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The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Riverside

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Set on the banks of the Santa Ana River, Riverside is a city about 60 miles east of Los Angeles and was founded in the early 1870s. Just a few years later the first citrus fruits were planted and, being such a success, the Californian citrus industry was born right here in Riverside. Today the city’s motto is ‘City of Arts and Innovation’ and it’s a popular place to live, work and play. Overall it’s not such a great city if you want to get around by foot – Walk Score gives Riverside an overall score of just 47 though some neighborhoods are better than others.


Downtown Riverside is “very walkable” with its Walk Score of 70, meaning that you can do most day to day errands on foot. It’s a vibrant part of the city to live in, as you’d expect, and has many restaurants, bars, some schools, entertainment, transit, and shopping, including grocery stores. The nice thing about Downtown Riverside is the riverside setting so if you’re living in or visiting the north western edge of the neighborhood you get to enjoy Fairmount Park, the Fairmount Park Golf Course, and Loring Park, and Mount Rubidoux Park where you can hike and enjoy the fabulous views over the city. The Mission Inn is one of the most famous landmarks to look out for. Crime is 29 percent higher than the city average though so this is one downside of convenient living.


Arlington is a neighborhood to the south west of downtown that has a great mix of amenities, plenty of schools, grocery stores, and parks as well as shopping centers and other facilities, plus it’s only 6 miles from downtown. Arlington is the second most walkable neighborhood in Riverside and has a Walk Score of 68, so you can do some errands on foot, however, even though there are plenty of families living here this isn’t the safe neighborhood in the city. The crime index is actually 43 percent higher than the Riverside average.

Magnolia Center

A little closer still to downtown Riverside is Magnolia Center. Here, residential streets make their way to the more commercial areas of the neighborhood where there are plenty of stores to do your everyday shopping, along with schools, restaurants, and entertainment. Walk Score gives Magnolia Center a score of 63 so it’s a ‘somewhat walkable’ neighborhood, but again crime rates are higher (20 percent higher) than the Riverside average.


Source: Wikipedia

Set on the east side of the Riverside Freeway, the Eastside neighborhood is the fourth most walkable in the city and has a Walk Score of 60. You can do some errands on foot but you’re better off with a car to take you into downtown where the largest concentration of amenities are. Eastside does have its own selection of grocery stores, schools, and a few places to eat, but downtown is close by if you want or need more. Unfortunately the crime index is the highest of all our neighborhoods so far, coming in at 51 percent higher than the Riverside average, and there’s an estimated 1 in 19 chance of being a victim of crime here. The University of California, Riverside is on the edges of Eastside.

Arlington South

South of the Arlington neighborhood, and on the southern side of the Riverside Freeway, Arlington South is home to a mixture of residential streets with smaller and larger lots, schools for the kids, some parks and open spaces, and the Tyler Village shopping center. The crime index here is a little above the Riverside average again, at 11 percent higher so this is the safest neighborhood in our list of the 5 best, and if you enjoy walking to get do your errands, Arlington South is ‘somewhat walkable’ according to Walk Score’s score of 59.

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