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29 Things You Need To Know About Living In Houston

Here’s the real scoop on what you should know about living in Houston.

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1. Houston Is Bigger Than When You Started Reading This

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in America. In fact, it’s expanding so fast, two people probably moved in during the time it took you to read this.

2. You Can Live Larger In Houston Than Most Other Big Cities

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

One of the reasons that Houston’s population has been growing at such a rapid pace is because of higher wages along with an affordable cost of living.

When adjusted accordingly to national averages, Houston has the highest pay in the country at $73,418, according to Forbes.

3. Housing Is Steadier In Houston

Source: Houston Chronicle

Houston is one of the few cities that missed the worst of the housing bubble burst. Housing costs also still fall below the national average, despite a slight increase since the population boom began.

So, you can buy a home here with confidence that you’ll see a decent return on your investment.

4. Finding A Job Is Easier, Too

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

Houston is one of the top job creators in the country and home to 26 Fortune 500 companies.

5. In Houston, You Can Take A Break From Complaining About Income Tax

Source: CBS News

…Because Texas doesn’t have an income tax. Coupled with Houston’s super-affordable cost of living, low home prices, and big paychecks, that leaves for quite a few extra dollars in your pocket. Unfortunately, some of them will get spent on high property taxes.

6. Houston Is Young

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

The more people who move here, the younger the city gets. The median age in Houston is now 33 years old thanks to the great food, trendy art scene, and booming nightlife.

7. Houstonians Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Source: Downtown Houston Facebook

The folks in Houston are super friendly, y’all. Smile.

8. This Is Space City

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

Home of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, America’s astronaut corps, where astronauts are trained, and where Mission Control workers live for manned spaceflight expeditions. Houston, we have zero problems.

9. Houstonians Can’t Skimp On Air Conditioning

Source: Examiner

Everything you’ve ever heard about Houston heat is true. The temperatures are not only brutal, regularly breaking 100 degrees, but the humidity can skyrocket the heat index above 130. Air conditioning is a must at home and in the car.

10. In Houston, You’ll Need A Car

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

This isn’t a walkable kind of city. Get a car that you like because you’re going to be spending a lot of time in it.

11. Public Transportation Is Getting Better…

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

The public transportation in Houston is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was even 10 years ago. But it’s still weak compared to most other cities of the same size.

You can use it to get around downtown pretty well, but other than that, stick to your car for now.

12. Traffic Sucks But Feeder Roads Rule

Source: Texas Freeway

Yes, the traffic in Houston sucks. There’s no way around it. But, the good news is that the city has a system of feeder roads that most other cities don’t that really help easing onto the highways.

13. The Zoning Laws Make Houston A Little Bit Like A Seuss Book

Source: Reddit

There are no zoning laws here. And that doesn’t really sound like a big deal until you wake up one day and realize that they’ve built a bar to the left of you and a church to the right. Really, anything can go anywhere. You’ll notice when you pass Zone’d Erotica on your way to Dillard’s.

14. Gun Laws Are Even Looser Than The Zoning Laws


Probably the most Texas thing about Houston is the lax gun laws. It’s not uncommon for people around you to be carrying. For some, that’s a plus. Others, not so much.

15. This Is Texans Territory

Source: Zimbio

The Cowboys? Take that crap back to Dallas. This is Texans Territory.

16. Houston Is A Great City For Families

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

Affordable living and housing, lots of parks and open space, plenty of arts and culture, and plenty to do make Houston one of the best cities to raise a family in.

17. If You’re Wondering Where Everyone’s Accent Is…

Source: Etsy

That bigtime Texan drawl you’re looking for isn’t that common in a city like Houston. Houstonians do say “y’all” a lot, though.

18. And No, You Won’t Need A Cowboy Hat To Be A Houstonian

Source: Downtown Houston Facebook

But you’re free to wear one if you want.

19. If Houstonians Get Sick, They’re Covered

Source: Wikipedia

The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical centers in the world, housing 21 hospitals, eight academic research facilities, and 50 related organizations.

It’s so big, in fact, that it’s larger than downtown Dallas.

20. Houstonians Eat Like Kings

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

Houston is a food-lover’s dream come true with over 11,000 awesome restaurants covering everything you could possibly crave.

The New York Times even called it “one of the most exciting places in the country to eat.” The Houston Culinary Tours can help you explore every last bit of it.

21. Houstonians Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Source: Downtown Houston Facebook

According to Census data, Houston is the most racially and ethnically diverse large-metropolitan city in the country. Diversity and culture is what the city does best with ethnic restaurants and festivals around every corner.

22. It’s Easy Being Green In Houston

Source: Visit Downtown Facebook

Houston might be the fourth largest city but it’s definitely not lacking in parks. With a total of 50,632 acres of green space, it comes third in the country behind San Diego and Dallas in acreage per capita.

23. Shopping Is Like A Professional Sport Here

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

A full-sized ice rink in a mall? That’s not all The Galleria offers. With 375 stores, 30 restaurants, and two hotels, it’s the destination of choice for shopping with over 24 million visitors annually.

Avoid this place like the plague at Christmas time if you don’t like crowds, long lines, and no parking spaces, though.

24. The Music Scene Is Growing

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

It’s not quite as big as Austin… yet. But the music scene is getting better every year and the venues are just as great.

25. Houston Has Museums Galore

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

The Museum of Natural Science, The Children’s Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts Museum, The Holocaust Museum, The Art Car Museum, The Weather Museum… You’ll never run out of places to learn about stuff in Houston.

26. Parking Rates May Apply

Source: Houston Chronicle

Don’t get blindsided by the parking rates downtown. If you park in some places at 4 p.m. for an hour, you might end up paying $30. But maybe if you had just waited until 6 p.m., you could have parked for free. Always check the area you’re going to before paying for parking.

27. The Barbecue Will Suck You In

Source: Harlon’s BBQ Facebook

As if you needed any more reasons to get hooked on Houston, the barbecue will do the trick. Harlon’s, Fainmous, Gabby’s… You’ll be able to find a new favorite barbecue joint around every corner.

28. Houston Has The Best Taco Trucks In The Country

Source: Taco Me Crazy Facebook

And if you think Houston has the best barbecue, wait until you try their tacos. The best place to get them is from a taco truck. But be warned, it’s an addiction that no other city can ever compete with.

29. Escape To The Beach

Source: Visit Houston Facebook

When you’re overwhelmed with all the awesome Houston keeps laying on you, escape to the beaches of Galveston like everyone else.

Just a 35 minute drive from the city, you can enjoy pristine beaches, fun piers, and some killer oysters.

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