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Goku’s House From Dragon Ball Priced Over $9,000

Saiyan warrior, monkey-tailed hero… home owner? We put a price tag on this famous anime character’s (very) humble abode.

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Goku’s House From Dragon Ball Priced Over $9,000

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A while back, we put a pricetag on Naruto’s apartment. Many people loved it, but we did get some pointed criticism. The main complaint was that we hadn’t valued another anime property, one that was arguably more important. Which property am I referring too? Goku’s house, from the “Dragon Ball” franchise.

Well “DB” fans, the Movoto Real Estate Blog heard your complaints and sent me to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When I came out, I’d leveled up enough to give you the answer. So, how much would everyone’s favorite Saiyan’s home be worth on today’s market? $42,900.

If you want to know how I did it, put on your scouter and check out the power level of this fictional evaluation. Just to be clear: It’s definitely over 9,000.

How I Trained

When you do a fictional evaluation, you need to know a few of things; it doesn’t matter if you are evaluating a castle or a home. These three things are:

  • A location
  • Square footage
  • Comparable properties

In the case of Goku’s house, finding its location proved to be something of an (enjoyable) challenge, sort of like testing yourself against the strong opponent imaginable. So, let’s start the battle there.

The Size Of Goku’s House

By all appearances, Goku’s house is three attached structures that include two bedrooms and a kitchen. (There’s an outdoor bathtub, as well.) After searching various fan websites, I was unable to locate the size of Goku’s home, which was surprising considering that every small detail about the characters are chronicled. This meant that, to come up with the size of the home, I needed to go Super Sayian—in Movoto blogger terms, at least.

Goku’s House From Dragon Ball Priced Over $9,000

Source: FUNimation

Myself and the blog team have used a lot of goofy things to measure the size of homes, from shoulder width to the height of people in a photograph. After I swallowed my senzu beans, I got the idea to use Goku’s height to estimate the size of his house. It was a nice idea, if I do say so myself, but again, as is the story of this post, I was unable to find a good image of Goku hanging out in his home (probably because he was off saving the world from aliens or robots).

I did, however, manage to locate an image of Goku’s wife, Chi-Chi, standing in front of a door frame. As everyone’s knowns, Chi-chi is 5 feet 4 inches tall (thanks Internet!). I then eyeballed a height for the door. My best guess is that it’s about 6 feet tall. I used this figure to make my best assumption as to the size of the house. In the end, I estimated Goku’s house is only about 330 square feet.

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Where Goku Trains and Catches Giant Fish

If you’re familiar with the “Dragon Ball” series, you’ll know that Goku lives in the same location his whole life. According to the Dragon Ball Wiki, our alien hero lives just outside Mount Paozu.

Goku’s House From Dragon Ball Priced Over $9,000

Source: FUNimation

I did some research on Mount Paozu and learned that it’s not actually a real place. It’s actually a stand-in for Mount Huaguo, which translates to “Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.” This is where the Monkey King, a major influence on the franchize, was supposedly born. More importantly, the mountain is located in the very real Yuntai, seven kilometers southeast of Lianyungang.

All Dragonball Fans Compare Power Levels And Homes

I wasn’t thrilled when I learned about Lianyungang City. Why? I’ve attempted to evaluate Chinese property in the past. It’s nearly impossible to find good information on the large cities in the country, much less a small location. In my search, I did find one website that claimed a 100 square meter home in Lianyungang would be worth 500,000, which I assume is yuan, but I make no guarantees.

To be honest, I didn’t trust the above website, and was unable to locate specific information about the price of property in Lianyungang. However, I was able to find some general information for the price of property across China.

Goku’s House From Dragon Ball Priced Over $9,000

Source: Wikipedia user 赵文博

According to Reuters, the average price for a home in China is 8,809 yuan ($1,400) a square meter (10.7639 square feet), or about $130 per square foot. This figure comes from an analysis of 100 cities across country, and is about two years old. I mention this last bit because China is in the middle of what appears to be massive real estate bubble.

So, while the 8,809 yuan figure would probably be higher today across the entire country, especially in major cities, I’m going to stick with it for the purpose of Goku’s tiny home. Why? Goku lives in the middle of nowhere. It’s doubtful people are trying to put down stakes near his family compound, thus increasing the price of land in the area. If anything, I think 8,809 yuan might be on the high side.

The Final Fight

Armed with my three favorite techniques, I battled that evil villain known as math. I took the price per square foot ($130) and multiplied it by the size of the home (330 square feet). When I was finished, I learned that Goku’s tiny house would be worth $42,900.

Just remember, that’s not including any of the stuff inside or the value attached to it being the home of the mighty Goku. If our evaluations factored in that sort of thing, I imagine it would add well over 9,000 to the price.

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