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The 10 Best Cities in Indiana

Well, each city has its ups and downs, but we’ve ranked the 10 largest cities according to their livability.

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The Hoosier State, Indiana is the 16th most populous in the nation. Well known as the home of the Indy 500, the city of Indianapolis, and the University of Notre Dame, Indiana has a diverse economy even though it’s located within the U.S. Corn Belt and Grain Belt. So does this mean Indiana is a good place to live? Well, each city has its ups and downs, but we’ve ranked the 10 largest cities according to their livability. We looked at crime, employment, education, cost of living, housing, weather, and amenities to get our list of the ten best cities in Indiana:

10. Gary

Best Cities in Indiana
Gary is right in the north of Indiana, only 25 miles from downtown Chicago. It’s the ninth largest city in the state, with a population around 80,300, and it’s the 10th best place to live. Gary has an average crime index and a very low cost of living, but is not so good for families, as schools are underperforming, and unemployment levels are high.

9. Hammond

Best Cities in Indiana
The ninth best city in Indiana is Hammond. Hammond is in Lake County, in the north of the state, just west of Gary. Education and employment are somewhat better in Hammond, and the city has a low cost of living, but a high crime index stops Hammond from ranking any higher.

8. South Bend

Best Cities in Indiana
Named for its location near the southernmost bend of the St. Joseph River, South Bend is the county seat of St. Joseph County, and the fourth largest city in the state. South Bend scores high for excellent amenities and a very low cost of living, and average for education, employment, housing, and weather. Unfortunately again it’s the crime index that beings this city down.

7. Muncie

Best Cities in Indiana
Muncie is the smallest city on our list with a population around 70,000, and was the birthplace of Garfield! It’s the seventh best city in Indiana – scoring well for amenities and cost of living, and the crime index is average. But it’s high unemployment levels that are the main downside to Muncie.

6. Evansville

Best Cities in Indiana
Evansville is Indiana’s third largest city and it’s considered to be the cultural, commercial, and medical hub of the region in Southwestern Indiana. It’s also the fifth best city in the state scoring average marks for education, employment, and housing, and above average for weather, amenities, and cost of living, but the crime rate is high.

5. Bloomington

Best Cities in Indiana
The “Gateway to Scenic Southern Indiana,” Bloomington is the County Seat of Monroe County and is the sixth largest city in the state. Bloomington has good schools and a stable housing market, but the crime index and unemployment rates are above average. Cost of living is also higher than most cities on our list, so Bloomington takes the spot as fifth best city in Indiana.

4. Fort Wayne

Best Cities in Indiana
A low cost of living and great access to amenities are the main selling points for life in Fort Wayne, while the city scores average for crime, education, employment, housing, and weather, ranking as the fourth best city in Indiana. Fort Wayne is the second largest city in the state and has been awarded All-America City Award three times in recent decades.

3. Indianapolis

Best Cities in Indiana
It’s unusual for the largest city in a state to rank so highly, but Indianapolis is the third best city in Indiana. The capital and largest city is home to around 830,000 people, and despite being a big city the cost of living is actually quite low. There are great amenities, as you’d expect, and the crime rate is about average, as is education, employment, and the housing market.

2. Carmel

Best Cities in Indiana
Carmel is the fifth largest city in Indiana and a great place for families. It was ranked the Best Place to Live in America by Money magazine in 2012 and with its extremely low crime rate and good schools, you can see why. The high cost of living is offset by the stable housing market, high employment rates, and good amenities.


Best Cities in Indiana
Fishers has won numerous accolades over the past few years such as best city for families, safest city in the nation, one of the best places to live, and now it’s the number one best city in Indiana on Movoto’s ranking too! Fishers is a very safe city, has good schools and great levels of employment as well as all the amenities you need. It just costs a little more to live in such a wonderful place!

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posted on: September 2, 2013
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  1. Nicole

    Seriously???? Hammond & Gary? You know nothing about those areas if you included them. Out of control crime, dilapidated housing, unemployment, closed factories and businesses…..oh yeah, sounds like a place people will be rushing to move to.

  2. Tami

    Muncie??? We couldn’t get away from there fast enough. Crappy roads, poor paying jobs (if you can get one), crime, drugs, delapidated houses everywhere, politics galore, and the MPD leaves very much to be desired.

  3. hailey

    crown point is a really good city too

  4. J. Tunes

    Garfield is from Marion, IN not Muncie as you have it listed.

  5. Nancy P.

    where was Wabash….a really great small town. Columbus? Madison? Etc. etc. some questionable choices on your part.


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