, and a few ‘landmarks’ i haven’t made it to. My best example of letdown, FIVE major barbecue joints in Tupelo, and a gas station in Shannon has better ribs than ANY of them. Of course, those ribs are very, very good. It might not be fair, but most places overcook barbecue, see photo from Pig and Pint. When you can tell from the photo, that pig’s too done. I’ve rambled on enough. Been out so little in the past few years, I can’t even think of a place to suggest. Pontotoc is regentrifying, might want’ to try the ‘new’ places next to the square.

  24. Jacob

    How is ‘Chicken and Waffles’ a southern staple. Any body else notice how many times the author use ‘southern’. I’m sorry, but if your from here, it’s not southern charm, it’s good manners or good service. Where is she from, Philly? Why am I reading a blog where some for the east coast suggest MS restaurants.

  25. Stella Brunson

    Estelles’ is one of the best Restaurants in Miss. Located at 5534 Hey 11 north
    Ellisville,Miss.39347. Their Southern Cuisine is the best in the South. Known for their Mac and Cheese,Greens,Corn, Fried Green Tomatoes,Fried Chicken,Fish and Peach Cobbler. Family owned.

  26. Debbie

    Two sisters is ok but they don’t even make their banana pudding from scratch. It’s just that jello pudding mix crap.

  27. Mary

    Glad to see this list! There’s only one on the list that I recognize so I can use this as a guide for restaurants I want to try – especially Krilakis in Ridgeland. We moved north of the Coast 2 years ago and really miss the gyros and salad at Mr. Greek on Pass Rd in Biloxi.


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