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Most Foreigners Have No Clue Where US States Are Located

Americans aren't the only ones who are lacking when it comes to geography knowledge. We tested hundreds of foreigners from around the world on their knowledge of US State locations.

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How well do people around the world know the 50 US states? Can they tell Virginia from Vermont, or Montana from Minnesota? We decided to find out.

400 participants from outside the US were asked to hover their cursor over each state when its name popped up – and we were tracking their cursor movements in real time. The results were fascinating, and more than a little entertaining.

The Results

Most foreigners were easily able to recognize some of America’s most iconic states:

And many at least knew that a state was located in New England, even if they weren’t quite sure of exactly where. But when it came to the western, midwestern and southern states, things started to fall apart.

Colorado, Wyoming and Utah were all frequently confused with one another, while the placement of Ohio stretched from Indiana all the way to Kansas. Kansas itself was often placed in Utah, or even Arkansas. And almost nobody was able to locate Georgia correctly.

Regardless of whether they got it right, most participants seemed confident in the choice they’d settled on – even when they were placing Virginia somewhere around Nebraska, or relocating Pennsylvania to South Carolina.

Whether at home or abroad, it seems like just about everyone could stand to brush up on their geography.

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posted on: July 14, 2014
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  1. andrea russo

    As an American I can’t name all of Canada’s Provinces and territories. Find them on a map you have to be kidding. And we’re neighbors


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