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If You’re From Maine, This Will be The Funniest 3 Minutes Of Your Day

Who’s your Maine man?

Maggie Owens

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I could get used to this kind of attention! Two “Maine men” (they’re really out-of-towner comedians) fight for your attention in this hilarious video and, honestly, it’s hard to choose.

Using state facts and stereotypes (lumberjacks, lobster dinners, the whole shebang), the two guys have a sort of “Maine-Off.” My absolute favorite moment happens at 1:49 when you meet the lumberjack’s cousin, Glen.

Honestly, who would you choose?

Source: Maine Man Song – Rhett & Link by Rhett & Link

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posted on: August 12, 2014
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  1. Jim

    For all the effort, it was cute but not at all representative of Maine attributes. As far as Humor goes, it isn’t funny, and Glen could be anybody in any state. Seems like with all this effort they could have come up with something a little more laughable. Try looking up “temp tales” on Youtube. A human version of something like that would be hilarious. Nice try though. It’s more the hollywood version of what people think Maine is.


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