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Movoto Monthly: Building Our Blog, One LEGO Brick at a Time

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 July 2012

LEGO My House on

Greetings, Movoto Blog subscribers! This month we’ve seen incredible traffic on our blog, thanks in part to the success of our diversity of article topics. Here are a few of this month’s highlights:

Movoto: Moving Forward

In other company news, we just launched SpotProperty, a technology designed by Movoto to compare data and housing trends and find customers the best daily deals for homes (read our SpotProperty blog piece to learn more). It’s like Groupon or LivingSocial–but for homes.

Also be sure to download and check out our new Movoto app on iTunes, which makes the same property listings featured on our website always within reach!

Meet Movoto

Meet Sandeep, our Agent Relations Team Manager

1. What is your role at Movoto?

Team motivator—I guess it’s always been my job to get employees excited about Movoto.
My official job is to make sure we have successful partnerships with all of our agents and make sure our agents give stellar service to our clients.

2. What is your favorite Movoto moment?

One definitely would be when I caked [Founder and CEO] Henry Shao for his birthday three years ago. Another one was back in our Redwood City office—one of the product mangers ate/drank one of our fishes. But it’s kind of the everyday random moments that keep me laughing.

Movoto Founder and CEO Henry Shao gets cake in the face (courtesy of his employees) for his birthday.

3. What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Not sure. But I still have my Tickle Me Elmo.

4. If you could direct your own movie, what would it be about?

It would be about Movoto. We really need a camera crew in there.

Want to Share Your Ideas?

Have a crazy awesome idea for a Movoto blog piece? Don’t be shy, let us know! Email our Content Editor (he’s also our resident Jedi Master) David Cross at and put “Crazy Awesome Blog Idea” in the header.

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