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Pay Off Your Mortgage with Peyton Manning

Listen up, armchair quarterbacks! Find out how long it would take for one of the NFL's all-time greatest QBs to pay off your mortgage—based on his stats.

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I’m in a glass case of emotion when it comes to Peyton Manning. I’m from Indy and my family has had season tickets to Colts games for as long as I can remember. So yeah, I grew up with the greatest QB ever and I basically idolized the guy. I may or may not have shed a tear when the Colts released him. Now stupid DENVER gets to enjoy glorious touchdown after touchdown. Oh well, we’ve got a great QB in Andrew Luck and I’m over it… kinda.

What does this have to do with real estate? I’m getting there.

My wife and I have been doing some light searching for a starter home to purchase. We’re a couple of newbies when it comes to home buying and mortgages, but we’ve got a few things figured out. You take out a giant mortgage, you spend a large chunk of your life working to pay off said mortgage, and how quickly you pay it off depends on how much money you make. Pretty basic, right?

Not too long ago, I was in the middle of thinking about home buying and then the next second I was thinking about drafting my fantasy football team. Two totally separate worlds collided in my brain and I started thinking about mortgages and touchdown passes at the same time. My mind wandered to my all-time favorite QB and how much of a mortgage he might have. I then went back to the basic principle about how much money you make and how long it takes you to pay off your mortgage. I ended up with the crazy question:

How long would it take Peyton Manning to pay off MY mortgage?

My brain exploded.

Working for a real estate company that does off the wall blog posts, I had to figure it out. Thankfully, the team let me take my idea and run with it.

What I found was that Peyton Manning could pay off a $250,000 mortgage with just 5.4 pass completions, 7.95 passing attempts, 60 yards thrown, or 0.45 touchdown passes. That’s the hurry-up offense version of my findings. If you want to take a timeout for a lengthy explanation, go long.

How I Did It

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

It’s easy for me to figure out how long it would take me to pay off my own mortgage. I just take my mortgage cost and divide it by my salary and how much I get paid per hour.

When you’re an NFL quarterback you’re not exactly paid per hour. You’re paid to throw the ball, put points up on the board, and in Peyton’s case do magical fairy tale-like things with a pigskin. So, I decided to look at statistics over the past three seasons that Peyton started (2009, 2010, and 2012) to best predict how he will do over the next couple of years, then divide his $19.2 million salary by those statistics.

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. $19.2 million.

Here is what I calculated:

  • Pass completions;
  • Passing attempts;
  • Yards thrown; and
  • Touchdowns.

I’ll start with pass completions, and work my way downfield.

Pass Completions

“I throw. You catch. It’s not that hard.” Manning described it right in the SNL skit where he pretended to be a scumbag role model. Throwing the ball skillfully is the basic level of what a pro QB is paid to do. Here’s how much each pass completion earns him if he were paid per catch.

  • 414 averages completions
  • $46,376 per completion
  • 5.4 completions to pay off a 250k mortgage

Passing Attempts

You can’t win em all, but he still gets paid to try. I swear we’re not trying to make you depressed, but here’s how much he gets paid whether he completes a pass or not.

  • 611 attempts on average
  • $31,423 per attempt
  • 7.95 attempts to pay off a $250,000 mortgage

Yards Thrown

We wanted a higher number to have a statistic that he gets paid less than $10,000 for. You can just imagine the dollar signs popping up as the ball goes through the air next time. This is how much each yard earns him if he were paid per yard.

  • 4,619 yards averaged
  • $4,156 per yard
  • 60 yards to pay off a $250,000 mortgage


“Show me the money!” Finally, what earns the big contracts. If you can’t help get points up on the board, you’re not worth keeping around. Manning has set records for this statistic, and here’s how much he get’s paid per TD pass in a season.

  • 34.3 average touchdowns
  • $559,277 per touchdown
  • 0.45 touchdowns to pay off a $250,000 mortgage

I Should’ve Been a QB

If you’re a statistical data wizkid, then you know there are a few flaws with the math here. If he throws more touchdowns than the amount he gets paid per touchdown goes down, and you just can’t predict how well Peyton is going to do this year. He’s already on track to surpass any of his seasons. The moral of the story is – Peyton Manning makes a butt load of money and he can pay off your mortgage way faster than you can.

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posted on: September 24, 2013
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  1. Albany Park

    Not meaning to be picky, but your spelling and grammar need help. For example, it’s whiz kid, not wizkid. Also, “…throws more touchdowns than the amount he gets paid…” should be “then,” not “than.” Good English is not for English majors; it’s for everyone who speaks and writes in English. But, I just saw you on Fox 59 news in Indianapolis and what you’re doing is cool.


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