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When Angry Birds Attack: Build Your Bird-Proof Home

To equip you for an invasion of flying fowl, Movoto took inspiration from “Angry Birds” and created a game for you to protect your home.

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In case we suddenly have an epic attack of angry birds across Earth, Movoto Real Estate thought we should give you the chance to protect your house from those feathered missiles.

Bye Bye Birdies

Source: Rovio Angry Birds app

To properly equip you for an impending invasion of flying fowl, Movoto took inspiration from Rovio’s “Angry Birds” games and created our own materials and weaponry for you to turn your home into a fortress.

Source: Rovio Angry Birds app

Here are the types of defense mechanisms that we wouldn’t want to be without when the flock (of–oddly enough–wingless creatures) attacks:

  • Rock Wall: Protect your house from any low-flying birds that attempt sneak attacks
  • Wooden Fence: For the yard (hey, maybe the birds pelting your house are itty bitty fluff-balls)
  • Watchtower: With helmet-wearing guard piggies that will smirk when those angry birds fail to knock them over
  • Metal Roof: To mimic those pesky rock formations in the game (Bonus: it’ll be super easy to rinse bird poop off of this slick surface)
  • TNT Booby Traps: Work well when the squawking of those darn birds becomes unbearable (just like with the real game!)
  • S.W.A.T. Shield Panels: To protect your house from pre-planned birdy bombardments
  • Trampoline Windows: To send those annoying avians back where they came from and provide you with hours upon hours of amusement
  • Escape Zipline: For when vacating your home is the only way to avoid defeat


Angry Bird Fever

Source: Flickr user slash__

Since the game was first launched in December of 2009, “Angry Birds” and its feathered rotund figures have soared to epic heights. (So much so, in fact, that the game’s parent company will soon release a spin-off game called “Bad Piggies” featuring the infamous green oinkers as they partake in their own adventures.)

Extensive flinging of these bitter avians has left an indelible mark on popular culture (at least for the moment). Look around and you’ll see people wearing “Angry Birds” merchandise and visiting “Angry Birds” amusement parks. Even Movoto members adore the cranky creatures: “Angry Birds” plush toys and slippers populate our San Mateo office.

So Where’d Those Angry Avians Come From Anyway?

Source: Flickr user thethreesisters

According to Wikipedia, the beginning of the global obsession as we know it was purely accidental. One of the company’s senior designers created a simulated screenshot of the iconic birds–without any specific concept related to it–and staff members liked how the wingless, legless birds looked.

And thus a couple of soon-to-be-famous oddly shaped fowl were born.

Ticked-Off Fowl to the Rescue

Rovio’s Totomi game, one of the company’s first (and minimally successful) iPhone apps. Source: appcraver

Strangely enough, the take-off of Rovio’s “Angry Birds” came at the absolute perfect time. Directly prior to the hugely successful game were a number of the company’s failed app ideas. Fifty-one of them, in fact–enough to put Rovio on the brink of bankruptcy.

Here’s a glimpse of the types of Rovio games the public rejected:

  • “Totomi,” where you stack wild animals such as zebras and elephants to build totems
  • In “Bounce Boing Voyage,” the player leads a ball through different imaginary places to save the world of Pongpingy from an evil creature
  • The “War Diary” series lets players create armies to fight one another

Imagine what it would be like if we were all stacking wild animals on top of one another in “Totomi” instead of slinging squawking birds. Sound addicting? We think not.

Editor’s Note: The Movoto blog team would like to thank our graphic designer, Megan Radich, for going above and beyond with fantastically amazing graphics for this article’s accompanying interactive “game.”

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posted on: September 20, 2012
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