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10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Hidden gems await in The Gateway to the West.

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1. Hello, Is It Tree You’re Looking For?

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Flickr user germanny

How friendly are Omahans? Well let’s put it this way, even the trees will greet you. Or at least the one in the Dodge Park Area will. Is it really any surprise this would happen in the very state that invented Arbor Day? Now it just needs a leafy counterpart to bid a you a “frond” farewell. Sorry couldn’t resist.

2. Climb These Morphing Stairs If You Dare

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Flickr user Max Coronel

Hummel Park is known for macabre events that happened back in the day, including lynchings and animal sacrifices. Fittingly, there are plenty of spooky doings, including a staircase there of approximately 200 steps. “Approximate” because every time you go up or down these steps you will get a different count.

3. We Predict You’ll Be Creeped Out By This Spooky Statue

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Wiki user Cfborn

Situated in a Council Bluffs park, the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial, also known as the Black Angel, is said to predict imminent death. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, the statue’s eyes follow you as you move about the park.

The statue was commissioned in honor of Mrs. Dodge’s death. Coincidentally, it was sculpted by Daniel Chester French, the gent who created the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.

4. Tune Into The Scarewaves From This Phantom Radio Station

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Flickr user Hoffnungsschimmer

The Omaha radio station Magic 1490 plays a continuous loop of much-loved oldies by Buddy Holly, Bobby Darin and the likes. Only thing is no one seems to know who is playing the music or who is funding the station.

The FCC doesn’t seem to know much about the origins of Magic 1490 either. It tracked down a name for the owner of the station but beyond that, it’s stumped. It hasn’t been able to locate a physical address.

5. You Don’t Need A Toupee To See This Piece Of History

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Flickr user Richard Elzey

A man actually had a portion of his head and hair scalped by a Cheyenne Indian and he lived to tell the tale… And share his hair, which is just creepy.

William Thompson was traveling to Lexington in 1867 when his train was attacked by the Cheyenne tribe. He was shot and scalped and survived. After attempting to have his hair reattached, and failing, he decided to sell it for money in England. The scalp eventually made its way to a Nebraska public library where it was displayed for 75 years.

6. You’ve Just Gotta See The Grotto

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Flickr user Emarline

Urban explorers in Omaha don’t have to travel very far for this hidden gem—tucked away along side the tower at St. Joseph’s Hospital is an abandoned grotto just waiting to be explored. However there is no electricity so be sure to explore by flashlight.

7. This Omaha Attraction Gets Our Stamp Of Approval

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Flickr user germanny

Covered in more than 4 million stamps, the stamp ball is 32 inches in diameter and weighs more than 600 pounds!

It all began in the 1950s with a group of boys in the Boys Town Visitor Center who were bored. They used a golf ball for the base, and never, in their wildest of imaginations, did they think it would grow into a world record-breaking attraction.

8. At This Omaha Restaurant Your Dining Companions Wear Masks

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Alpine Inn via Facebook

Diners at the Alpine Inn are in for a unique experience. While most places have busboys to clear away your leftovers, diners here are encouraged to throw discarded chicken bones from their meals to the to feral cats and raccoons who eagerly wait just outside the dining area for scraps.

9. See What The Buzz Is About At This Stimulating Secret

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Sapp Bros Omaha via Facebook

There is debate over which is the world’s largest coffee pot but one of the largest is surely at the Sapp Brother’s truck stop. Of course it’s so large it could never be a secret, but not everyone knows that on cold days, steam can be seen coming out of the spout and the percolator light on top flashes from time to time.

10. Omaha Has A Real Underground Art Scene

10 Secret Things In Omaha You Didn’t Know Existed

Source: Phil Hawkins Studio via Facebook

Beneath the downtown streets of Omaha lies a hidden network of large vaults that were once used for storing coal and merchandise. There’s also rumor that a crime boss used the underground spaces to run a bootlegging operation and prostitution ring.

One such space—a three-story vault underneath Farnam 1600 Building—has been converted by contemporary artist Phil Hawkins into his working studio.

Did we miss anything? Tell us your favorite secret spot in Omaha in the comments below!

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posted on: August 6, 2014
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  1. Ben Caldwell

    There is a semi-creepy statue and alter hidden away by a church in Bellevue (suburb of Omaha) just off of the intersection of HWY 370 (aka Mission St) and Galvin Road – very close to the Bellevue entrance to Offutt AFB.

  2. Lance Spaulding

    I know of a place down by the airport that has a small piece of the Titanic locked away in a vault.

  3. Tiffany

    Two of these are in Council Bluffs, IA and certainly not secrets.

  4. Sally

    Thanks for the article. My only quibble is that Omaha is not The Gateway to the West, that would be St Louis. :)

  5. Keven Currie

    Eternally ever changing sound sculpture. Standing Bear Lake just north of 120th & Fort St.

  6. stepho87

    Not exactly sure where, but according to my husband there is a cemetary in either plattsmouth or murray where witches were buried and haunt the graveyard

  7. aud01

    Balls cemetery in gretna

  8. Mica75

    Ball cemetery is closer to Springfield, NE go at dusk!

  9. Lisa Pelkey

    When I was 16 , some friends and I were able to get into (I believe) the Creighton University library and found underground tunnels. They went for a long way through the entire campus and maybe thru some area outside of campus. Is this part of the underground Farnam 1600 bldg?

  10. Brian

    Sorry, lived in Bellevue 42 years, dont know said alter or statue. Only thing remotely in that area is Columbian Fathers monestary. As for Bellevue being a suburb of Omaha, other way around as Bellevue is the f I rst settled city in Nebraska. As it was also t g e first capital of the state.

  11. mary

    The witch gravesite is just south of plattsmouth. Her name is Hanna! Many spooky things have happened while visiting Hanna’s Grave.


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