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This Amazing Time Lapse Of Asheville Will Make You Want To Move There

T-minus 3 minutes until you’re head over heels for Asheville.

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If you’ve never been Asheville, NC, this beautiful video will show you what you’ve been missing. With mountains on the horizon and an ocean of trees, this haven looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

This video isn’t just a tribute to Asheville—it’s a work of art all on its own.

My favorite moment is the sunlight washing over the treetops at 0:47. What’s yours?

Source: Scenic Time Lapse: Fall Foliage & Incredible Mountain Views – Asheville, North Carolina by Explore Asheville

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posted on: July 1, 2014
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  1. Jo

    Very little of this is Asheville. Beautiful yes but won’t be this way for long if people and corporations keep moving here. Remember Seattle and Portland were once quant quirky pretty liyyle cities, until California moved in.

  2. Bradley Brewer

    You dont have to move to Asheville. But you can move to a nearby town like fairview or Reynolds it is like a five minute drive from Reynolds to Asheville and all the forest and stuff is still there.

  3. Alan

    I lived there for a year and a half. Yes, there is beauty in Western NC. But (and I cringe for being a negative Nancy), the novelty of the area wears off quite quickly. Its expensive, wages are low. And the infamous “country mile” totally exists. And really how many times can you hang out downtown? And lastly, if I ever hear someone say to me again “I ‘don’t want to fuss at you”….or “How you be”… would be way too soon.

  4. Andrew Johnson

    Are there segments of Rough Ridge on the Parkway? What an awesome area! Makes me proud of where I live and where I’m from!

  5. Jeff S

    Sprawl is always the wrong answer.

  6. Bea

    Asheville is beautiful and has some of the kindest people there. I love to visit and I especially like to go to Biltmore. I can understand both sides of the coin here. I only live about 90 minutes from there and I still like to visit but I live in one of the cheapest counties in NC as far as property taxes and such. I can honestly say though the people that I have met from there are extremely nice. I hate that they have a hardship as many of us do for one reason or the other.

  7. Elaine

    Wonderfully put together video of many parts of Western North Carolina. But saying it is Asheville is a little misleading and extremely disappointing to those who live in or have actually been to the region.

  8. jill

    watching this didn’t make me ‘fall in love’ with Asheville – there was very little of the actual city of Asheville to see whether it was interesting and/or beautiful (to me) as a city. the wide shot, tall buildings and old church don’t tell anyone much about the actual town. not that I’m moving there, but plenty of people have suggested I would love it. no matter where you go it’s always going to be too expensive for someone and there will be homeless people, if there are places to sleep and food to scrounge. that’s the world we live in for now……

  9. Kim Heaton

    Great Video, but the majority of it is not in Asheville. You would have done better to describe it as ‘Asheville and the beautiful areas that surround it – here in NW North Carolina’………….

  10. Ila Seltzer

    I am curious about the source of the photo, “home ground”, where three people are lying on the ground next to a river. The man looks exactly like my deceased husband – from when he was alive of course! Loved the video!

  11. Cynthia

    Brother. Please don’t believe all the hype and move here… there are way too many people doing that now. I can’t afford to live here any more and I belong here (from here originally… a little respect, please). I NEVER would’ve come back here, but had to in order to care for family member. I had money when I came back… now, with 2 degrees, 20 years experience and excellent references, cannot find a “job”, oh, except restaurant work for minimum wage. I’m going to have to do something drastic to get out of here again. Anyone need a room, I may need a roommate for awhile to try and save some money!

  12. Doug

    My ancestors sacrificed everything to migrate to this lovely part of NC in the 1700s knowing full well they’d not like all they’d find. But they pressed on just to achieve their dream of having land of their own. They worked every waking hour to make their living off the land, to sew their own clothes and to cook every meal. Manufacturing came along paying more than farming but they still worked the land at night and weekends to make ends meet. My brother was the first in my family to go to college but the family paid the costs by raising tobacco and tomatoes. When I left for college in the early 80s Avlkk was just beginning the renaissance it enjoys today. I couldn’t wait to get out of town then but now, 30 years later, I’d love to move back. True, tourism has made Avl a tourist destination, making things more expensive but it has also fueled growth giving people access to things that would have never come to town. (We used to drive to Gvl b/c its mall was 2x Avl’s.) Many of the vocations are no longer there (farming,textiles, etc.) and, like the rest of the US,service jobs are plentiful but don’t pay high wages. Technology is where new, high paying jobs are being created. That’s why getting an excellent education is so crucial. The question is how do we get today’s youth to “see” this for themselves and work to achieve good grades. The middle income gap will continue to widen until that happens. Funny how things have come full circle. People are still working two (or more) jobs to get by. If you want higher paying jobs you’ll likely have to move (just like our ancestors did) to a larger city but know the quality of life will be worse. You’ll not like everything you find so treasure what you have in Avl. I wish I’d done more so myself.

  13. JustSayin'

    As a resident of WNC, near Asheville, I just laugh when Charlotteans’ eyes glaze over and their tongues drip when I tell them I live in the area. “Oh, I LUUUUUUVVVV Aaaaaaashevillllllle.” And THAT folks, is the problem when you move to a TOURIST town. You love, love, love the place when you visit. And you think it is going to be similar living in Asheville, (or Myrtle Beach, or Colorado, or wherever tourist area), as it is when you VISIT. Here’s the truth about the area: You’d BETTER bring a job with you. You’d BETTER have money in the bank and an exit strategy to boot. I’ve known MANY educated people who have come to WNC with some money and are stuck here because now they are BROKE…and depressed….and have no life.


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