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Is Houston a Good Place to Live?

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Houston, Texas is a dynamic blend of world class dining, nightlife, shopping, arts, history, and relaxation. The city is America’s fourth largest, and one that offers a fabulous life. The urban city is chic with Southern hospitality and an atmosphere that is robust and friendly, filled with a variety of opportunities for everyday lifestyles.

Houston City Skyline Bridge

Houston is Texas’s most populous city with a population of 2.1 million people. City residents are from various religious and ethnic backgrounds, with an international community that is thriving.

Employment in Houston

Houston is considered a global city, and its economy has a wide industrial base in aeronautics, transportation, manufacturing, and energy. Houston also thrives through its building of oilfield equipment and its health care sectors. Kiplinger’s 2008 Personal Finance Best Cities list ranked Houston among its top cities. It has also received the honor of Best Places for Businesses and Careers from Forbes, ranking third among U.S. cities. Houston has also been recognized for the highest increase in quality of life, reasonable living costs, employment opportunities, local economy, and local technological innovation. The unemployment rate in Texas was 9.2 percent in 2011.

Schools in Houston

The city is served by 17 school districts featuring some outstanding schools. Among the school districts, the Houston Independent School District is the nation’s 7th largest. Schools within the district also include special educational programs such as vanguard and magnet schools. Students also have the option of charter schools. Private education is available through 300 private schools.

Higher education is offered through universities including the University of Houston and community colleges. For the population of students who are 25 years and over, 70.4 percent hold a high school diploma or higher, 9.7 percent hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 9.7 percent hold a graduate or professional degree.

Houston’s Lifestyle and Climate

Houston Life Style Artwork

Houston offers many established areas, such as Downtown Houston, that offer an extraordinary lifestyle. Single family homes, condos, townhomes, and penthouses are scattered throughout the city in areas that feature every type of living, such as waterfront, ranch, and family-oriented neighborhoods.

Houston, sometimes dubbed the “most air-conditioned place on Earth,” has a humid subtropical climate. Temperatures in the summer months reach over 90 degrees with high high humidity. Winters are mild, with the city’s coldest month being January when temperatures reach an average of 63 degrees.

You’ll Want to Stay in Houston

Houston offers residents many exciting things to do and see. The city’s sports teams offer year-round competition and high-energy action for all ages. Museums are the ideal place to appreciate fascinating art and culture. The city’s world-class dining offers flavors from around the world, in a variety of styles that include patio dining, award winning restaurants, waterfront dining, and more.

Houston is a city that turns many visitors into residents and offers a lifestyle to satisfy all tastes.

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posted on: April 5, 2013
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  1. O. Henry

    You might want to point out to people that Houston is “the most air-conditioned city” because its climate sucks, and that the infrastructure sucks, that there is almost no public transportation, and that the five places you think are so wonderful to live are out of reach of most people’s pocketbooks so they’ll be relegated to the ‘burbs wherein they’ll be stuck in traffic on the idiotic Texas road system for three hours a day. Otherwise, it’s peachy.


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