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This Awesome Boston Time Lapse Will Make Your Day Complete

If you think Boston is awesome now, just wait until you’ve seen this video.

Natalie Grigson

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Sean Collins made this video “as a tribute to the beautiful city of Boston.” As he says, “Bostonians are proud of their city and I wanted to make a video they could be proud of, and which attempts to capture the greatness that is Boston.” I think he did an amazing job.

It looks downright unreal at times, but it isn’t—as Boston residents are lucky enough to know. This is Boston, and it’s fan-freaking-tastic.

Source: This is Boston from Bodhi Films

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posted on: April 29, 2014
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  1. S

    what about the Citgo sign/Kenmore Square and BU campus? those are actually in Boston unlike some of the other shots in this video

    • evelyn in response to S

      luv that city im a true bostonian cannot wait to move back i call it going home great video,luv all you bostonians

  2. steve

    “It looks downright unreal at times, but it isn’t…”

    there are definitely post-production effects added to this film. it looks unreal because the saturation values have been increased. no way does the city look like the images at 2:03, 2:08, or 2:37, for example. it just isn’t reality. that’s why the city looks like it was made of Legos. 3:00 looks a lot more real. great time lapse effects, though.

  3. Cindy

    video keeps stopping…can’t see it. :(

    • Erin in response to Cindy

      Cindy, if you turn off the HD setting by clicking on the HD symbol in the bottom right corner of the video then it should play much better for you.

  4. Meagan O'Brien

    Anyone else think several shots look like miniatures in stop motion? They obviously are not but I was trying to figure out how they could illuminate Boston from every angle so perfectly! Wicked Smaht.

  5. Ned Stark

    This video depicts the 6 week period in Bostonfell where it’s above 50 degrees. It’s May 1st and I’m still wearing my wolfskin coat… not sure if we’re even going to be able to grow the crops properly this year. Might need to go hunting with Jon and Robb to properly feed the family.

    While the summer is nice, the summer is short.

    Winter is coming.

    • Kathy in response to Ned Stark

      Come on – it’s beautiful from May to Nov and if you like to ski, it’s good in the winter. Better a cold spring than tornadoes! Or wildfires. Or earthquakes. Or hurricanes. Everyplace has a hell season.

      • Tim in response to Kathy

        “Everyplace has a hell season”

        That’s not true. I’m a native Bostonian and as much as I love the city, the weather is much better in most parts of Europe (usually just mild weather there). Boston has lots to offer but great weather is not one of them 😉

  6. charlotte griffin

    I love the video being a native of Boston it’s a beautiful City and so Loud & Proud to be a Bostonian!!!

  7. Lisa Pearce

    I enjoyed the video for what it is. This “What about me” Mentality is self-centered. This is a great artistic project that took much time to create. It is too bad that there are so many folks around here that can’t slow down enough to enjoy and be thankful for being a part of this beautiful city. Your neighborhood and mine. We have all walked it, lived it, enjoyed its splendor and uniqueness.

  8. Scott

    F’n great job at catching the spirit of this beautiful city.

  9. Debbie

    Looks like an amazing place. Sharon looks like a nice place to settle down, with the man of your dreams. Looks like you have loads of amazing things to do and see.

  10. D00d

    Oh please. I lived in that hell hole for over 20 years and I hated it the last few. Bad weather, worse roads, awful drivers, horrific taxes and Massholes everywhere. I hope they all rot in hell.

  11. Edrean wajambuka

    I lyk my city Boston.dats a great cul video

  12. Mark fills ssemata

    Wow that really great, i have been in some countries of the middle east and some parts of africa but i havent seen such a beautiful city.

  13. Patricia Gildea

    I live in Florida now, but watching this great video was fantastic. The city is so alive, makes me want to come back home(in July or August.))

  14. Rich Marceau

    I really wish this ungrammatical slogan would die. It amounts to declaring “Boston Illiterate”

    Boston strong what? It smells strongly? It is or isn’t “strong”?

  15. Nanoguy

    This summarizes it, Boston has no night life :)

  16. steve kramer

    This is a neat video. It captures what people come to see and do in Boston. The neighborhoods are part of the City but not what people come to visit. The downtown, sports features and overall inclusion of the historical highlights of the city make it very enjoyable and effective. The glass if half full with what’s in it – to focus on what isn’t just says it’s half empty. It’s fine – it works. Stop whining.

  17. Patti

    Breath taking. Some pictures filled my eyes with tears because of special l memories, and other giggled remember when. Is there any chance the the pictures can be freeze frames , print the sites and make stationary from the pictures. a bo of note papers would make a great gift.

  18. Marie

    Loved the video, just wish it went by slower so I could savor the sights. I’m from Boston and you will NOT fine a nicer, cleaner city in this country. I miss it so much as I am now living in the south, not anywhere near as nice as Boston. How about doing a “real time” video? I don’t care if it’s 1/2 an hour long! Thank you! BOSTON STRONG!

  19. Peg

    Wish there were something about the Celtics!

  20. Aaron Farber

    @Meagan O’Brien – it looks to me like HDR (High Dynamic-Range) imaging, which is a photo editing technique in which you bracket the shot (take high and low exposures) and then combine them in a way that shows the most visual information for the brighter and darker areas. It artificially makes it look like everything is evenly lit. Look for some on Google Images of Flickr, they’re really cool. I’ve never seen it done before for video, though — I love it!!!


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