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If You’re From Grand Rapids, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. Hands Down.

Okay, I'm impressed.

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This video is more like an epic trailer for a summer blockbuster than a tourism ad. All that music and those swooping views of the city gave me some serious chills. Grand Rapids. Keeping. It. Real.

Source: Downtown Grand Rapids: Art of the Collaborative City by GR DowntownGRInc

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posted on: November 20, 2014
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  1. Tiffany

    I’ve seen one for Grand Rapids that tells the viewer we’re a 30-ish minute drive from the lake shore – a note like that would have been helpful. Also, the locations shown have notes about their success, how they’ve been rated on special lists – does the ballpark have anything like that?

  2. Barb


  3. Randy Buist

    Gotta love West Michigan and certainly our biggest city is a huge part of it too! This is great to watch and embrace!
    Thanks to those who helped make this happen.

  4. angie

    They forgot to mention there is a shootings there daily and since when does GR have lake michigan and dunes in its boundary. This is a lie.

  5. Chris Kelley

    Gand Rapids was an amazing city when I was a child growing up in the 70’s.
    Now its all run down and commercialized…
    Great place , many memmories , Hope they can restructure, and get it back to the city it was.

  6. Amanda

    I agree that it showcases a lot of wonderful things about Grand Rapids. However, I also have to agree with the criticism that it showcases too many natural, undeveloped areas suggesting that they, too, are a part of Grand Rapids. When I taught in Grand Rapids, I had students who had never been to Lake Michigan because it was too far for their families to go, and there was no public transportation. So, while Lake Michigan and the natural areas surrounding it are a reasonable traveling distance from Grand Rapids, it does seem misleading to imply that they are part of Grand Rapids. If it’s not equally accessible to all residents, is it really part of the city?

  7. Valerie

    Wonder why they forgot winter and blizzards.

  8. Julie

    makes me homesick for Grand Rapids!! You will miss it if you leave!!

  9. Denise

    Been in GR 42 years. STILL HATE it here. Not cool, progressive, or excepting.

  10. joe joe morgan

    Wow, they make grand rapids michigan look so good.
    Whats the point, I’m lost all.
    Is this gr i know n lived most of my life n still here.
    Sorry tourist will not see it that way n that sucks all what happened to honesty people’s gov got most of ya n rest say nothing n sit back n say really,where,when.
    Resident of our city.where’s the big lake n dunes got that part right

  11. Jason

    Good thing they didn’t put these dumb ass comments about the damn lake in the video or it would have ruined it.

  12. Cheryl Hutchings

    That! Was! Awesome! Superb capture of our incredible city! I am proud to live in G.R.!

  13. Phyllis Ariss

    I miss home I am visiting this summer can not wait

  14. Tom & Mary Jo Elsley

    We have lived in GR for 17 yrs. It has grown so much. Mary Jo went there as a child in the 60s and all that was really there was Herpolshimers and Wurzburgs for shopping. Then they built Woodland mall & Eastbrook. Also we have “The Medical Mile” on Michigan ave which is awesome. There are shootings in every city. We happen to live 30 mins from Lake Michigan and the dunes that are gorgeous! Look again!

  15. Cathy

    Well with all that there must not be anyone without a job there. They did not say anything about the gunshots or anything like that.



  17. Jack k

    I live in the west suburbs of Chicago, 26 miles from a Lake Michigan. Any description of this community would reference its relationship to Lake Michigan. If folks in GR don’t see or wish to recognize their relationship to Lake Michigan, that is their problem or symptomatic of a very parochial view.

  18. Verna Whitney

    I left Grand Rapids in 1972 when Michigan was broke. I have wonderful memories of it. We would read the lake Michigan water temperature in the paper …and if it was 72 or above, Papa would drive us over for a swim. It was called The city of Churches at that time. I hope that has not changed. I graduated from South High School in 1958.. a racially mixed school without problems. We were just ordinary kids. We were great at basketball and football….I stayed for an archery class after school. Many of my classmates graduated from college. I graduated from a nursing school in Battle Creek. I did leave Michigan when it was broke and started a new life in the Phoenix area. most of our families still live in G.R.area I hope you appreciate the wonderful place you live in.

  19. Barbara Gumbko

    i live in Brighton, Mi. If I was wanting to move I would choose Grand Rapids. The city and the suburbs of it have so much to offer. My sons and their families live there. I love it there and this video is very well done.

  20. Herk B

    It’s nice but the best days are gone. I remember when you could park your car on Monroe Ave on a warm sunny day with the windows open and the keys in the ignition and it would be just like you left it when you came back. Monroe east to Division then north to Michigan St. then west back to Monroe was the circuit where late teens and early twenties roamed looking for a date or a mate. Now those are memories.

  21. Patti

    The video is beautiful! But I have very mixed feelings. The job situation is still very difficult. The video makes it look like GR is right on Lake MI with miles of empty beaches. Downtown parking is the pits! And everything is so expensive downtown. But I did like the video.

  22. La :La

    Angie, your grammar is worse than your claim…. There are far more crimes in Detroit and Lansing than there are here. However, do not get your identity stolen because the “justice system” will not help you. That goes for the ENTIRE state

  23. Eric

    You’re correct about Detroit having a higher crime rate….however, grand Rapids has a higher crime rate than Lansing.


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