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17 Signs You’re In The Sochi Olympic Village

If you think you have problems, you should see how Olympians are living in Sochi.

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1. Apparently, there’s a medal ceremony in your hotel bathroom. #PleaseRemainStanding

2. There’s a whole new way of doing things. #CultureShock

3. The local water brings a new meaning to gold medal. #Powerade

4. Lawn care tricks have reached another level…

5. …or maybe they just know something we don’t. #ExtremeLawnCare

6. Toilet fish are a delicacy. #CrapFish

7. Apparently, space is at a premium. #TeamBonding

8. It’s pretty dangerous. #DontLetYourGuardDown

9. Apparently, finding a place to ‘go’ might be a sport in itself. #BathroomBreak

10. The Olympic Torch may or may not work. #Pollution

11. The food is a little different…

12. …or is this normal? #NewDietCraze

13. Okay, this is just weird.

14. You have to bargain for hotel room basics… #WhatDidIGetMyselfInto

15. …or you get a really fancy room… #BidetIncluded

16. …and fine curtains.

17. Well, at least there’s a water park nearby to escape to

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posted on: February 5, 2014
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  1. Sochi

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on this blog. Whoever wrote it needs a bigger beer budget.


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