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Romneyize Your House

How many times will your house fit inside Mitt Romney's mansion?

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How many average American homes can fit in 1 Romney mansion?

Last August, Romney submitted plans to quadruple the size of his $12 million oceanfront home in La Jolla, California. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Romney plans to knockdown a 3,009-square-foot beachfront house and replace it with a 11,062-square-foot structure.

So the question is, How many average American homes can fit in 1 Romney Mansion?

About 6.5!

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posted on: April 27, 2012
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  1. Dave

    That’s awesome! That’s destined to go viral, I know it.

  2. David Cross

    By the looks of things, I think my apartment would fit inside Romney’s car elevator.

  3. Grassy Gnoll

    My flat#s smaller than 500 sqft

  4. Ari

    Cool, but the calculator is off. The example shows 6.5 1,700 sq ft homes, but if you plug in 1,700 sq ft in the calculator, it shows 6 homes.

    • Chris Kolmar in response to Ari

      We didn’t want to make the calculation overly complicated, so we always round down when another whole home will not fit. So in the above example, technically 6 of those homes would fit, but 7 whole homes wouldn’t, so we went with 6.

  5. Jeanene

    Why only post something about Romney? Has this turned Political?

  6. David Cross

    @Jeanene If you don’t count the White House, Obama has one house in Chicago. You can find some information on Obama’s house in one of previous articles.Located here.

  7. javaid zaidi

    and he is going to lead the 99%? the pied piper led a bunch of kids of hamelin village. the kids followed the piper out of the village never to be seen again.

  8. Scott

    Is it a $112 million home or a $12 million home?


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