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This Awesome Time Lapse Of Midtown Is What Your Life Has Been Missing

After 50,000 still frames and 6 months of footage, this 3-minute video perfectly captures the magic that is New York City.

Natalie Grigson

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Shot in more than 50,000 still frames over the course of six months, this video by Drew Geraci is as electrifying as Midtown itself. It shows the heart of Manhattan as what it is: a pulsating landscape of light and wonder.

Every time I visit Midtown, I’m blown away by the sheer amount going on there. It’s hard to describe the experience in words, so that’s what makes this time lapse so magical. It will make you feel like you’re there more than mere words ever could. Without the crowds, of course.

Source: MIDTOWN from Drew Geraci (District 7 Media)

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posted on: April 27, 2014
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