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Word Count: The Most Common Words in Real Estate Listings

Ever wanted to know the most popular words used in MLS listings? We plugged five cities' housing descriptions into a word cloud generator to find out.

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Every real estate agent has go-to words they use in property descriptions. One common tactic is to add on adjectives to make a standard home feature such as a kitchen sound as if Martha Stewart designed it from scratch.

Part of the Movoto Real Estate team’s job is to check our site listings each day. This made us start wondering, just what are the most common words used in property descriptions? As regular readers will note, once we get a housing itch, we have to scratch it.

Using the MLS, Movoto collected the housing descriptions of five cities and then placed these inside a word cloud generator. The results were visual depictions of the most common words that appear in each city’s MLS listings.

Note that capitalization played a role in the word cloud’s creation. Some words appear multiple times, in both upper- and lower-case format.


Unsurprisingly, the most common word to appear in Miami property descriptions was the word “home,” written in lowercase letters. Other popular words were:

  • home
  • kitchen
  • room
  • SALE
  • Unit
  • property
  • HOME

After giving the Miami word cloud a look, we noticed something a bit different from our other cities. Miami real estate agents really like adjectives. In fact, they love them so much that they capitalize them all. In this case we’re talking about “GREAT” and “BEAUTIFUL.”

We know many people think that putting something in all caps makes it stand out, but when everyone else is doing it, it loses its luster.

A second piece of interesting information are the words “SHORT” and “SALE,” which might indicate the number of short sales on the market in the city.


Chicago real estate agents really love granite. More appropriately they love: “GRANITE.”  The difference in capitalization is key.  We are guessing that “GRANITE” is likely followed by “countertops.” It goes to show that a slab of fancy rock is an important way to attract sellers. The key words that appeared in the word cloud were:

  • room
  • living
  • basement
  • unit
  • new
  • Great


In Boston, real estate agents really like kitchens. The word “kitchen” is the most-used term in the listings. What does this say about the way Boston real estate agents think? A good kitchen is a hot commodity.

Another common word was “parking.” With the known parking trouble in Beantown, it seems agents want to make a point of telling potential buyers there will be space to park their automobiles.

  • Kitchen
  • room
  • Bedroom
  • Floors
  • Bath
  • home
  • parking

Los Angeles

We’ll knock the two biggest words out of the way; “room” and “home” should be in each MLS listing, unless the property is four posts and a roof.  Other than this, Los Angeles real estate agents are not inventing new lingo to wow potential home buyers. Their listings are tried and true.

In fact, the only thing that really stands out is the use of the word “fireplace.” Why would a home in sunny LA need a fireplace?  Likely because it’s a luxury home.

  • Room
  • home
  • New
  • Kitchen
  • bath
  • bedroom
  • bedrooms
  • area


More descriptive than Los Angeles agents, Dallas home slingers like to tout the usual suspects seen in the previous city’s word cloud, along with a higher emphasis of “granite,” “appliances,” and the singular “floor.”

Some of the more unusual words to appear in the word cloud include: “breakfast,” “entertaining,” and a tiny “SS” – which we can only assume stands for short sale.

  • Home
  • Kitchen
  • Living
  • Room
  • Bath
  • area
  • large
  • granite

So if you’re looking for a GREAT home with GRANITE in the kitchen for living, one of these cities has a home for you.

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