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20 Maps of Florida They Won’t Show You in Your Old Age Retirement Home

These are the maps of Florida they never showed you in social studies.

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1. South Florida and North Florida should potentially be different states…

2. …As they don’t agree on how to address multiple people…

3. …The ‘Traffic Situation Where Multiple Roads Meet in a Circle’…

4. …Because South Florida might just be an extension of the northeast?

5. Or it could be the foreign born population in the southern part of the state


6. Everyone wants to live on the coasts


7. Probably has something to do with the beaches

8. But at a cost of a clear night sky (Light Pollution)

9. Everyone can afford state college tuition

10. But living in Monroe County is the opposite of affordable (Home Values)


11. Leon County wins the smartest kid in the class award


12. Apparently Floridians lose themselves the most

13. Florida’s NFL team loyalties are split

14. And so are college sports team loyalties

Source: Imgur

15. The corporate sponsor of Florida would be Hooters

16. Some parts of the state still don’t have cell phone service

Source: Open Signal

17. Other states have a very simplistic view of Florida

18. And apparently that reputation has made it all the way to Britain

Source: BuzzFeed

19. Back in reality, Oregon & Montana are actually for old people


20. But deep down, all of Florida has pride

Source: Kansas State

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posted on: January 28, 2014
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