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10 Strangest Homes in the USA

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You think the bright pink house at the end of your street is the strangest home in your area? What would you say if you lived in a neighborhood with a White House replica or a house made out of foam? Check out some of the 10 strangest houses in the nation.



1. The Dune House Atlantic Beach, FL

This hobbit-like home in Atlantic Beach was designed by architect William Morgan in 1975. From the ocean, the home looks like a grassy hill with two peeping windows. From the street level, you can see that the home is actually two identical apartments with a very grassy roof. Photo from Prudential Network Realty



2. The White House (Replica!) McClean, VA

This scaled-down version of the nation’s most recognizable home was built as a tribute to American history and culture. Architect Robert Burns spent seven years perfecting all the details on this custom-made home. However, the similarities between the houses stops at the front door. Photo from Chu Nguyen


3. Up House Herriman, UT

In Disney/Pixar’s Up, a uniquely colorful home is lifted by from its foundation by thousands of helium ballons. By the look of things, it has landed in Herriman, Utah. This home is a charming replica of the retro style home in the movie. Even the inside is being fit with custom furniture. Bangerter Homes hopes to sell the house to a nice family for just under $400,000. Photo from Bangerter Homes



4. The Winchester Mystery House San Jose, CA

This home was once the residence of gun heiress, Sarah Winchester. The sprawling estate has over 160 rooms, 13 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, 40 staircases, and 2,000 doors. To think it was once an 8 room farmhouse. It’s been said that Winchester kept building and remodeling the home to ward off evil spirits. As a result, there are stairways that lead to nowhere, hidden halls, and doors that open up to stunning drop-offs. Photo from Winchester Mystery House



5. Steel House  Lubbock, TX

Also known as the “Metal Mansion,” this home was built by sculptor and architect Robert Bruno. This whimsical design looks like a combination between an old submarine and a Star Wars AT-AT. Sculpted from steel domes, this place weights over 110 tons! Stained glass windows bring a burst of color and delicacy to this strong, alien-like space. Photo from Robert Bruno



6. Magic Mushroom House Aspen CO

Andre Ulrych, designer of the Magic Mushroom house says he took inspirations, not from mushrooms, but from the nautilus seashell. The interior of this home is an organic spiral that dips into a sunken living area with a moss rock fireplace. Photo from Design Sigh



7. Floating Home Seattle, WA

After spending a summer on the beach or at the lake, have you ever wanted to be by the water all year round? In Seattle, you can! Made famous by Sleepless in Seattle, there are now over 500 floating homes in the Seattle area. This home has a stunning view from every window and all the luxuries of land-living including running water, electricity, and heat! Photo from Contemporist



8. Bioscleave House East Hampton, NY

Constructed by Arakawa and Madeline Gins, from the outside, the Bioscleave House may look like an ordinary (yet colorful) abode. However on the inside it’s a whole other ballgame. The house was constructed to challenge perception and has uneven floors, irregular windows and no doors! The concept is called procedural architecture and is thought to bring inhabitants interaction with their environment into question. Photo from Curbed



9. Tumbleweed Tiny House

Jay Shafer’s 89 square foot home has started a tiny home movement in the US! The original Tumbleweed provides enough space for the essentials and each is constructed with warmth, energy efficiency and proportion. There are now 23 styles of tiny homes including cottages and houses to go. Photo from Tumbleweed Tiny House



10. “Ensculptic” Minnetrista, MN

Also known as the “Minnesota Foam Home” by residents and visitors alike, this home is made almost entirely of polyurethane foam. This strange Hobit-esque home has the traditional amenities, including 3 bathrooms, a fireplace and an attached garage. However, there are no right angles in the home with curving walls and vaulted ceilings, making it difficult to determine square footage. Photo from Forbes



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