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30 Instagram Photos that Will Make You Fall in Love with Milwaukee

These 30 pictures will instantly make you want to move to Milwaukee.

Natalie Grigson

Staff Writer

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Whether you’re a Milwaukee native, vacationer, or virgin, these 30 Instagram photos are sure to make you fall in love with Brew City.

1. Because this work of art is just the casing. #MilwaukeeArtMuseum

2. Because you can step into Rome on your lunch break. #Basilicaofstjosaphat

3. Because this could be your new favorite spot to take a walk… #kettlemoraineforest

4. …Or this… #hoanbridge

5. …Or this. #Downtown

6. Because you can hang out with tigers… #milwaukeezoo

7. …And stroll through the jungle… #mitchellparkdomes

8. …And even though they’re stuffed, these otters are still pretty cute. #milwaukee_public_museum

9. Because this is the public library… #holycolumnsbatman

10. …And this is the neighborhood cheese shop. #oldworldthirdstreet

11. Because in Milwaukee, the Fonz will never grow old. #bronzefonz

12. …It’s never too cold for a bike ride… #thirdwardmilwaukee

13. …Especially if this is your bike. #harleydavidsonmuseum

14. Milwaukee is a land of creativity… #CassStreetPark

15. …Of concerts…#pabsttheater

16. …Coffee… #alterracoffee

17. …And whatever this thing is. #milwaukee

18. You’ll love Milwaukee, because somewhere in this city, you can get these. #Amy’s

19. Because this is your sunrise… #lakemichigan

20. … And your sunset. #milwaukeeriverwalk

21. Because the winters in Milwaukee… #Milwaukeeweather

22. …Will make you that much more grateful for the summers. #bradfordbeach

23. You’ll fall in love with this city, because it is home to so many beautiful sites…#northpointlighthouse

24. …And Heather Graham… #Shesjusthot

25. …And Steve here. #milwaukeepeople

26. Because Milwaukee is a haven for drinkers. #milwaukeelovesbeer

27. …For tourists… #pabstmansion

28. …And Hobbits alike. #milwaukee

29. I mean really, how can you not love a land where every dog has his day… #milwaukeedog

30. … And a photo like this can be taken? #milawkeerules

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posted on: August 1, 2015
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  1. Aaron Renzelmann

    whaaaat no milverine?!

  2. Nicole B

    No Summerfest photos? Classic Milwaukee…

  3. MKE lover

    and where is the cover photo of downtown….?

  4. Chad Salter

    We say all the time how much we love where we live. I do wish there was a picture of an inland lake full of people on a sunny winter day in there too

  5. javanutpaul

    check out Summers In Milwaukee songvideo

  6. Steven MacArthur

    What a great collection on one of my biggest passions: Milwaukee! Some comments, if I may…
    #1: even the underground parking was designed to be artistic
    #2: the only Polish-Catholic Basilica in North America; my gandparents were married there in 1942
    #3: The Kettle Moraine has so many well-preserved glacial landforms, people come from all over the world to study them-right in our backyard!
    #4: The bridge named for Daniel Hoan, declared to be the eight-best mayor in AMERICAN history!

    #8: a great diorama at the Milwaukee Public Museum – THE place that actually invented the concept of the diorama!

    #11: If one is in the mood to see bronze statues of Milwaukeeans, after visiting with “The Fonz,” why not take a walk to 7th and Kilbourn, to MacArthur Square? There, one will find a brinze statue of an actual Milwaukeean: General Of The Army (and West Division grad) Douglas MacArthur.

    #16: Now called Collectivo: new name, same great java.

    #19: In Journey’s song “Lights,” if one word is changed, it easily changes to a song about Milwaukee: “When the lights go down in the city…and the sun shines on the LAKE…oh, I wanna be there, in my city by the LAKE…”

    #21: There is a Scandinavian saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather; there is only bad clothing.”

    #27: My great-great aunt was a cook for the Pabst family there.

  7. Kleopatra54

    What about the “Made In Milwaukee” guys in their kilts?

  8. Shannon

    Amy’s, the place for the caramel apples, is in Cedarburg, not Milwaukee.

  9. Austine & Missy

    Nice pictures….good job.

  10. Sue

    Next time all you complainers can take the pictures! I thought it was lovely. No way you could capture everything in Milwaukee. Good Job!

  11. Elton

    Where was #11 taken?

  12. Malinda Gonzalez

    Love it love it !! :-*

  13. beverly natunen

    Pictures are beautiful. Thank you for reminding me of my visits to my family.

  14. Kim Ruth

    So taking a shot in any part of the city is quite easy. Okay, with these Instagram pictures of this beautiful green landscape and awesome buildings depicting an abundance of work, you will not only be convinced that Nairobi is a remarkable, and extremely beautiful city, but it will also make you see the beautiful en-tranced in the eyes of the instagrammers.


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