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30 Things People Always Ask When You’re From Vermont

Questions about maple syrup and other things people always ask you when you’re from Vermont

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1. Do You Put Maple Syrup On Everything?

Bottles of maple syrup

Source: Flickr user zaffi

Social norms say no, but the heart says yes.

2. What’s A “Creemee”?

Maple Creemee sign

Source: Flickr user Richard Schatzberger

So much more than just soft ice cream. And the best creemees are maple syrup flavored…

3. Do You Make Your Own Beer?

A row of local beers

Source: The Alchemist via Facebook

Maybe. And if not, I definitely have friends who do.

4. Why Are You Always Drinking Hard Cider?

Woodchuck hard cider

Source: Flickr user cavenagh

Because it’s delicious and made from ripe, Vermont apples. No more explanation needed.

5. Why Do You Have So Many Flannel Shirts?

A group of men in flannel shirts

Source: Flickr user melody hansen

They’re warm, they’re practical, and they look damn good on me.

6. Are You A Total Hippie?

Tie-dye shirts

Source: Flickr user lalounge

There are a lot of hippies in the Green Mountain State. That doesn’t mean we’re all hippies, but you’ll certainly see your fair share of tie-dye.

7. Why Are You Wearing A T-Shirt In 30 Degree Weather?

A man hikes in the snow

Source: Flickr user Kecko

30 degrees? That might as well be beach weather. You have to remember, it’s usually below zero here.

8. Why Are You Always Going To The Farmer’s Market?

A farmers market in Vermont

Source: The Vermont Farmers Market via Facebook

Because the freshest produce in the world is found at VT farmers markets.

9. Have You Ever Seen A Moose?

A painted moose statue

Source: Flickr user Heather

Probably. Just make sure it doesn’t see you. Or get in the way of your car…

10. What’s A Flatlander?

A meme about driving in the snow

Source: Maine Memes

New Yorkers and Bay Staters who think they own Vermont.

11. Do You Ski Or Snowboard?

A couple cross-country skis

Source: Flickr user Avery Studio

Both. The more modalities for playing in the snow, the better.

12. Have You Tried Every Ben And Jerry’s Flavor?

A pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream

Source: Ben And Jerry’s via Facebook

Yes, even the ones in the ice cream graveyard.

13. Why Are You Always Eating Cheese?

A little girl kisses a cow

Source: Cabot Creamery via Facebook

Vermont is home to 150,000 cows, Cabot Creamery, and the best darn goat cheese you’ll ever taste in your life. Yeah, cheese is pretty necessary here.

14. Do You Drive A Snowmobile?

A group of snowmobilers

Source: Snowmobile Vermont via Facebook

Not everyone does, but everyone should. It’s a perfectly acceptable way to get around when there’s six feet of snow on the ground.

15. What’s Your Opinion On Leaf-Peepers?

Autumn trees

Source: Flickr user Anthony Quintono

We like their business, but their driving? Not so much.

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16. Why Are You Always Waving To Strangers?

A smiling couple

Source: Flickr user mahalie

Chances are, they aren’t strangers. Not only are Vermonters friendly–there also aren’t that many of us. So if you see us in the grocery store talking to every person we see, that’s because we probably know every person we see.

17. Do You Swim In The Nude?

A couple swimming in a lake

Source: Flickr user mahalie

Vermont does have many a nude beach and swimming hole. It’s awfully refreshing…

18. What’s A Cider Doughnut?

A woman eats a donut

Source: Flickr user Dannyben

It’s only the most delicious doughnut you’ll ever taste.

19. Where Are All Of The Billboards?

A barn in the countryside of Vermont

Source: Flickr user calliope

There are no billboards in the state of Vermont–we prefer to keep our nature beautiful instead of littered with roadside advertisements.

20. Why Don’t You Pronounce The “T” In Vermont?

A Welcome To Vermont sign

Source: Flickr user mpd01605

No one in Vermont pronounces the “T”. It’s “Vermon’”. And “mountain” is “moun’n”.

21. Why Do You Always Have So Many Mosquito Bites?

A mosquito meme

Source: Quick Meme

Because mosquitoes are literally everywhere here and like to take out their hateful vengeance on human beings.

22. Is There Actually A Lake Monster?

A dedication to Champ

Source: Flickr user cavedragon

Yes. His name is Champ. And I’ve seen him, or know someone who has.

23. Did You Always Have A Ton Of Snow Days?

Two people and a sled in the snow

Source: Flickr user docsearls

Nope. In fact, we hardly ever had snow days. In VT, we drive to school and work in the snow because we’re tough. No complaining.

24. Why Are You Always Saying “802”?

A woman does Yoga outside

Source: Vermont Tourism via Facebook

Because it’s only the greatest area code of all time…and it’s every Vermonter’s area code.

25. Why Is Your Car Always Covered In Mud?

A road through the snow
Source; Flickr user Putneypics

It’s called mud season. And it’s pretty much half the year in VT…

26. Why Do You Call Pubs “Taverns”?

A group of people at a bar

Source: Church Street Tavern via Facebook

Um, we call taverns “taverns.” And they are so much better than pubs.

27. What’s Your Deal With GMOs?

Young corn stalks

Source: VT RIght To Know GMOs via Facebook

We would just rather our vegetables not be mutants.

28. Why Do You Have So Many “Country Stores”?

A country store in Vermont

Source: Flickr user shan213

Country Stores are more than just convenience stores: they capture the essence of what it means to be living and working in a small, New England town in Vermont. So don’t hate on the country stores.

29. Are All Of Your Bridges Covered?

A covered bridge

Source: Flickr user John Hoey

No, but many are for sure. In fact, there are 100 covered bridges throughout the state.

30. Would You Ever Leave Vermont?

A rainbow over the Vermont countryside

Source: Vermont Tourism via Facebook

Short answer: No. Once you see the beautiful scenery and meet the friendly people, chances are you won’t want to leave either.

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