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This Guy Strapped His Camera To A Boat In Chicago. What He Captured Will Make Your Jaw Drop.

You ready, Captain?

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Everyone knows Chicago’s a pretty walkable city, but with all its lovely river canals, why not hop on board? Get ready to grip the ship’s wheel during this awesome time lapse.

Taking you on an exhilarating tour of this city like you’ve never seen before, this video will totally wow you. Oh, you’ve already been on a boat through the canals? Try being on a boat in lightning-fast speed–without the seasickness.

Move over, Venice. Chicago’s in town.

Source: Chicago by boat: A timelapse journey by Philip Bloom

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posted on: August 25, 2014
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  1. Ryan Graupmann

    Very cool city, awesome scenery, and amazing water system that goes through a huge metropolitan area, but in all honesty coming from a Minnesotan who has over 10,000 lakes to cruise around… Meh… i f you think that ride is that elite then travel outside of a city that has 5 million people plus in it and explore an actual river and or lakes system.

  2. Lela

    This is soooooo cool! You must SEE

  3. JC

    Amazing showcase! … add to the river (and harbors, Navy Pier, and fireworks seen in the video) the amazing lakefront parks, lakefront trails for biking or walking, and natural sand beaches … and there are very few cities that are as beautiful and varied. To the comment about crime, the per capita crime rate in Chicago is lower than Charlotte NC. Chicago is outgoing, friendly and as safe as any in the US. Would like to see more ways for the thousands of boaters on Lake Michigan to access the beaches and restaurants by boat. Win win.

  4. Ed & Paula Kirner

    My husband and I were boaters on beautiful Lake Michigan for 20 plus years. Chicago is a beautiful city and Chicago River is awesome and we loved it. Miss the lake n the city. We retired to Phoenix Az where all the lakes are man made, no comparison to beautiful Chicago and the beautiful lady ( Lake Michigan).

  5. Laure

    I live in Tucson now and miss Chicago. This was a beautiful trip on the lake and thru the city. Thank you for a video well done.

  6. tim

    “Jaw drop”? it was nice, but no jaw dropping, honestly.

  7. Dee

    Too funny…Yawn.

  8. irishb

    I like that the video won’t load but 100 ads pop across the screen and the stupid advert video in the middle of the screen have no problem loading.


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