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40 Infamous Villain Hideouts You Wish Were Real

Dr. Evil's Lair? The Technodrome from Ninja Turtles? The Death Star? Which villain's lair is the biggest and best?

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Name Of Hideout Villain or Organization Sizing Explanation Height Width
The Chum Bucket Plankton We approximated the size at 3.75 feet based on its proportional appearance on the TV show. 3.75 feet tall 11.91" dia.
Buffalo Bill's House Buffalo Bill We used the average size of a one-story suburban home.
Sid's House Sid We used the measurements of an average two-story suburban home. 22 ft tall 35 ft wide
Los Pollos Hermanos Gus The size measurements are based off the real-life filming location of Twisters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 19 ft tall 40 ft wide
Discovery One HAL 9000 The overall size is 140.1 m long, 16.7 m wide, and 17 m high. The command module diameter is 16.5 m. The reactor module length is 32.2 m. The reactor module draft is 8.8m. The mass is 5,400 tonnes. 16.7 m 17 m
Candyland Calvin Candie Candyland is based on the real-life Evergreen Plantation in New Orleans. 50 Ft 65 Ft
Ursula's Grotto Ursula The grotto is described as whale-size, so we used the average size of a whale as our approximation. 70 Ft 58 Ft
Snowy Lair of Jadis, The White Witch of Narnia We used the movie and photos to estimate proportions and determine a general size of the structure. 82 ft tall 98 ft wide
Secret Lab Yzma The roller coaster is estimated to be at least 100 feet tall. The train intersects with the roller coaster, which suggests the cavern that contains the lab is much larger. We used the entrance to help represent the size because there are no detailed drawings of the inside. 100+ ft tall 50+ ft wide
Bates Hotel Norman Bates Using images from the movie, we determined it is seven rooms long and one story tall. The Bates house is a two-story structure behind the motel. 7 rooms long. One story tall (11 ft tall). Two story house (22 ft tall
Dracula’s Castle (Romania) Dracula The measurements are based on the real Bran Castle in Romania. 125 95
The Jolly Roger Captain Hook We used images from the movie and the average size of replica ships built to estimate an average size. 113 ft (Tallest mast) 145 ft length
Burns Manor (Springfield) Montgomerey Burns There are no public measurements, but based on photos, it is a three-floor mansion with137 rooms on the inside. 87 ft tall (base to top of dome) 150 ft wide
Duloc Castle Lord Farquaad Using images from the first movie, we estimated the size of the tallest tower and then determined the size of main walls based on the two-story houses enclosed inside. The main area (houses, and maybe the wall) are around 22 ft tall but the towers are around 150 ft tall.
Jabba's Palace Jabba The Hutt Using images and the movie, we were able to estimate the average size of the tower and the structures around it. 102 ft (tallest point) 154 ft wide
The Flying Dutchman Davy Jones Using the dimensions of the prop ship, we were able to determine the size of the movie ship. 170ft long
Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane Dr. Vannacutt Because there is no exact measurement, we estimated the size based on the images shown in the movie and descriptions of the rooms the characters visit. 7 stories tall (75 ft) from the edge of the cliff, then 9 stories down (98 ft).
Malfoy Manor Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters Malfoy Manor is based on Hardwick Hall. 84 Ft 280 Ft
The Green Goblin’s Mansion Green Goblin The mansion is a mashup of two buildings. The building is located in New York City, while the interior is based on the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. 300 Ft
Volcano Lair Blofeld Using the dimensions of the real-life set, we estimated the size of the hideout. 126 feet 300 feet
The Floating Cocoon The Monarch Using images from the show, we were able to estimate the average size of the structure. 315 ft tall 250 ft wide
The Riddler’s Base (Claw Island) The Riddler We used the movie to estimate proportions and determine a general size of the structure. 345 ft tall
Forbidden Mountain Maleficent Using photos and the movie we were able to estimate the size of the castle. 350 ft tall 190 ft wide
Temple of Gozer Gozer It is an exact replica of a Seboullian temple on top of an exaggerated version of the Shandor Building in NYC. Using the number of windows, we estimated the new size of the building. 450 ft tall
Arecibo Observatory Alec Trevelyan The size measurements are on the real-world Arecibo Observatory. 1,000 feet in diameter
Salazen Grum The Red Queen We estimated the size of the castle using photos from the movie and descriptions from the book. 1,736 ft (tallest tower) Around 1,650ft wide
Mojo Jojo's Observatory Mojo Jojo Using images from the show, we determined the lair itself is not that large, but its height rivals that of most of the skyscrapers in Townsville because it is built on an active volcano. 1,800 ft (from mountain base to top of telescope) 410 wide at base
Mt. Crumpit The Grinch Mt. Crumpit is 3,000 feet tall and houses the Grinch's lair, a large, open chamber roughly the size of a department store. 3,000 ft tall (moutain portion)
The Technodrome Krang There are few versions of the Technodrome, but this is based off the early seasons of TNMT. It contains about 972 rooms, which is mentioned in the episode "The Missing Map." 975 Ft 3,550 FT (circumference)
Barad-dûr (Mordor) Sauron The area covered is roughly 162,000 square miles but the tower itself is 1,400M tall. 1,400 M
Isengard (Angrenost) Saruman At its peak, the tower reached a height of more than 500 feet. 500ft tall
Zorg HQ Mr. Zorg Zorg has one of the tallest buildings in the city. Based on the script, we learned that most buildings reach up to 600 stories. We used that information to determine the size of his tower. 6,496 ft tall (600 stories)
Nemesis Decepticons We estimated the length at 2.5 miles, the estimated wingspan of 1.5 miles, and a height of 1.25 miles. 1.25 miles 1.5 miles (wingspan)
Lonely Mountain Smaug We estimated this to be 3,000 meters in height, based on artist renderings of Ereborn compared to the Matterhorn in Switzerland. 3,000m 9842 ft.
Borg Cube Borg Queen The cube measures 28 cubic kilometers in volume. 28 cubic kilometers in volume 28 cubic kilometers in volume
Syndrome’s Volcanic Hideout (Nomanisan Island) Syndrome (aka Incredi-boy) Nomanisan Island is located on a GPS indicator on a map in the movie where Easter Island is supposed to be. The size of Easter Island is 63.2 square miles. 63.2 square miles
diameter = 2*(63.2/Pi)^.5
=47289 ft.
Crucible Daleks The Crucible resembles the Death Star from Star Wars in size and shape and Unicron (planet mode) from Transformers in design. Similar to the size of the deathstar
Death Star I Lord Vader We used the book "Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections" by David West Reynolds to determine the size. 160 km in diameter
524934 ft
160 km in diameter
Spaceballs 1 (Mega Maid) Dark Helmet The size of Spaceball 1 is estimated to match the size of the Death Star 1.
Death Star II Darth Vader The measurements are taken from the book "Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy" by Curtis Saxon. 900km diameter
Dark Castle Evil Queen Standard evil castle size
Dr. No’s Hideout (Crab Key Island, Jamaica) Dr. No 50 square miles – OVERVIEW:
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posted on: January 29, 2014
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  1. Somethingsomething

    Why is a single Borg cube classified as a “hideout”, instead of the Borg Unicomplex? A single Borg cube is just another ship among God knows how many ships, but there’s only one Unicomplex, where their Queen likes to hang out and be bitchy.

  2. Patrick Bright

    One slight correction about the entry on the Lonely Mountain. What made Smaug so formidable was not that his hide was coated in gold, but that his otherwise unarmored underbelly was embedded with a great many diamonds that he had been sleeping on for many years. “A diamond waistcoat” as Bilbo put it. Offered perfect protection except for one bare patch on his chest.

  3. Hugz

    I want Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated to be real!

  4. Charlobrine

    I’m with Hugz, I wish it was real.

  5. PrezGAR

    Sauruman’s tower is located in Isengard, but it’s name is Orthanc.

    And no love for Mumm-Ra’s black pyramid or Cobra Island?

  6. Chris P.

    These are great! But there are so many I’d want to add – Arcade’s Murderworld from X-Men, the Hall of Doom from Super Friends, Galactus’ ship, Apokolips, Cavendish Hall from Hellboy…. for a comic nerd, the list is virtually endless. But totally cool nonetheless!

  7. RMR

    What about Wily E. Coyote’s cave?

  8. Fliyntiger

    Nope, not the cave, after all, it’s “Wily E. Coyote, SUPERGENIUS”……

  9. Todd Clifford

    The Death Star wasn’t Darth Vader’s ship. If anything it was the Emperor’s ship. Vader’s ship was the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

  10. Adam

    Ummmm, all I count is 39? :/?


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