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12 Celebrity Homes That People Probably Paid Too Much For

Does being a celebrity make your home more valuable? Here are 12 celebrity homes that have possibly sold for more than they are actually worth.

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Celebrities often make their homes in awe-worthy mansions, decked-out beach houses, or elegant (yet still cozy) retreats, and many of these houses are located in some of the country’s ritziest neighborhoods. Because of this, it’s no surprise that celebrity houses go for millions of dollars when they’re put on the market.

But are these stars getting more money out of their home sales simply because they’ve lived there? Are buyers intrigued by the thought that Katy Perry or Robert Pattinson had once taken up residence in these houses? To get a better idea, we examined a collection of celebrity houses that were recently sold and compared the price per square foot to the average price per square foot of similar homes recently sold in the same area of places like Malibu and Los Angeles.


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posted on: June 2, 2014
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