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5 Yard Sale Tips: Treat Your Yard Sale Like An Annoying Co-Worker

With our list of helpful tips on how to approach the event, you’ll successfully unload those discarded goods onto other people.

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So you’ve finally discovered the home that you always dreamed of owning. You finished hefting your furniture into the moving truck, and are days away from finally inhabiting your new place. Now all you have left to clean up are those growing bundles of unwanted junk. Still trying to figure out what to do with your old belongings and how to end their homelessness? Take care of them the old-fashioned way—with a garage sale.

We all think of having a yard sale the same way we think about working on a big project with our peevish colleague: it’s annoying, inconvenient to organize, potentially problematic, and requires commitment and bargaining. But with our list of helpful tips on how to approach the event, you’ll successfully unload those discarded goods onto other people (or excel at your assignment).

1. Create a schedule (but don’t worry if you stray from it)

Eastlake Garage Sales, By Eastlaketimes

Your colleague could easily be less put together than your remarkably organized self and decide to wait until the last minute if the two of you haven’t created a schedule. Disaster might also strike your garage sale if you make other plans for the day of the event or forget to put up flyers, so make a list of when everything needs to get done.

  • People on the prowl for yard sales often ignore signs that aren’t legible (and they don’t stop at garage sales they don’t know about!)

2. Be willing to compromise

Ying Yang, By luca.sartoni

You might get stuck working with a stubborn co-worker who is willing to spend hours arguing about why their idea is best. The bargain hunters who show up to your yard sale can become a similar irritation. Let’s face it: the people who go to garage sales are trying to rip you off to score the lowest possible prices, and if you want to make a profit you should expect to give in or be stuck with the unwanted item.

  • Don’t forget your goal: You don’t want to have to bring the stuff with you when you move! Making a small profit is better than nothing

3. Beware of potential obstacles

overcoming obstacles, by The U.S. Army

Your co-worker may have limited time to work on the project, or can only meet at certain times during the week. Also be prepared to deal with permits or other problems while you’re organizing the yard sale, so make sure you’re complying with the latest regulations.

  • Reselling recalled children’s products will earn you a hefty fine under the “Resale Round-up” campaign from 2010
  • In 2011, a weekly garage sale held by an unemployed woman with cancer (who was trying to pay her bills) was shut down because she disobeyed the three-yard-sales-per-year rule

 4. Be friendly, but realistic

01 (161), by Victor 1558

The time you spend working on your project will likely not make you want to skip through a field of flowers and pick daisies. Likewise, planning a yard sale won’t be the highlight of your moving experience, but you’ll at least get some money for your discarded things.

 5. Tie up loose ends


The Great Karmic Clearance Sale, by Dr. Stephen Dann

You want to look good in front of your boss, so play nice with your co-worker by politely thanking them for their contributions after your project’s presentation. After a yard sale, you also want to avoid dealing with those pesky fines that many building owners charge to haul belongings you’ve left behind.

  • Duck unwelcome bills or police visits by donating your leftovers to Goodwill or disposing of them at your local dump
  • As a simple last resort, leave the remaining items on the curb with a “free” sign up
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