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The 10 Safest Cities in Ohio

If you’re thinking of moving to Ohio and want to find a safe city for your family, where should you go?

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Ohio, The Buckeye State, is in the Midwest and home to around 11.5 million people making it the seventh most populous of all the fifty states. Its largest and best known city is Columbus, which also happens to be the capital of the state, but there are other major cities such as Cleveland and Cincinnati too. If you’re thinking of moving to Ohio and want to find a safe city for your family, where should you go?

1. Tiltonsville, Ohio

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
Coming in at the top of the list as the safest place in Ohio is the small village of Tiltonsville, with a Crime Index rating of 100 which is the safest it can be. It’s right in the east of the state, in Jefferson County and has a population of only around 1,300 people.

2. LaRue, OH

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
La Rue is an even smaller village with less than 750 people living here, but it’s the second safest community in Ohio and has a Crime Index of 100. LaRue is in Marion County, about an hour’s drive north west of Columbus and was named for a French immigrant. The 19th century business district is still an active part of the village today.

3. Smithfield

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
Another village over in the east of the state is Smithfield, and it’s the third safest place to live in Ohio. It also has a Crime Index of 100, and around 870 people live here. Smithfield is in Jefferson County.

4. Spencer

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
The little village of Spencer is the fourth safest community in Ohio and has a Crime Index of 100. Spencer is in Medina County in the north of Ohio and has a population around 750 people

5. Homeworth

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
Surrounded by farms, and gentle hills is the village of Homeworth, set in Knox Township in Columbiana County. Homeworth is about 7 miles south of the city of Alliance and has a population of less than 500 people. The Crime Index is 100 and Homeworth is the fifth safest city in Ohio.

6. Bloomingdale

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
The smallest village yet on our list is Bloomingdale. Just over 200 people live in this village in Jefferson County and it is the sixth safest place to live in Ohio, with a Crime Index of 100. Bloomingdale is the home of a Camaldolese monastic community.

7. Bergholz

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
Bergholz is the seventh safest city in Ohio. The Crime Index for this village, also in Jefferson County, is 100. Bergholz has around 664 people living here, and public schooling is provided by the Edison Local School District.

8. Adena

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
Set on the county line between Jefferson and Harrison Counties, is the village of Adena. This friendly community is the eighth safest in Ohio and has a Crime Index of 100. Around 760 people call Adena home.

9. Morral

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
The village of Morral has a population of just under 400 people and you’ll find this village, the ninth safest place to call home in Ohio, in Marion County. The Crime Index is 100 in Morral, and the village was named after one of its founders, Samuel Morral, who developed the community in preparation for the Columbus and Toledo Railroad Company in the 1870s.

10. Westfield Center

10 Safest Cities in Ohio
Though there are only around 1,115 residents in Westfield Center, this village is home to the largest employer in Medina County, Westfield Insurance. Westfield Center is the tenth safest place in Ohio and has a Crime Index of 100.

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posted on: August 13, 2013
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  1. Clark

    As a former resident of Spencer, I can attest that the city is mostly safe. Most of the men have strong Mustaches, I believe that’s a big factor.

  2. Paul

    These are all nice VILLAGES…I know 5 of them personally, but they are not cities and to state that they are is not being truthful to the premise of the article, therefore not a useful article at all about “safe cities.”

  3. anonamous

    They might be safe but crime gets swept under the rug easy in these places. Like smithfields very own mayor stealing from the town and still being a council member.

  4. Allyson

    This article can be renamed “Ohio’s 10 Most Boring Cities”

    • Chuck Wyss in response to Allyson

      Homeworth has a great little tavern called the Harvest Inn. Great place to enjoy a cold one with friends.

  5. MaMaGirl

    What a joke. I too know a few of these VILLAGES that no one in their right mind would be called CITIES. Many of them have very few residents and are out in the boondocks with very little commerce. Like the city in Alaska, no doubt some have four legged critters as mayors. DUMB story. Or is this a spoof?

  6. Barbara

    Why no pictures of Homeworth????

    • dee hickman in response to Barbara

      probably no one told us or we would had a person out to do pictures,we have great churches,feed mill,post office, bar,two bed and breakfast,banquet hall,simplicity lawn mower shop,a tool and drill that employs many people,and much more,come and visit us,all are welcome.

  7. CassieHutchison

    YAAAAY!! Bergholz, Ohio! My home town!!

  8. Kim

    This is such a joke of an article. About half of these are in Jefferson county and though we have one heck of a Sheriff , there is a very high unemployment rate. Therefor, there is a lot of petty theft, anf copper theft. The news has been filled in the last couple of years with arson reports in Tiltonsville alone and Adena has had so many meth labs and heroine addicts caught in it , you would not imagine. I don’t know where they get thier figures from, but they cannot be recent. Bergholz just had the big “Amish beard cutting incident” and a couple of bank robberies, and a brother just stabbed his step-brother over a woman, or groceries or something last month. Either way, the unemployment will only make the crime that much worse, so good luck if you decide to move to these boring , uncultured towns.

  9. Sr. Irene Satory

    My childhood was spent in Adena, and for that I will always be grateful.
    The photo included here is a poor choice. We have a lovely church at
    the end of Hanna Avenue, a nice hill in the distance behond it might have
    been included. Also, the creek and bridge in Harrison County just up the
    road from where I lived would have been a good photo, I think.

    • Chris Bizic Beihl in response to Sr. Irene Satory

      Although they are villages…they are beautiful places to live and Adena has had my heart and soul since birth….Love the hillsides, streams and creeks, beautiful trees…most of all the people! Although a lot of folks left the area looking for jobs, the majority are still Adena born and raised and love and take care of each other when in need.

  10. Ruth Becca

    Adena rocks! Theres no cell service, and somehow, the citizens continue to live! YES there is not a lot to do, but the fact that you can leave your keys in your car and not worry about being a victim of violent crime. Fishing, atv riding, hunting camping and sports is what we do here so if a family was outdoorsy they would like it here.

  11. Crystal

    I grew up in jefferson county and moved back as an adult. I wish that i would of never left. I hope to move back home someday soon.alsogreat places to raise kids.

  12. Jacque Toney-Booker

    Ohio born and raised. Coalminers daughter!!

  13. james Fabry

    I grew up in that little town called smithfield ohio yes alot of the 60’s &70’s kids moved once the steel mills closed down in the 80’s. But if they could have stayed they would have. For those of you who didn’t experience the football championships, the parades, little League games running all day in the woods or swimming at the pond the fresh air and the smells and sound from the county fair that used to be in town. Yea hardly anybody there now but lets not forget the word here is (safe). Smithfield is a beatiful town, or village! I would recommend this town to anyone who wants to get away from all the city noise.

  14. Karl Bickerstaff

    Where dose Toronto,Ohio rank.

  15. Kathy Wotowiec

    It is interesting that Medina County boasts two of the top 10 safest cities in Ohio. I live in one of them – Spencer. However, I am surprised that Valley City didn’t make it into the top 10.


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