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Here’s An Awesome Map Of The Wealthiest Woman In Each State

Find out the best graphical representation of Richest Women in America in each state. Know how they become wealthy. Get a list of top 5 richest women of the regions.

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Richest Women by State
Names with an *, are based off of estimated marital or familial wealth.

The Wealthiest Women

In the race to riches, someone always comes out on top. Today, women are more involved in the business world than ever before, and we’ve ranked the top five wealthiest women in the U.S. four major regions: West, Midwest, Northeast, and South.

Some made their billions by ingenuity, others by inheritance, but they all represent a diverse cross-section of American business.

Four members of the Walton family make our list, heiresses to the Wal-Mart fortune with $81.4 billion in all – and two of them are among the top 10 richest women in the entire world.

Others hold a major stake in companies like Cox Enterprises, Mars Inc., and Cargill, as well as Disney, Apple, and Koch Industries. Take a look at some of the top businesswomen in the country:

Top 5 Wealthiest Women by State

List Of The Top 5 Wealthiest Women By Region

*Wealth reported as of September 2014 by Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth

West: Top 5 Total Wealth – $64.8 Billion
Wyoming: Christy Walton – $37.6 Billion
California: Laurene Powell Jobs – $15.6 Billion
Nevada: Nancy Walton Laurie – $4.3 Billion
California: Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer – $3.8 Billion
California: Lynda Resnick – $3.5 Billion

Midwest: Top 5 Total Wealth – $24 Billion
Indiana: Gayle Cook – $5.2 Billion
Missouri: Ann Walton Kroenke – $5 Billion
Wisconsin: Diane Hendricks – $4.8 Billion
Minnesota: Barbara Carlson Gage – $4.3 Billion
Minnesota: Marilyn Carlson Nelson – $4.7 Billion

South: Top 5 Total Wealth – $90.8 Billion
Texas: Alice Walton – $33.5 Billion
Virginia: Jacqueline Mars – $25.7 Billion
Georgia: Anne Cox Chambers – $16.1 Billion
Texas: Elaine Marshall – $8.3 Billion
Texas: Dannine Avara – $7.2 Billion

Northeast: Top 5 Total Wealth – $21.7 Billion
Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson – $9.8 Billion
Connecticut: Karen Pritzker – $3.9 Billion
Pennsylvania: Mary Alice Dorrance Malone – $3.1 Billion
New York: Joan Tisch – $2.9 Billion
Pennsylvania: Susan Hirt Hage – $2 Billion

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