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Yeah, it’s a little “out there”, but we just love this single-family home the Infiniski design group:

(Photo courtesy of Our Favorite, the Wall Street Journal. You can read the full article here.)

It’s made of recycled and pre-used materials, and it takes the new “ecologically-chic” mindset to a whole new level. Very Le-Corbusier-meets-Rachel-Carson-meets-Ikea-meets-Andy-Warhol-and-they-all-had-a-great-time. Due to their simplicity and low building costs, houses like these can go up a lot faster and sell for a lot cheaper than their ecologically-insensitive counterparts. And the best part of this particular design is its name: Casa Manifesto.

You can find more photos at Infiniski’s website. And now, back to the ordinary world.

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posted on: October 22, 2010
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