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Cities Your Kids Will Love Living In—Top 7

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If you’ve got kids, you’re probably looking for a town that, aside from great schools and safety, has plenty for them to do. Here are the top 7 cities in the U.S. we think kids would love. We consulted with USA Today and other places to find places we thought our own kids might like. Mainly we want them to be able to roam free and use up some of that boundless kid energy.


#7 Boulder, CO

Boulder was singled out by Backpacker magazine as the best place to raise an outdoor kid. With 105 miles of bike paths, fishing, wildflowers and glaciers nearby, it’s no joke. And it’s one of the most livable cities in the U.S. overall.


#6 Seattle, WA

Seattle’s also a great place to raise an outdoor kid, with REI organizing hundreds of events (hikes, kayaking, camping, etc.). It’s also got a lot of hip places for your kids to hang out as they hit middle school. We think they’ll dig it.


#5 Boston, MA

Bostonian kids get to experience a short ride to the beach by car or ferry, and the mountains of New Hampshire and Western Mass. for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Plus there’s all that history up close (the Freedom Trail and countless other Revolutionary War sites), and a fantastic Children’s Museum.


#4 Burlington, VT

Kids who love snow sports will love living in Burlington, and they’ll dive into the surrounding lakes in the summer, too. It’s the cleanest city in the U.S., and it’s got Ben & Jerry’s headquarters for all those ice-cream-loving tykes.


#3 San Francisco, CA

The city has loads of cultural activities, like the Fine Arts Museum, the Exploratorium and the Japanese Tea Garden. And all the green space. And access to Muir Woods, just 11 miles away, where your kids can hug a gigantic tree.


#2 Myrtle Beach, SC

The Travel Channel says Myrtle Beach is designed for kids, and we agree. With its gorgeous beaches, amusement parks and places to eat out with the fam, kids might like spending their formative years here. It’s also got access to nature preserves, like the Francis Marion National Forest, and fun museums, like Ripley’s and the Children’s Museum.


#1 San Diego, CA

With 70 miles of beaches, what kid wouldn’t want to be here? Sun all year round, and Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, too? There’s also the Torrey Pines Preserve for kids to hike and bike. And there’s the New Children’s Museum. We think San Diego’s pretty much where it’s at for kids.



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posted on: February 27, 2012
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