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If You’re From Kansas, This Hilarious Video Will Be The Best 5 Minutes Of Your Day


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These three brothers from Kansas are proud to be farmers—and they made a hilarious video to show you just how proud, in the form of a spectacularly made parody of Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

They deserve some serious kudos for the hysterical lyrics (“‘Cause I am a farmer, and they wanna see me cho-oh-oh-oh-ore!”), and their vocal talent will floor you. I have so much respect for these country fellas, and they’re giving Katy Perry a run for her money.

(The song starts at 0:37).

Source: Chore (Roar Parody) by The Peterson Farm Bros

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posted on: August 22, 2014
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  1. allen

    Don, not to sound rude or disrespectful but you can’t believe all the crap you read and hear. Farmers like this are the true backbone of America. What’s killing us is imported products..all products food and non-food related.

  2. Janis Wright

    I’m proud to say that I’m from Marion County KS the home of these young men. I think what they have done is a great way for the urban area youth to better understand where their food comes from. Sadly even kisd from rural areas don’t completely understand what is involved in creating their favorite hamburger.

  3. Kayciharris

    Love it!

  4. Gary Bruch

    The Peterson Boys share farm life.

  5. Tom Adams

    Great job boys nice to see something good once in a while

  6. Leon Leishman DVM

    The Peterson Bros are flat PRICELESS for Agriculture !!!!! AS a K Stater… I could not be prouder of those find fun loving Ag promoters PRICELESS !!!!

  7. Rita

    Very cool! More please !!!!!

  8. Linda

    Like their version of the song better than original!!!! CUTE WITH the cows and all. I live in PITTSBURG, KANSAS. Good town, good people.

  9. okie farm girl

    Oh yea..You guys can do chores at my house anytime! Awesome job!!

  10. Ernie Herr

    Great movie guys and young lady I was brought up on a 13000 acre ranch with a lot of horses that I was responsible for some of the best years of my life god bless all farmers

  11. CL

    in Texas we call them Ranchers, Farmers grow crops.

  12. Peggy Kays

    Love what these young men are doing to show the world that farmer work hard but can have fun doing a job they love. Glad to see little sis in this video. Keep it up guys and gal!!

  13. Elle

    Thanks for what you guys are doing to promote agriculture! You’re speaking for all of us farmers. Glad your having so much fun doing it too:)

  14. richard bullard

    you guys are totally awesome

  15. Louise Stone

    Go, Manhattan (KS of course!)

  16. bob

    I think it`s great we are getting guys trying to encourage more farming! The Peteresons of Kansas and the Kings of Pa.are two prime examples.Farmers,God bless them,heaver knows we need them!!!

  17. Julie

    Farm girl from Colorado!!! Nice job guys, I love the message! Keep producing

  18. Rayann Eversmeyer

    I’m a farmers daughter. These videos are needed to be seen by everyone who is not associated with agriculture. Too many people haven’t the slightest idea how their food is actually produced, and those like PETA are doing too good a job of biasing them against those who really do most of the growing and raising of what we eat.


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