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35 Hero Hideouts You Wish Were Real

What would be your hideout of choice? The Batcave? The Fortress of Solitude?

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posted on: March 26, 2014
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  1. Since Day One

    Snoopy, the world famous WWI pilot. His doghouse had a van Gogh (replaced by a Wyeth) and a pool table among other things.

    • Dean in response to Since Day One

      (if to scale) The TARDIS should be at the end after Oa, it is technically infinite inside.

  2. xienwolf

    Since the TARDIS has a Star inside of it… I am disinclined to agree that it is smaller than a planet. Should have appeared both as first AND last in the list.

  3. Ian

    The TARDIS is the biggest, it has a SUN powering it.

  4. Rhul

    no SilverHawk is a complete asteroid!


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