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Sparkle Like a Cullen: A Twilight House For Every Twilight Fan

Movoto noticed that the Cullen clan's house has caused quite the ruckus, so we profiled the Twilight house and offered up our own Cullen-worthy abodes.

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There’s this little book/film franchise called Twilight that everyone and their mother is obsessed with. You may have heard of it. If not, then you certainly will–the final movie (much-awaited among today’s tweens) is set to hit theaters come November 16th.

Fans everywhere are extremely dedicated to the books, movies, actors, lingo, “sides” (Jacob or Edward?!)…well you get the picture. Case in point: Remember the ranting teeny bopper who took to YouTube after the real-life Twilight couple was rocked by scandal?

Speaking of the film saga, the Movoto Real Estate bloggers noticed that the abode of a certain vampire clan has caused quite the ruckus in the realm of real estate. With more than 12,000 Google searches in the last month alone for the Cullen house, information on this contemporary structure has become highly sought after by Twi-hards (die-hard Twilight fans).

The Many Faces of the Cullen House

In actuality, there is no single Cullen home from the “Twilight” saga–the vampires’ pad has changed for nearly all of the movies. Here’s a rundown of the various properties used, followed by Movoto’s recommendations of some very Cullen-esque (and available!) dwellings.

1. The Portland House

The original glass, wood, and concrete Cullen home, known as Hoke House, can be found in Portland, Oregon. You’ll remember it as the locale where Bella is first introduced to the vamps–and don’t forget the fantastic scene where Edward slings her onto his back and jumps out of the bedroom window.

Featuring three levels and a 946-square-foot garage, the 4,042-square-foot pad was last sold for $2.5 million in 2007. The three-bedroom home can be found at 3333 NW Quimby St. and is estimated to be worth between $1.5 and $1.7 million.

2. The Vancouver House

In “New Moon,” the Cullens almost turned Bella into her own birthday meal at this Vancouver, BC crib inspired by the stylings of modernist architect Arthur Erickson. The home–also used in “Eclipse”–was put on the market for $3.3 million in 2009 and later reduced to a much more reasonable asking price of just under $3 million. (We’re not sure if it ever sold, although the online listing is no longer available).

Devoted fans of the film franchise might recognize some of the rooms from this abode at 118 Stevens Drive, where Bella’s fate was determined by votes from the ever-so-humane bloodsuckers. The five-bedroom home includes an outdoor pool, a koi pond, and half an acre of creekside land–which must have been like a typical-sized backyard for the superhuman Cullens.

3. The Replica House

For “Breaking Dawn: Part I,” viewers found themselves in a moment of déjà vu with the return of the original Cullen residence–or a version of it anyways. A replica of the Hoke House was constructed in Baton Rouge (yes we do mean Louisiana) and then relocated to Squamish, BC. The replica was apparently almost identical to the original Portland house, aside from being one story shorter and having an extra outdoor patio.

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Homes with Cullenessence

No property can replace the fabulous pad that houses a handful of our favorite vegetarian bloodsuckers. Still, Movoto decided to spotlight a few comparable “vamptastic” houses where you can start your own Bella and Edward love story–and these residences are all for sale!

Vamp Up Your Style

You’ll want to recreate your favorite “Twilight” moments in this Cullen-worthy Bellevue, Washington home–just don’t try flying through the windows. The sleek-looking residence has an endless amount of floor-to-ceiling windows (just like the original Cullen houses) that allow you to keep an eye out for werewolves or cranky vampires from any room.

Courtesy of Tami Grayevsky of Windermere R.E. Northeast, Inc.

Multifunctional glass window-doors let you enjoy fresh air from your jacuzzi whenever you feel like taking a break from your “Twilight” movie marathon. Twi-hards with their own Edward Cullen can turn up the romance with homemade dinner from the gourmet Italian kitchen and wine from the temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Courtesy of Gregory Shaw of Windermere R.E. Wall St. Inc.

Hopefully channeling the Cullen family will also make you as wealthy as they must be, because this home comes with quite the price tag–$2,100,000 to be exact.

Perfect for a Patio Twilight

The expansive glass windows on this quirkily designed Tacoma, WA house rival the panoramic windows of the real Cullen digs, and this gorgeous property even has a bonus view of Commencement Bay and the Port of Tacoma.

Courtesy of Grace Hudtloff of John L. Scott University Place

The spectacular pad comes equipped with a fitness room, two master bedroom suites, and a home theater for you to relive your favorite “Twilight” scenes over and over again as if you were at the movies. Nestled into the surrounding hillside, the fantastic abode offers the perfect place for you to hold your very own “Twilight” wedding (or to imitate the extravagant Bella-and-Edward nuptials).

Courtesy of Grace Hudtloff of John L. Scott University Place

This home even features a Cullen-tastic staircase where you can recreate some of the movie saga’s epic stair scenes, all for the pleasant price of $1,775,000.

Not looking to move but still bitten by “Twilight” fever? We guess you’ll have to settle for plastering your walls with pictures of R-Patz and the other Cullen hotties. Life-size cutouts work too.

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