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This Awesome Time Lapse Of Cincinnati Will Make You Want To Move There

This video is shorter than your coffee break, and way more fun.

Kelly Dawson


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This time lapse of Cincinnati managed to charm me while still maintaining its mystery. It’s the video version of a successful speed date: you’ll feel like you’ve gotten to know this city, and you’ll be eager to learn more.

Filmed by Joel Schat as part of the “Roadtrippers” series, this minute-long sequence tirelessly pans over the landmarks of the Queen City. Keep your eyes peeled for the playful use of light, seen either by the “Tetris”-like skyline at :38 or the movements of clouds 10 seconds in.

Source: Timelapse: A Love Letter to Cincinnati by Roadtrippers

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posted on: June 3, 2014
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  1. Sue Ann Painter

    Hi George, Agree with your comment. Hope all is well with you. SA

  2. Charles

    Uh…no thanks. Cincinnati blows.

  3. Sam Smith

    I’d be crazy to move to Cincinnati. The city of pickpockets and thugs. I see some revitalization but still 10 years behind every where else. Seems like all the real estate investors are pushing the craze. Get it in your head people. Property values will only decline in Cincinnati. The big fortune 500s are moving out.

  4. Logan

    Which big fortune 500s are leaving? Many have been here for 50+ years, some even 100’s! P&G, Kroger, Macy’s, Western & Southern Financial, Fifth Third Bankcorp, Omnicare, American Financial Group, AK Steal, Ashland Inc, General Cable Corp, etc… None of them seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Cincinnati has more fortune 500s per capita than New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, to me this seems to indicated Cincy is primed for growth


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