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This Awesome Portland Oregon Time Lapse Will Make You Want To Move There

Made from 300,000 still photos, this Portland Oregon time lapse is as stunning as it is ambitious.

Randy Nelson

Content Manager

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Called “Finding Portland”, it took production company Uncage the Soul 51 days and more than 300,000 individual photos to assemble. Thanks to the magic of time lapse photography, each second contains 3.8 hours.

My favorite parts are the Shamrock Run at 1:05 and the long pan out starting at 1:24 that shows just how incredibly beautiful—and close by—the nature around Portland is.

Source: Vimeo user Uncage The Soul Productions

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posted on: August 14, 2015
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  1. Shawna

    I lived in Oregon for most of my life before joining the military and I can say that seeing this video really makes me miss home. I have been many places and there is none quite like Oregon. I think this video is wonderful and maybe people should appreciate everything they have there instead of complaining. Or move. Whichever.

  2. Lori Rose

    This is River City… too bad the dry docks, big ships, kayaks and dragon boats were not highlighted instead of so much freeway traffic….

  3. Glenda

    Why was there a lot of traffic video? I didn’t see Saturday Market, , The zoo, Washington Park with the Rose gardens, Pittock Mansion, Rose festival, The Portland Aquarium…… you missed a lot!

    • Derek in response to Glenda

      I think the part at 0:40 was at Pittock, but I could be wrong. Looks like the viewpoint area.

  4. Jessica

    My husband and I are born and raised Oregonians, he joined the Coast Guard and we haven’t lived in Oregon for 7 years. This video just made me miss home a little more.

  5. Chrus

    Seattle’s better……PLEASE go there.

  6. Jan Polatschek

    Lots of buildings, lots of traffic. Few shots of Portland life. I am neither impressed with the photography (see House of Cards) nor with the idea that Portland is a good place to live. Where are the people? Where are the restaurants, parks, schools, businesses, theatres, residential neighborhoods?

  7. kary

    Absolutely breathtaking videos I just watched of my hometown! I’ve been living in Las Vegas for 16 yours but I always will call Oregon home.

  8. Carole Barkley

    For those who don’t know Portland, this has:
    A lot pictures of freeways and overpasses, but none of our light-rail and streetcar system.
    Pro basketball and soccer, but not the symphony, any of the many theater companies, the ballet, or the museums.
    Glimpses of a couple of parks, but not the biggest one: Washington Park, home of the zoo, an internationally acclaimed rose garden, and a world-class Japanese garden
    Food carts, beer, and VooDoo donuts; but none of the top-notch restaurants.

  9. Sandy b

    Portland has been home for six yrs. it is a beautiful city, yes it is too bad that it mainly just showed the highway interchanges around the city, there is so much more to see and enjoy, all the little villages and farmers markets, coffee houses and portland life in general. I certainly wouldn’t want to use the caption you’ll want to move here after seeing this video, not enough content. But we do love portland.

  10. Megan

    I am a born and raised Portlander, wouldn’t change it for the world, hipsters and all lol. Love walking out of work as the sun is setting, just amazing, such a beautiful City. Haters hate all you want that’s your choice. I’ll keep my city though 🙂

  11. Sherrie

    My home town!! I love these videos, they highlight to me what is Portland and Oregon. Of course they’re not going to capture every single thing that makes this city so wonderful. Just sit back, relax and enjoy and just for the pure joy of it all—take in the beauty.

  12. dont move here

    I hated this video. It made Portland look crowded with traffic. Where’s a Xanax for it? There were few shots of Portland’s collection of art or anything else that makes Portland great. Also why all the gorge shots? That isn’t Portland. If you liked this video then dont move to Portland.

  13. Kim A

    I just spent several weeks in Portland. Fantastic city filled with culture, beautiful views and fabulous food. Views of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helen and Mt. Adams are gorgeous as are the bridges over the River, the Japanese Tea garden and the beautiful rose garden. The city is clean, easy to maneuver and filled with fabulous restaurants and friendly people. It was a relaxing adventure and I’d move there in a heartbeat.

    • Sherrie in response to Kim A

      It’s always interesting to see and hear what others have to say about Portland, especially after a first visit. Having been born and raised there, I’m definitely biased.

      I’ve traveled a lot, New Orleans, Seattle, LA, Washington DC, and so many other places in the States. Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Vancouver BC, Belize, Puerto Vallarta, just to name a few. I LOVE every place I’ve ever visited. But Portland will always be my city, it’s a part of me, always will be.

      Very simply, wherever your heart takes you, you should go. If you don’t like the rain, find someplace not so wet. If the traffic is an issue, find a smaller town. Every place has their fans and detractors. Live where you love; love where you live.

  14. Terryl

    Great video guys! I wanted to comment on the shot at 1:04….Surreal, I didn’t see anything else like this shot in the video. Some different technique used here I assume. It looked almost like a Hollywood set. Well done!

  15. Mike

    Very nice, but the yearly, weekly, and daily rain factor is enough depression to take the wind out of life.

    • Derek in response to Mike

      Yeah that’s the thing that makes me sad; I love Portland but all the rain really gets to me, so I’m not really sure what to do about that.

    • David in response to Mike

      The rain and “depression”: rather depends on your attitude. I happen to LIKE the rain and the fresh air and lush vegetation it brings.

      • Sherrie in response to David

        Truly, the rain makes the city that much more gorgeous. Hawaii has rain, Seattle has rain, it all depends on your outlook.

  16. rose

    Way too much traffic. Portland and the NW is beyond compare and as others pointed out everything cannot be in one video but if I had never been here I wouldn’t be thrilled with this video as a promotional tool to get me here.

  17. Claudia

    And/or this to replace the current one?

  18. Dan

    Loved this…Portland is the Kansas to my Dorothy, I will forever feel the desire to go home again…

  19. Christian

    I’m from Sweden Stockholm and lived in Portland in 2010 for 6 month the movie is amazing and Portland is a nice city I will certainly return

  20. shopgirl

    Having lived there most of my life nothing could ever induce me to moving back.

  21. Paul Mead

    Very Cool!!

  22. Molly

    Where is the view at 1:00 from? It looks like it might be from one of the gardens, but I’m not sure!

  23. lee

    living here my whole life I have learned a valuable lesson, Portland is a land of opportunity. If you step up to take advantage of the opportunities is up to U.

  24. Matt

    No shots of homeless? No hipsters? No rain?

  25. Clancy

    Geesh how the the grid lock escape?

  26. Gloria

    Loved the video. Sure it didn’t cover it all, but what is included is spectacular. Born here too…hate the traffic, hate the unending rainy days, but this is home.

  27. Robert E Carr Sr.

    Megan,,,I agree 100% with cha…I love the city I was borne in, married in, had children in. left to serve time in the United States Air Force (to protect Oregonians right to be weird) and return to my beloved city…..Enjoy the company of family and friends in the prettiest city in America!! THE ROSE CITY!! PORTLAND, OREGON………

  28. Ruth Elliott

    This is a horrible video of Portland. All the beauty of it has been omitted and what we see are nothing but concrete and steel manmade structures that look over crowded and full of traffic. I didn’t like it at all. You should have shown the beautiful river and parks and trees……..natural things not manmade atrocities that destroyed the beauty of nature.

  29. Paul Monaco

    Ruth, I think you need a ” CHILL PILL ” Your point is well taken, but I agree with the majority here. The reply’s that are PROUD to live in, and be called a Portlander’s. The traffic is less than desirable, but it’s nothing compared to Beaverton… I would say smell the roses, but I think that’s already been used. LOL…

  30. Dick Mcdowell

    Finding Portland was produced, shot, and edited in 51 days during March and April at the invitation of TEDx Portland, where the video was unveiled to a sell out crowd of 650 and met with a standing ovation.


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