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If You’re From Chicago, This Video Will Be The Best 2 Minutes Of Your Day

Proof Chicago is the American dream.

Chad Stiffney

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I’ve always loved the Chicago atmosphere; its marvels of architecture, its food, and its culture. There’s more to this city, though. It’s a confident city that represents America to its core. I like how the narrator describes it at 1:45: “A city that ‘talks the talk’ of the American dream without having to shout it.”

Jackpot in the West Productions wrapped this video up well with this simple statement, “It is, as a city, what happens when you get down to the truth of things. You find honesty, you find freedom, you find genuine, you find the Great American City.”

Chicago: The Great American City from Jackpot in the West Productions on Vimeo.

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posted on: March 27, 2014
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  1. Name *

    what is this narration? a poem? I want it

  2. Lew



  3. Roberto

    No love for the Chicago White Sox or Blackhawks smh

  4. Didi

    Hey what’s the music on this video ?

  5. Matt

    You can find tons of negative elements anywhere.
    Moreso where there’s a superdense population.
    If you’re hating on it then just leave or plan on a move.
    But there’s immense beauty here.

  6. dong johnson

    why does ALL of this video take place in downtown chicago? that’s like a small wealthy fraction of what the city is ACTUALLY like.

  7. Trina

    Yes Chicago is a GREAT place to be FROM! That’s the running joke when we run into other Chicagoans who have escaped, and there are so many it is ridiculous! Please people, stay there in your great city because we dont want you to over populate where we all moved to! I feel so sorry for kids who have to spend their lives there where the quality of life is less than half due to the weather. I guess if you drink its a great place, and it seems as if 75 percent of the people city or burbs have turned into Acoholics I guess because what is there to do but drink indoors. Sure theres stuff to do, but step outside, have that beautiful wind hit your face, look around at the ugly trees that are only alive 3 months a year and go back in and drink. YUCK.

  8. Carol

    love the photography
    made me miss the windy city

  9. Joe Jackson

    I see the pandering didn’t extend to the South Side.

  10. Erna

    Why not show the rest of the city? Oh yea, because MOST of the neighborhoods look like crap. Cannot wait to move out of here.

  11. Travis

    Trina you didn’t even say where you moved but kudos to you for “escaping” please don’t come back. People always need reinforment for their decisions whether it’s to move or whether it not they’d like to judge but remember suburbs are only a fraction of this city, 3 combined neighborhoods at most so I hope you are intelligent enough to understand that. Also if anyone want to think of Chicagos prime locations then think of river north, Gold Coast and Lincoln park. Definitely not dangerous. Either way people need to stop trying to bad mouth this beautiful city. It’s growing. Sure it’s cold but we don’t have forest fires, droughts or hurricanes. Sure it has crime but it’s in a secluded section needs to be addressed. But I gaurentee you in 20 years chicago will be “the go to city”

  12. Jacob

    Chicago is a crime-infested s#!thole of a city. It is too cold in the winter, and too humid in the summer. The apes run wild and shoot each other. The politics are as corrupt as you can get. The only thing I miss is the pizza

  13. gman

    But most of the people who claim Chicago as their home don’t live in any of the places shown in the video. The Loop is wonderful.Nice travel vid.

  14. kevin

    i love it.. no respect for the only team worth cheering for.. the hawks? everyone in the country and the world thinks blackhawks when they hear chicago. and whoever made this video is just ridiculous. YOU LEFT OUT THE BIGGEST BEST MOST SUUUCCEESSSFFUULLL PART OF OUR TOWN!!

  15. Holden McGroin

    TIL Chicago is only the loop

  16. Deborah

    And what was that flying saucer on top of Soldier Field? Did the video say ‘sensitive’?

  17. Alana

    No need to get defensive when people tell you that they hate Chicago. Chicago doesn’t need those kind of negative people anyways.

  18. James P. Strittmatter

    Comment on nice place to br FROM reminds me of joke: You should be on the radio!
    (Then I could change stations.) I do miss Chicago (not the cold winter of course)
    because at least I can speak the language.

  19. Jean sandell

    I lived in the portage park area. In a three block area, on Irving park blvd we had a Swedish, German, anditalian bakeries. Spent almost every day in summer at portage park… And in winter, they flooded the football field and we went ice skating there. Wonderful place to grow up.

  20. Jeff

    Hated it. Made me miss Chicago for about 30 seconds then I realized there are many people like the makers of the video there.

    Are the only black people in Chicago bucket boys? Do you not know all the sports teams? Hipsters only?

    Try again. Try again.

  21. Larry

    Yes, a Great American City. My kind of town! I grew up on the South Side – during the 50’s an experience like no other.


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