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It Took This Guy Over 2 Years To Create His Project. If You’re From Chicago, You Need To See The End Result.

Best three minutes I’ve spent today.

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It took Eric Hines over two years to film this gorgeous time lapse of Chicago. And what a good two years spent! I could watch this over and over.

The shot I adore most is the shadows of the buildings rising on ice over Lake Michigan. In all my life, I haven’t seen that angle of Chicago.

Okay, gotta go. I’m going to watch this video yet another time.

Source: Cityscape Chicago II by Eric Hines

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posted on: November 3, 2014
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  1. stephen

    stunning and beautiful….makes me miss my city….can you do another version incorporating the neighborhoods of Chicago?

  2. Sarah


    The shot of the skyscraper shadows on the ice that you love so much was taken from the observatory at the top of the Hancock building. You can see Chicago from that angle any time they’re open. :)

  3. Rick

    I have been to Chicago HUNDREDS of times since I live 40 miles north of Chicago and had to work there many days. It is not as colorful as this video. The colors appear to be enhanced with digital editing and the scene where you see people moving around on the ground almost looks computer generated. I don’t know how people can actually live in the city. It has the highest crime rate in the United States. I watch the Chicago 10pm news every night and it’s nightmare.

  4. Christine

    chi town is a beautiful city…. With beautiful people who have beautiful hearts

  5. Name *

    If you have time you should watch this.

  6. Bryan

    Gee Rick, glad you liked it!

  7. Lynne

    This is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Debby

    Chicago isn’t perfect, no big city is. Yep, crime, pollution and a host of bad things that one can bring up. But this video isn’t meant to address that. It’s meant to show it’s beauty over time, and it does so, remarkably well. Outstanding time lapse study!

  9. Corey

    Rick – the problem is that you watch T.V. news – crime has dropped in half in the last decade and continues trending downward: – while the amount reported has skyrocketed up. Corporate media is forever A/B testing what types of content scores them the most ad impressions (facts or fear). Hint from someone in media: it’s always fear.

    I think you’re right about the light filter, though it’s still generally gorgeous – I’ve traveled all over and remain proud to call Chicago home.

  10. SLooper

    I love my downtown Chicago neighborhood!

  11. Martin Quinn

    Great job! Love the work that was done. Thank you.

  12. MJ

    Rick – You ignorance is showing

    1. You know nothing about film or time-lapse photography
    2. Chicago does not have the highest crime rate in the US.
    3. If you dislike it so much, why do you keep coming here? Perhaps you should stay in Wisconsin.

  13. Joe

    Awesome film. Magnificent, just like Michigan Avenue on a snowy night.

  14. Rick P.

    Outstanding! Greatest City in The World…

  15. Dr. Tom

    I lived in Chicago for almost 50 years before moving to Washington State for fresher air: “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times” to quote ! It was great to watch this rather romantic view of “The Windy City” through the eyes of someone who obviously sees a great deal of beauty still in this Great American City, that is, I am sorry to say, in decline.

  16. JGoodby

    Actually, it has one of the lowest per person. Lots of people live in the city and have very happy lives. I’m sorry you have to live in a suburban strip mall and miss all the fun.

  17. Pete

    @1:51 just made my heart flutter

  18. Mario

    high crime rate? What part of Chicago are you speaking of? I live in a part of Chicago with 0 crime rate. Before you lump all the Chicago neighborhoods as places not worth living, check your facts. Chicago = many neighborhoods. I live and work in the city everyday of my life. Living in Chicago is pretty awesome. So much to do and see.

  19. Boni

    Where in the World there’s no crime happening? Whatever, I love Chicago and other beautiful places around especially the surrounding Suburban areas and that includes the notorious Englewood area :-)))

  20. Doug

    The city had been ruined people were forced out by the robberies and violence to be refugees in the corn fields…pretty face for tourists and videos all thats left,,hope it burns down again

  21. Jim

    Rick-I used to work as a realtor, and I had a guy in from Atlanta and we were looking at condos at night. He remarked to me “Man, you would never see that in Atlanta.” I asked what, and he was referring to a woman walking alone down the street. You’d never see that because it’s too dangerous for a woman at night, he went on. It struck me that depending on where you are in Chicago, you can feel completely safe here. A feeling which undermines the impression that the nightly news creates. It’s a great city, and much safer than an outsider would think. You get to choose what you think about this place, but I thought I’d let you know that it is in fact a very attractive place to live. Believe your own eyes! This video is a great portrayal for me.

  22. John

    I lived there for 20 years and it was my favorite city. It isn’t the skyline though, it was the people and the food. The food is still amazing, but what happened to the people. I went back to visit after 40 years and I saw no one obeying any laws, just doing whatever they wanted. Maybe it has tsomething to do with the politiics of today. The leadership just looking the other way and hoping it will go away. It is not only Chicago, but almost any city in America. We need people to set an example of values from generation ago. To much Hollywood, video games, drugs, and 900 other examples of today’s society failure to hold character in higher esteem. Bring Michael Jordan and Walter Payton back. They are heros for today.

  23. Lori

    Great Video. Gives me awesome memories. I worked downtown Chicago for 11 years 1976-1986 and was in Sales. I experienced most of these great views. My hat’s off to Eric Hines to make such a great video and share with those who love this city. I loved it, will always be my home city and have been back to visit several times. Great job!

  24. Pete H

    It is beautiful. …and FYI Chicago’s crime rate is literally half of what it was 25 years ago. …. signed. … former Chicago Cop.

  25. Jacob

    Did I miss the credits for the soundtrack? Who’s music is that? Its great!

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Jacob

      Music credits can be found on the original vimeo post:
      “Signaling Through the Flames” by ‘The American Dollar’ |


    Look Francis or cupcake –

    It’s Chicago. …..beautiful for all its flaws and all of its diversity. ….as well as it’s resilience…..gets better all the time!

  27. Heart

    I live in central Illinois and have a love-hate relationship with Chicago. I love Illinois so I always like to see awesome things happen with Chicago sports teams (go Blackhawks!) and I love to visit every once in a while and enjoy the city. The thing I can’t stand about it is the politics. The place I am from (small town) cannot begin to be compared to anything from the Chicago area, yet we are plagued by the city’s politics that really dampen our own little economy. That’s my two cents! Have a good day!

  28. Pat Butler

    These are great pictures, grear color shts from all angles. The media keep reporting crimes as it sells papers.
    The whole city is not like that. I have lived here all of my life and fpund it to be a great town. Every city large or small has its problems.

  29. Sara

    Chicago is a beautiful city. I’ve never lived there, but have visited many times. Couldn’t live there because of the cold, windy weather in the winter and scorching hot weather during most of the summer. Loved the Architectural Boat Tour on the river and a small part of Lake Michigan! Love my Chicago relatives, as well! Also love the White Sox and Chicago-style red hots!

  30. @Shots_by_frankie_t

    Beautifully done! Bravo Eric!

  31. rodger haseltine

    I was born and raised in Chicago but have lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and now Las Vegas for 20 years so most of what I see in your video wasn’t even there when I lived there……I have only one think to say….THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME CHICAGO!

  32. Diana

    Amen to that John…Chicago has a great history, lots of great hard working people and a shoreline like no other place.

  33. Andreas Morgen

    Beautifully executed. …shows the facets of Chicago’s pulse…

  34. Barry

    We are from Toronto and our daughter and son in law live in Chicago. We have visited your great and wonderful city many times. Probably our most favorite city in the USA.

  35. Roswita van Dongen

    It is beautyful, i hoop my englisch is correct. Thank you for shareing.
    Greatings from the Netherlands,(i have a cousin hoe life in Chicago)he send me this toe look at your photographs.
    Roswita van Dongen.

  36. Larry Fox

    Terrific job on one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We spent 17 years in Chicago. There are only three that are a problem in Chicago: January, February and March.

  37. Jim C

    G.B.DuSable started something and you got what he started.


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