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If You’re From Fort Myers, This Video Might Be The Best Thing You See All Year

This time lapse shows so much of the natural beauty in Fort Myers.

Travis Sawrie

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I used to know Fort Myers and Sanibel as, “The place where all the families from my high school go on break.” But after seeing this video I’m beginning to know it more as, “Heaven.”

The ocean, majestic wildlife, massive storms far out over the ocean, starry night time lapses; what more could you possibly want to see in a video?

“Awaken” made by Cameron Michaels is the stuff dreams are made of. I can’t get over the incredible view of the storm at 3:58, and of course the cute baby turtle at the end isn’t so bad.

AWAKEN 4K from Cameron Michael on Vimeo.

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posted on: June 17, 2014
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  1. Sharron Brust

    A magnificent reminder of why we live in this area. Let’s all preserve it’s beauty.

  2. Gordon Reigelman

    Excellent job; yes, this is Southwest Florida. Let’s go enjoy it in the real…it’s even better!

  3. Brigette Chandler

    This was amazing video

  4. Stacy

    Spectacular! Props to all involved in the creation of this video!! Everyday I wake in Florida, is another reminder of how much I am truly blessed! <3

  5. Carol Yaklich

    Thank you so much!!! You did a outstanding job, I would like to see more!

  6. Erin White

    This video was shot all over Lee County, FL, not just in Fort Myers. We who live here are truly privileged by the depth of natural surroundings.

  7. Judy Boyette

    Beautiful! You are very talented the way you capture moments on film! Thank-you for sharing…

  8. Bob Hughes

    Lived there for a number of years on FMB until moving to and building in Cape Coral. What a wonderful place FMB is. Haven’t been back since leaving FL in 88. Thank you for a spectacular video.

  9. Saron

    Your work is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

  10. Sharon not Saron

    The name is Sharon not Saron

  11. George

    Beautiful, I wish someone could have made such a film of the 50-60 times.


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