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This Video Will Make You Fall In Love With Milwaukee (Literally!)

This video screams how awesome MKE is without saying a word.

Travis Sawrie

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DearMKE is probably the coolest video sharing initiative I’ve come across. The whole goal is for people to share open love letters in photo and video form, and I have to say these videos seem to be casting some sort of a spell on me.

I absolutely love watching people having a great time in the city, shots of fine art, landmarks, and good times on the water. Listening to “I’m Gonna Love You Until The Day I Die” by Bennie Cole during the video doesn’t hurt either.

Even though no words are spoken, this video is screaming at me to come experience all the awesomeness Milwaukee has to offer.

Dear MKE – “I’m Gonna Love You Until The Day I Die” from The Purple Onion Archives on Vimeo.

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posted on: June 11, 2014
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  1. Vicki

    need some farmers’ markets too!

  2. Christine Pedretti

    This sums up the emotional connection I have to Milwaukee beautifully. It made me so homesick. I want a Kopps burger, a beer at Von Triers, a night at Bastille Days, fireworks the first night of Summerfest, a walk by the lake, bowling at Landmark, a Martini from Elsa’s , chili from Real Chili, and to hear the hum of Harleys in the distance on a warm summer night. I want all of that RIGHT now.

  3. KT

    Christine–you said it! I’d take one of everything on your list, and and a stroll over the Brady St. bridge down to the lakefront. 🙂

  4. Ruprecht Raoul

    I guess I just don’t get it. I hate Milwaukee. As soon I have all my ducks in a row I’m out of here permanently.

  5. dan kumprey

    where’s the snow? : ))

  6. David Heft

    There were some great shots. Stop complaining, what do you expect for two minutes. If you are not happy make your own…and read what people think!

  7. Sally S

    Seeing this really makes me miss Milwaukee summers! See you in two weeks, though!

  8. CC Conrad

    It made me really feel Milwaukee again….I thought it was beautiful. The snow I can miss! A great thought out well felt documented two minutes that made me want to cry…I thought it was PERFECT.

  9. Karin

    I left MKE in 1970 but I am planning a charter tour for those who have never experienced the wonderful things about the city. My list of things to do and see is SO-o-o-o long that my husband’s comment was, “Nobody is going to Milwaukee for three weeks!” The architecture alone would keep you occupied for several days. Wonderful place. Wonderful food. Gemeuchlikeit!! How DO you spell that? You don’t know what you’ve got til you’ve gone.

  10. Wendy Bright

    Well done!


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