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Torrenting The US: Which State Is Torrenting The Most, and What Are They Torrenting?

Get information on torrenting data by different states of the US. Reveal which movie, game, TV show is torrent most and many more insights on torrenting.

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Despite the efforts of various copyright holders, the government, cable companies, and DRM technology, the pirating of movies, TV, and PC games is bigger than ever.Every day, millions of individuals around the United States download, seed, and share copyrighted material. In fact, for just the top 100 most popular torrents, there are well over 1 million individuals seeding or directly assisting in the distribution of popular, copyrighted material every day.In an effort to understand how torrenting plays out across the country, we collected data about the location of seeding nodes for the top 300 most popular torrents, segmented across movies, television, and PC gaming. In all, our data set is comprised of almost 4 million nodes, 3 million unique IP addresses, and hundreds of copyrighted TV, game, and movie titles.A seeding node is essentially any computer that has downloaded a piece of content and is now a resource other computers can connect to to download that same content.

**Please note, in our experiment, no illegal materials were ever downloaded.**

Overall Torrenting By State

The map below shows the states that torrented the most, per capita, across all the torrents we tracked. This includes the top 100 most torrented TV, movies, and games from the past 40 days. the leading states include Florida, Washington, and Oregon.

Overall Torrenting Data by State

The following maps, similarly, show the states that torrent the most per capita, segmented by torrent type (Game, Movie, TV).

Which States Torrent Movies The Most?

State Torrenting Movies The Most

Which States Torrent Games The Most?

State Torrenting Games The Most

Which States Torrent TV Shows The Most?

:State Torrenting TV Shows The Most

The following maps show the volume of torrenting per capita across the country for the single most popular torrents of the past 40 days in the game, TV, and movie categories.

What Is The Most Popular Torrented Movie By State Relative To National Averages?

Most Torrented Movie by State

What Is The Most Popular Torrented Game By State Relative To National Averages?

Most Torrented Game by State

What Is The Most Popular Torrented TV Show By State Relative To National Averages?

Most Torrented TV Show by State

Editor’s Note: Our original labeling of the “Most Popular Torrent By State” maps at the bottom of this article was potentially misleading as shown in an analysis by TorrentFreak. Our aim was to surface the most popular torrents in a state relative to the national average. We have changed the titles to reflect that.
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posted on: August 12, 2014
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