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Welcome to the Movoto Blog

We’re glad you’re here. We strive to create unique, and most importantly, fun real estate related stories. From quirky real estate trends to calculating the cost of famous imaginary houses, the Movoto blog has done it all. Do you have an imaginary home you’d like us to value? Are you interested in republishing Movoto content? Please email us at blog[at]movoto[dot]com.

Movoto Real Estate strives to make the home-buying process an easy and enjoyable experience by providing detailed housing information and access to knowledgeable local real estate agents. Movoto’s blog is an extension of our company’s business philosophy. In life and work it is important to have a sense of humor—this is the Movoto blog.

A Little Bit About Our Top 10s

We have received coverage from all over the world for our city-ranking lists. Our thorough and well-researched methods involve using algorithms to weigh categories in ways that have never been done before. We take the time to dig deep into the important subjects in life, like which city is the nerdiest, and research the criteria no one has dared to touch before us ;).

Meet the Masterminds

chadChad Stiffney
PR Associate

Chad’s the man with plan. Let me break that down for you. Man = burly gentlemen hailing from the densely populated state of Wyoming (densely populated by cattle that is). Plan = expert email outreach equipped with saying just the right words. In all seriousness Chad deserves mad props for doing an excellent job at outreach and article research.

Chris Kolmar Chris Kolmar
Chief Armchair Economist, Director of Marketing

A self-proclaimed “Data Nerd”, Chris leads the blog team in creating fun and engaging content for the real-estate-osphere. If he’s not geeking out over a SEOMoz article, he’s combing the data to find the most newsworthy trends & facts.

devon Devon Buechler
PR Intern

Straight out of Minneapolis! Devon is a current Purdue student helping out the PR team by wearing a few different hats. She is also the only one with a working knowledge of Pinterest in this office.

Laura Allan
Staff Writer

Laura spent her childhood rollerblading around Los Altos, CA. She did not continue this trend while attending Randolph Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA. Her very first gig as a writer as for GWG Hockey, where one of the videos was put up on the NHL’s Facebook page. Landing on Insider Island (our affectionate term for the blog team at Movoto Real Estate), Laura specializes in all sorts of articles from fictional evaluations to rage-inducing top tens.

Megan Radich Megan Radich
Visual Designer, “Idea Queen”

Megan is in charge of the coding and graphics for the blog and is most known for her “cartoony” or “anime-style” drawings. She also writes about graphic design in real estate, when she’s not making memes in the office.

Natalie Grigson
Staff Writer

Natalie works on Movoto Blog articles from home, and where that is seems to change from one day to the next, as she is something of a nomad. Aside from traveling and writing, Natalie enjoys running, reading, and jumping out of planes.

Nick Johnson Nick Johnson
Public Relations Director

If you’ve got an article and you want people to know about it, who ya gonna call? Nick Johnson! Nick helped re-ignite the blog back in 2012 when we had 3,000 visits a month. He led the PR and outreach effort on his own before building a team in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana. He currently leads the outreach team in Indiana and assists with the branding and business development aspects for Movoto from the Lafayette office. He’s also the dodge ball champion of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and destroys everyone in the Indiana division in office games. You can reach him at njohnson(at)movoto(dot)com

Patrick Brown Picture Patrick Brown
PR Associate & Advertising Specialist

You can find Patrick being a hermit encased in a shell of managing Facebook ads, coming up with crazy analytics equations which might as well be sorcery, and blasting off some PR emails here and there. Sometimes we ask Patrick to play office games, but he’s like a pit bull that you have to catch at the right moment because he can get pretty busy. BUT if you want to get him in a good mood just make a Doge reference or talk about how awesome Purdue is and you’ll find him in a cheery mood.

Randy Nelson Randy Nelson
Content Manager, Nerf Herder

Randy spent the last dozen or so years writing about video games for publications like PSM and Nintendo Power, but now he’s decided to get “serious.” That’s why he’s helping create a blog that wraps houses in bacon and explores the history of toilets, naturally.

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