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25 Reasons To Move To Salt Lake City

Planning to settle and living in Salt Lake City. Check out your insider's guide to everything that makes Salt Lake City wonderful.

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1. Free Concerts at Pioneer Park

Free Live Concerts Reasons for Living in Salt Lake City

Source: Flickr user Alanagkelly

During the summer, the Twilight Concert Series assembles bands popular enough to sell out giant venues– for free. And I am not talking Bieber. More like MGMT, Empire of the Sun, The Nationals, Ludacris… All you have to do is get in line a year ago.

2. We Got Your Job Right Here

Best Place to Get Job for Tech Person is a Salt Lake City

Source: Flickr user Victor1558

Tech businesses go here to blow up. Adobe and the peeping-tom-NSA just opened up shop, and the unemployment rate is way below average. So, if you can’t get a job here…

3. The Mountains Are Your Neighbor

If You Love Mountains, Then Start Living in Salt Lake City
You’re surrounded by them. They serve two main functions: being gorgeous and blocking tornadoes. No SHARKNADO here.

4. Every Other State’s Snow Might as Well be Yellow

Don’t like Yellow Snow - Start Living in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

Some magical combination of density and moisture makes Utah snow the absolute best if you ski, snowboard, or throw snowballs for a living. Speaking of…

5. Skiing and Snowboarding Wonderland

Like Adventure Sports like Skiing and Snow Boarding Visit Salt Lake City

Source: Flickr user Magic Robot

Seven world-class ski resorts are within minutes of Salt Lake City. If you hate snow, Solitude Mountain Resort turns into a Frisbee golf course during the summer. Ever thrown a frisbee from a balcony? Times that by a mountain.

6. Every Celebrity Goes to Sundance

Sundance Film Festival Attract People to Living in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

Oh, you know, just that annual Sundance Film Festival hosted in Park City, turning out films like “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Reservoir Dogs”, and “Momento”. Nothing really.

7. A Big Salty, Alien Gravesite

Big Salty Flats - Living in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

You know when Will Smith is punching aliens in “Independence Day” on a big, white plain? Those are the Bonneville Salt Flats. They’re salty, flat and…. thats about it. However, fast cars make use of them to break sound barriers.

8. Salt Lake City Is the Mormon Mecca

Mormon Church in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

Salt Lake City is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or in others words, “Mormons.” Everyone loves to hate on them, but they are responsible for an architectural masterpiece in the Salt Lake Temple, which took over 40 years and 5,604 prayers to build.

9. Everything Is Closed on Sunday

Love to Have Off On Sundays Then Settle in Salt Lake City

Source: Flickr user UrbanWanderer

Not everything, but you’ll be snubbed quite often when you try to visit different shops. Hopefully you don’t need to eat or anything on Sunday.

10. Home of World’s First KFC

Home of World’s First KFC - Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

I am not sure what that says about Utah. I’ve never actually eaten at KFC because I like my heart, but I guess Utah is responsible for thinking buckets of greasy chicken is a good idea.

11. You Can Pretend You Are an Olympian… Until You Land

2002 Winter Olympic Venue in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

In 2002, Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics. That’s pretty cool. But what do you do with Olympic venues after the Olympics are over? Why, open them up to the public!

12. Be Part of a “Holy War”

University American Foot Ball Game - Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

Its Brigham Young University versus the University of Utah… Locally, it’s thought of as saints versus heathens, respectively. Just be careful about what color you wear on game day. Red is for University of Utah, Blue is for hell.

13. Local Bands that Will Be Famous Very Soon

Local Bands Reasons For Living in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

Salt Lake and the surrounding areas are known for awesome local music. You may have heard of a few… Neon Trees? Imagine Dragons? The Used?

14. Local, Independent Radio – X96 Radio From Hell

X96 Radio Station - Salt Lake City

Source: X96

X96 is one of the longest running local radio stations. They actually play good music… which makes it the only one in the US. The “Radio From Hell” morning show is a healing salve for commuters, and the “Boners of the Day” segment features people who make you feel like a genius.

15. A More Useful Engine… Sorry Thomas

Well Connected and Free Railway Services in Downtown Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

A high speed choo-choo! The UTA Frontrunner gets you 80 miles in just over an hour. And when you are in downtown Salt Lake, the smaller light rail system is free, with 80 percent less weirdos compared to other mass transit cities.

16. You’ll Never Get Lost

Very Planned City You Never Get Lost Best Reason For Living in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

Think of Salt Lake City as a big grid, with lines going north-south and east-west. Getting from point A to point B is now just counting the lines. Even if you are directionally-impaired, the Wasatch mountains are East, and from there, “Never Eat Soggy Waffles”.

17. Fry Sauce Is What’s Missing From Your Life

Artic Circle Free Sauce With Fast Food - Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

This dream sauce which was created by Utah-based Arctic Circle is fantastic on everything. Burgers, fries, hot dogs, chicken… If you are in California, you can try asking for campfire sauce. If you are in another state, have fun with your crap-chup.

18. Ruth’s Diner

Ruth’s a Historical Dinner in Trolley Car Serive Attractions in Salt Lake City
Five minutes up Emigration canyon, and you hit Ruth’s Diner. You sit down and they put a biscuit the size of your face on a plate. Anything you do afterwards doesn’t really matter; you’ll still dream of the giant face-biscuit you had for breakfast.

19. The Great Salt Lake, +15 to Floating

The Salt Lake Located in City 5 Times Saltier Then Sea

Source: Wikipedia

The Great Salt Lake is 2 to 5 times saltier than the ocean. People go to the lake just to float as it is unusually easy. I have yet to try putting “very small rocks” in there, but I presume they would also float.

20. The Home of the Utahraptor

Salt Lake City - The Home of Utahraptor
Guess what? The velociraptor you saw in Jurassic Park was actually the size of a turkey. The Utahraptor, discovered in Utah (duh), is the biggest raptor to walk the Earth and the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park resurrected full-sized sculptures based on fossil skeletons to prove it.

21. You Can Buy Grass Fed Raw Milk

Real Food Market Located in Salt Lake City Reason for Moving.

Source: Real Foods Market

Real Foods Market created their own standards. They operate their own farm, raising dairy and beef cattle, chickens, pigs and even beehives, and package everything under their own brand, including the oft-misunderstood raw milk. People get the heebies over unpasteurized milk, but I drink this stuff like water. Either Real Foods knows what they are doing, or my DNA is 100 percent salmonella.

22. Free Movies at Your Local Park

Want To Watch Free Movies Then Come to Salt Lake City Local Park

Source: Salt Lake City

Parks all across Salt Lake host movie nights during the summer, and project family-friend shows on giant screens. In fact, a major ski and snowboard resort, Snowbird, offers movies on their deck. Free movies on a mountain while sitting next to a family of 100. What could be better?

23. Bike Racing Torture that People Sign Up For

Bike Racing Torture in Salt Lake City

Source: Wikipedia

Tour of Utah, America’s toughest stage race. Over 8 miles of vertical climbs. Only 50 percent of the riders even made it through the race in 2010.

24. Is Craigslist on Steroids - Salt Lake City

Source: has got it going on. News is news, but where shines is the classifieds section. Because of’s readership, listing something in the classifieds section is like having a garage sale and inviting everyone in Utah. And Nigeria.

25. The Nicest City in America. Really!

Nicest City in America - Salt Lake City

Source: Flickr user kthrn

Every city says this. But Salt Lake people are nice. Your neighbor will shovel your walk and a stranger will fix your flat tire.

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posted on: September 9, 2013
144,966 views, 24 comments


  1. Pete Clampett

    Nicest place? Yeah, if you are white, Mormon, and Far-right Republican.

    • MIke C. in response to Pete Clampett

      “…white, Mormon, and Far-right Republican…”? Wrong dude. But I prefer outsiders to think that. It keeps them away in droves.

    • An in response to Pete Clampett

      Actually, Pete Clampett is right. I know because I lived there. Unless you are involved in a graduate program at the University of Utah, it’s very hard to live here if you aren’t white and Mormon.

  2. Dillon Graves

    “And stay outta my inversion too you crazy, compassionate, beautiful bastard!”

  3. Lorraine

    YES, nice, despite not being white, non Mormon or Republican!

    We may be outnumbered, but there is a huge artistic, friendly, non repressed population here!

    Just be yourself, and accept that everybody else can as well…

  4. steve shay

    I have been to the first KFC, and it is in Kentucky near Mammoth Cave. the first franchise was in Salt Lake City.

  5. Daniel C

    You could use a lesson in fact checking, as your number one hasn’t been true for the last two years.

  6. Mkw

    #13- the Imagine Dragons are from Las Vegas. The lead singer is LDS, but they started out in Vegas, not SLC.

    • JKM in response to Mkw

      Actually they started off in Provo and then moved to Vegas after they were more established.

  7. bOB

    Just some fact checking:

    -The Twilight Concert Series is not free. $5 is still a great steal, but not free.

    -The Mountains do not “block tornadoes.” In fact, the deadliest tornado in Utah history CLIMBED a mountain.

    -What makes Utah’s snow so great for skiing is the LACK of moisture. It makes it powdery, which also makes it hard to make into a snowball.

  8. halyn

    aw Utah!! Salt lake is just a glimpse of our awesome state!! so many reasons to visit! I promise, not all of us white, Mormon, republicans are all that bad;) and not all of us graduated from the U and we’re still surviving! … seriously! what is the point of such negative posts?! geez, people are depressing!

  9. Chris

    Utah is beautiful. It is what you make of it. If your negative you get negative back. Yes we had 1 severe tornado. But we do not get many due to the terrain. Yes there is the inversion yet many other cities also have bad air quality. Mormons have evolved with the times. Most people still have views of what once was instead of knowing and understanding what is now the standards.

  10. Expat

    Colonel Sanders sold his fried chicken in his restaurant in Kentucky using his secret blend of spices, but the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was still in Utah. The restaurant in Kentucky was “Sanders Court & Café”

  11. Belva

    I love Utah. I think you find nice and unkind people where ever you live. I like how clean it is down town and the people are usually very nice. I know several Mormons and find them very pleasant to be around. Makes me laugh at all the haters. I think they are just looking for an excuses to hate. I would live in Utah if I could. Maybe some day.

  12. dean

    LOVE SLC! the mountains so close, the “city” which is very small, it’s fun and beautiful. But yes, it’s very hard to meet people when you are not LDS. For a short time lived in the lower avenues 2 minutes from downtown, and none of my neighbors were LDS, more then a few tweakers, and a few weirdos, also lived for a short time in the greater avenues, some LDS, but plenty of non LDS. If I lived there growing up, probably would have stayed, but it was just too hard to develop friendships there.

  13. ED

    “Everyone loves to hate on them…”. “Red is for University of Utah, Blue is for hell.” Is this guy a mini-Adolf Hitler in the making? Or is he just part of the new KKK? Substitute these comments about other ethnic or religious groups and wouldn’t they be out of line?

  14. Samuel

    Why does the article refer to Mormons as “Everyone loves to hate” on them? They(we)are half of the population of SLC. I am mormon and I have a Catholic co-worker who just moved from Cincinnati, Ohio that can’t stop telling me about how much they like it here and they live in an apartment in SLC. He said the people are much nicer. Go figure. Without Mormons then SLC slides in the same urban decay as the rest of Americans urban areas.

    • jim in response to Samuel

      The truth is Utah and SLC have some very enviable demographics compared to the rest of the country believe me. Washington DC, where I live, is very “cool” so cool I couldn’t tell you my neighbors last name, its 24 hours of traffic, one inch of snow closes school, 80% of the District is at the poverty level (not the suburbs but some of those could put the fear of God in the most hardened criminal) DC’s crime is nationally known, there are stores in Arlington where if you speak only English you’ll have a tough time getting service if you have a question – same can be said of a Germantown CVS or Target. That said, DC usually has a strong job market – well until you know who showed up. There are some very interesting places to work being the nations capital, outstanding museums, its extremely multicultural – almost everyone is from somewhere else, world class dining and shopping. Oh and summers that rival Florida’s or near enough.

  15. Erika

    Salt Lake City is a wonderful place to live and raise children. Some big businesses have set up shop here, and everything is closed on Sunday, emphasizing time spent together as a family! If you want a safe and quiet city, look towards Salt Lake City!

  16. Terri

    Considering moving from Orlando to SLC. Would a single, female, 50 y/o Lutheran woman without children fair well there? Been through hell and back, yet still wake up with an enthusiastic, grateful and positive outlook. Ready to start the next chapter…free to go ANY where. I’ve only flown in & out of SLC for a ski trip to Park City, but I just can’t get that beautiful mountain range view out of my heart and mind. And that was about ten years ago! SLC has my heart. Any feedback is welcome! Please and thank you :)

  17. KC

    Ok if you mormons (don’t call yourself “LDS” thats so pretentious and everyone knows what you really are) are so special and nice, then why do you hate us gay people?? Explain that one to me!! its not our fault we were born this way! We’re moving to Colorado in 4 years after my GF graduates from her doctorate program and Univ of Utah. Yeah Boulder!!!!!

  18. Roundtrip

    Are we all talking about the same Salt Lake City, Utah? I have flown out several times to ski and visit the area and never met a stranger.. All the people were all wonderful. Maybe you didn’t have an open heart at the rime. “Two men look out from prison bars, the one sees mud, the other sees stars . If you have a sweet spirit and smile at people, they will feel safe to say hello and befriend you. Give it another try before you give up..

  19. Jay

    I grew up in Salt Lake and have lived in the downtown area for about ten years. I love it here. It has it’s issues like any city, but it’s a fun place to live. the arts community here is amazing, there’s a lot to do if you enjoy the outdoors, its easy to get around, great restaurants and bars, great festivals fairs and farmer’s markets and a healthy economy, not to mention the relatively low low cost of living compared to other cities. I just bought a house five minutes from the city center for less than 200,000 dollars. Try that anywhere else.

  20. Judy

    Wow, are people that critical of every city, lol. There are always exceptions, but generally a smile is met with a smile, frowns are met with frowns and kindness generates kindness. If you try to make a go of where you’re living and it just doesn’t work, move. Especially now, with the whole world so vocal, you can easily find where you want to be with those who think exactly like you, your religion, your politics, your sexual preference…and how dull is that? Live and let live. Sounds like Salt Lake has an abundance of everything.


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