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This Lady Compiled A Bunch Of Things Minnesota Girls Say. The Hilariously Accurate Video Of Her Saying Them Will Make You LOL. Out. Loud.

“It’s so roomy!” (Some NSFW language.)

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Comedian Joleen Lunzer plays off her Minnesota roots in this video, portraying a bunch of different girls saying things that you’ve probably heard others say—or maybe said yourself. You’ll laugh, but probably also think, “Oh, I think Mom said that last week!”

For me, the best part is how she captures the happy Minnesotan spirit, which is what makes the video so much fun. By the way, why are parents in the North Star State so happy anyway? Is it that their kids are always out of the house at hockey practice or in a tournament?

Source: Minnesota Girl with a Minnesota Accent Says Minnesota Shit by Pale Gurl

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posted on: August 15, 2014
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