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If You’re From Boulder, This Video Will Be The Best 4 Minutes Of Your Day

There's so much beauty in Boulder during the summer, as this time lapse reveals.

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Even if you’re not from Boulder, this time lapse of summer scenery in “the Berkeley of the Rockies” will really make you want to slow down and go enjoy the great outdoors.

There are no students or buildings here; just cool rolling rivers, majestic mountains, and mesmerizing cloud formations that combine to create a summertime lullaby for the eyes. The waterfall at 2:20 looks like it’s made of clouds, and I could easily fall asleep on a sunny afternoon next to the river at 3:20.

I don’t recommend watching this when you’re tired, or you might just drift off, too.

Source: Boulder Colorado Summer Time-lapses by SMK Media

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posted on: May 30, 2014
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