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22 Maps Of New Jersey They Never Showed You In School

These NJ maps would have actually made you want to go to social studies.

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1. There’s this North/South Rivalry that Even MIT Recognizes

Source: MIT

2. Mostly Because North Jersey Has Taylor Ham and South Jersey Has Pork Roll

Source: NSJersey

3. Everyone Wants to Live in New Jersey

Source: Wikipedia

4. Including an Actual Devil

Source: Elk Township
Sightings of the Jersey Devil.

5. Speaking of Devils, Apparently We Are the Only Ones that Know about Mischief Night

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

6. And How to Pronounce Syrup Correctly

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

7. There’s a Big Divide on Sports Teams

Source: BlogSpot

8. Because South Jersey Roots for Philadelphia

Source: StriperOnline

9. New Jersey Is Really Friggin’ Rich

Source: ESRI

10. But Apparently We Suck at Taxes

Source: Pleated Jeans

11. On the Bright Side, NJ Has the Lowest Suicide Rate in the Country

Source: Imgur

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12. There Are a Ton of McDonalds

Source: DataPointed

13. And We’ve Never Seen a True Night Sky – Light Pollution in the US

Source: U Wisconsin

14. One TV Show Has Jaded the Whole Country’s Perception about Us

Source: Gadling

15. It Seems there Is a Central Jersey Based on How People Vote

Source: Wikipedia

16. There Are a Bunch of Nuclear Reactors Around New Jersey

Source: You Don’t Know Jersey

17. People Are Moving Out of Essex County to Ocean County

Source: USA Demography

18.There Are Same Sex Households in NJ, Deal with It


19. Gas Prices Are Cheap Across New Jersey

Source: GasBuddy

20. Reasonable People Can Debate If It’s A Sub Or A Hoagie

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

21. And if It’s Pronounced “Carra-mel” or “Car-mel”

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

22. But We All Agree that There’s Nothing Like Jersey Pride

Source: K-State

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posted on: November 1, 2013
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  1. anonymous

    you completely forgot this pic

    • Chris Kolmar in response to anonymous

      Nah, I left it out on purpose. A little too much for my tastes.

    • Matt in response to anonymous

      So many complaints about NJ…if you don’t like it leave. If you don’t live here you have no clue what you are talking about. I’ve traveled all over the country and I am always happy to come home to NJ.

  2. aml591

    As someone who lives off of exit 7A, the Trenton area and northern Ocean County is pretty heavily Devils and New York teams country. I wouldn’t recommend Flyers fans get out of the car in a jersey around this area. I went to high school with a guy who wore a Phillies jersey all the time and he had to suffer through so much smack talk.

  3. karen sorbello


    • Margery in response to karen sorbello

      Karen, I love being a Jersey girl too, but the same convenient access to different places (beach, mountains, farmland, cities) applies to all New England states except for Vermont (no beach unless you count lakes), and there is much less traffic, pollution, and general crowdedness. However, in all of New England, there is only one good diner (Rein’s in Vernon, Connecticut, founded by guys from NJ), so New Jersey probably still wins!

    • the robeast in response to karen sorbello


    • Joanna in response to karen sorbello

      Karen – you seriously took the words out of my mouth. When I lived there, the first 38 years of my life, I would say this all the time.
      Another Real Jersey Girl

  4. Anon

    Most of these are really lazy and inaccurate..for instance we definitely celebrate “Mischief Night” or “Cabbage Night” in New York and I know plenty of people around the country who do as well. Also the “What is your state bad at” and “What is your state good at” maps are so underwhelming like what research did the person who made those maps even do? This was definitely a waste of my time glad I only read through half of it before I stopped, do not recommend.

  5. Billy v

    Police state…..I went to north Carolina and I asked a guy were are all your local police on the roads? And he said why? Do you have a lot of people that break down in NJ? I just had to laugh!

  6. mary parkinson

    Will always be a Jersey girl. Love the people, attitude and very direct personalities. Definitely has the very best pizza and bagels. Need a Jersey fix every so often so I make a pilgrimage to the closest Jersey diner and soak in all that atmosphere – works like a charm1

    • Thelma in response to mary parkinson

      Lived in NJ for 1/5 my life. Georgia has Mountains, (high country)and low country Plains, farms, beaches and terrific Islands, No hurricanes almost no snow 1/2 inch every 3rd or 4th year, and it’s clean. No garbage along the roads, and prisoners get to build the gov’t buildings, and clean them too. Which keeps the taxes down. Southern cooking is where it’s at, and fresh veggies all year long.

    • Joe Pro in response to mary parkinson

      Mary ….you are right about the pizza and bagels. I have finally found good ones here in Colorado but it took close to 15 years of searching.
      Good memories of my NJ youth but after living all over during my adult life (MD VA FL MS RI CA NJ HA) there is no place like CO … especially since I found the NJ pizza.
      Pssst, please do not tell anybody. We do not need anymore Californians and their liberal ideas about how big government should be … the same government that they are escaping.because of taxes and restrictions on freedom.

      PS Emigrants from NJ are always welcome as long as they have not been tainted by CA ideas.

  7. Peggy Sue

    Left when I was 18. Had to go back cuz the folks still lived there. When my dad moved out, I never went back. Overcrowded, polluted hell hole. Sure, they make it look nice on the surface in some places, but have you ever been to Paterson, or Passaic, or Newark, or Elizabeth; omg, hell holes.

  8. Jim

    Born and grew up in NJ; raised my family there and lived there until three years ago when I moved to Florida. Do not consider myself a New Jersey boy but a South Jersey boy.

    • Mike in response to Jim

      100% correct. Born and raised there. Moved when I was in College. Live in NC and work up and down the east coast. Never once said I am from New Jersey. Always South Jersey.

  9. Mike K

    I’ve lived in Northern NJ my whole life except for 3 years in my 20s when I lived just over the border in NY (Rockland County). Here’s the good and the bad. Bad first: Overcrowded, too expensive, snobby a-holes(more BMWs and Mercedes drivers here then anywhere else I’ve ever been), and drivers lay on their horns all day long in traffic. Higher percentage of rude people than other states I would say. Here’s the good: NJ (and the entire northeast really) tend to be smarter than the rest of the country, everything is close-ocean, mountains, NYC, malls, etc. We also seem to have less totally nuts people like your ted bundys and Jeffrey dahmers and other serial killers that the rest of the country seems to have maybe because everyone gets their anger out everyday by yelling at each other. Lol. Also NJ seems to have better zoning laws then other states. Lawns in NJ tend not to have mattresses, couches, old auto parts or half taken apart cars on them the way other states do. Most houses are well taken care of except in the ghetto areas but the suburbs tend to be very nice but very expensive. So that’s my objective view. I’m sure that pissed off a few people but its the truth. Lol

  10. Cyndi

    Really enjoyed these maps. Where I am from in Bergen County, we called the night before Halloween “goosy night.”

    How about a map of those who call the things you put on ice cream sprinkles vs. jimmies? Seems to be a north vs. south Jersey thing?

    • scott in response to Cyndi

      Cyndi nice to hear some one else call it goosey night

  11. timothy

    As a young man in Jersey, this silly man ‘marty’ ran the local 5+10. He always said that if someone gave the world an enema, they would stick it in Jersey. Very fitting axiom.

    North Jersey is idiocy+ wealth + narcissism. I know, I’ve been here 44 years. There is good in Jersey, but ugh. Also, we don’t say joizy, that is a long island (lawn guyland) thing. The majority of the state hates jersey shore; we have scum like that in our state, buy nobody should have drawn attention to it.

  12. Lynn Smith

    South Jersey girls don’t pump gas. Is that true in any other state ?.

    • Brendan Dunn in response to Lynn Smith

      Why just South Jersey? They don’t pump their own gas in North Jersey either.

    • Brendan Dunn in response to Lynn Smith

      Or Oregon.

    • steph in response to Lynn Smith

      yes one other state, it’s either Oklahoma or Oregon, I forgot which.

  13. Tim

    NJ is not a cheap place to live. That’s it biggest fault. The property taxes are completely insane. People have been leaving NJ for about a decade now but I think the bleeding has gotten a bit worse after the hurricane and great recession.

    I love NJ but you could probably live much better somewhere else. (low taxes, low crime, good schools ect)/

  14. MARTY

    Left N.J. 55 yrs ago and still consider myself a Jersey Guy. Now in Calif, but miss the Jersey pizza and high school pals. Didn’t use the term jimmies or sprinkles..We called ’em “sprills”. Can’t wait for the 5 year High School reunions. Miss the shore, but not the cold or snow..Never moving back, but my heart is still in New Jersey.

  15. Brian

    I am from North Jersey and proud of it. Every town has its own character and different type of culture. It is an extremely diverse region as far as wealth and poverty and everything is at your finger tips. NYC is only 9 miles from my quiet suburban town and I love it!!

  16. Charles Catanzaro

    Now in FL, I often miss NJ. Sometimes even shoveling snow – although at my age I’d be dead in a couple of minutes.

  17. Big Ant

    South Jersey < North Jersey, there is definitely a difference! The South will rise!

  18. Frank Maiese

    I live in Florida now but grew up in SOUTH JERSEY!:) Miss all my friends thank God For face book My children still live in NJ and Maryland. When I go back it looks a lot different now then when I left 28 years ago. With my lungs Thanks JEMS Land Fill. I would not make one year. Too cold and damp. Good jersey People. The Sunshine State hell it hit 60* tonight…. Blistery Cold… LOL

  19. Phyllis Nutt

    There is no relationship between North & South Jersey — spent the main segment of my life in South Jersey, but worked with peers from North Jersey. There was no Central Jersey until my mid-years; always North -South at Trenton. I don’t know where the North Jersey garbage came from, but its trying to ruin the PA Poconos where I am now, just as Philly garbage tried to destroy South Jersey since the end of WWII. Now its Chester coming across to destroy lower South Jersey. The equalizer is Baltimore destroying Southeastern PA (York). Garbage has a way of blowing along!

  20. Harry Houdini

    I grew up in NYC. Eastern SHore of LI with Carlos Gambino as my neighbor. No BS here. He lived in Harbour Green and had two big Fish statues in front of the house on the bay.

    Moved upstate NY New Paltz for 8 years and loved it nut unreal corrupt judges that run the place.

    Moved to NYC 22nd street 5th ave for 5 years and then Hudson County Weehawken. Beautiful apt. Then bought a house and after 15 years my wife got sick and was bed bound. Jersey has the absolute worst health care. Worse than New York which I cannot rate since I never suffered with anything to know. I believe they suck as well though.

    New York is the home of the money. All the Bankers are there as the NY FED is the worlds biggest thieves.

    Both states suck. Not sure which is worse though as a kid NY’ers always hated Jersey Drivers. After living here I know why. Right on RED means no waiting just run through the light and people going straight through the green must wait for the moron as they honk back at you if you dare complain.

    Northern NJ POLICE are NAZI’s. But hey NJ STATE Troopers are likely even worse. NY Coppers probably a close second or first. God forbid if you are not a white boy.

    Yes NY and NJ are very racist luv money states. While I live in Northern NJ I must say not everyone is nasty. Try smiling some time. Amazing what you get back.

    Go our west. Arizona, Colorado etc. It will be a much happier life from what I have seen. I know many many displaced NY’ers and NJians that will never come back here. They went down south out west anywhere basically.

  21. Abdul Akbar

    I live in Southern NJ, & yes there is grave differences. The South is still more racist, the entire State has Chris Christy double negative for entire State. Taxes are to high, the illegals are really ramped down Southern NJ farm land, & AC isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! It’s more corrupt up North, there’s also way more over crowding up North. It’s higher so it’s colder, the roads are worse, they the North better Fashion, Okay there both not Seattle but I’m glad I’m from here because New Jerseyans, are just plain diversified, & unpredictable…

  22. Bob Conway

    I grew up in Freehold, and NO matter where we moved to, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Colorado and now Florida; New Jersey has been and always will be Home. I’ve found Jerseyites in all my other locations, and we laugh and poke fun at home, but when someone with us, but not from Jersey tries to chime in; it’s shark tank time!!!

    • Janet Ray in response to Bob Conway

      Bill, I am from Freehold also. Living in Jax Fl now,very nice place. BUT there is no place like Freehold. It is HOME. cuz…

  23. Dave Simpson

    I’m from Philly, my wife’s from Elizabeth, NJ. I lived in East Rutherford (Yes, I did!), then Linden, Hillsborough, and White House Station. Now we live in Williamsburg, VA. So many from Jersey moved here, lots to do like Jersey BUT they lack diners! Miss eggs, bacon, toast, and home fries any time you want. Can’t get good Italian pastry, but found a Philly steakhouse (guy went to my high school – Ridley Twp) and he uses Amoroso! AND they don’t have the great malls of Jersey or Philly.

  24. Arnold Cunningham

    As someone who left NJ a decade ago, I’m still ashamed to admit I grew up there. Worst, most corrupt, delusional state in the Union and best decision I made was to leave. Deserves every bad joke it gets.

  25. Faith wollack

    North jersey people can think what they want !! I am from south jersey n After (jersey shore ) i really hope other states understand that we are nothing like north jersey.( It’s imbarrishing we don’t act like that ) … Its horrible A bunch of sloppy,degenerates, not only do the girls have no respect for themselves by f**cking any man they take home ,the men were a group of clowns.. When they went to Italy the italans thought they were a disgraced …..

  26. Millicent

    Be brave Pennsylvania.You’ve got a lot to be proud of. Peace.

  27. Joan J. Gannon

    I’m from North Jersey and proud of it. I retired to Florida, 20 years ago, and love it, but after my husband passed away, I am ready to move back to Jersey to be near family and friends who I miss.

  28. Jerseydevil

    Born in Atlantic County S.Jersey and I will probably die here. My family has been here over 200 years.Best medical treatment in the country both local or within reasonable distance. N. Jersey should be a separate state. They are the reason that taxes are so high. I still think the good outweighs the bad here. I’ve been in each of the lower 48 states and they all have good & bad. If the Govt. don’t get your money one way they will get it another way. We have decent shopping, S. Jersey has better weather than most of the country. We have some of the best Pizza, Calzones & Subs in the country. Organic Vegetable farms are there if you want it. Our History goes back before the Revolutionary War and we still have the BEST TOMATOES in the country. Right now Atlantic County has the highest unemployment in the country due to the closing of several of the Casinos. The Jersey Govt. never did understand that Casinos were never the answer in the first place. All they did was raise the cost of living for everybody within 40 miles. They were NOT nice places to work and were not fair to any non union employees. We have been down before. Hopefully we will spring back again.

  29. MARY



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