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Like all serious real estate afficionados, we enjoy the occasional diversion into novelty real estate – you know, those homes that are fascinating to look at but just too gaudy, grungy, or glam to actually constitute a day-to-day living environment for 99% of humankind.

We’ve looked at some pretty weird houses – this one, for example, or this one – but we are pretty sure that , thanks to a feature from, we have found the holy grail of novelty real estate, and that nothing will ever look truly weird again:

We’ll point out, just to restore a teeny bit of faith in human sanity, that this is a CG rendering/plan, not an actual, real-live, already-paid-for-and-constructed dwelling.  According to Curbed, it’s supposed to be perched in the Hollywood Hills, which makes it somehow feel a little more believable.  But you’ve got to HAND it them – it’s one wild design.
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posted on: January 26, 2011
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